Meaning of PLACE in English


n. 1 location, site, position, point, spot, locus, area, locale, scene, setting This looks like a nice place for a picnic She likes to see a place for everything and everything in its place. 2 locale, area, neighbourhood, vicinity, district, section, part of the country, quarter, region; city, town, village, hamlet She comes from some place near Glasgow 3 status, station, standing, grade, rank, position, niche, slot, situation, estate, state, circumstance(s) Angela was just saying how difficult it is today to find a servant who knows his place 4 function, role, part, purpose, duty, obligation, task, responsibility, charge, chore, burden, concern, mission It is scarcely my place to remind you of your appointments with the dentist 5 position, job, post, berth, appointment, livelihood; employment, occupation, Colloq billet Is there a chance of my earning a place in your new company? 6 home, house, flat, apartment, room(s), quarters, lodgings, Rather formal residence, domicile, dwelling, abode, Colloq digs or diggings, pad Why not stop by my place for tea on Sunday? 7 stead; lieu: As I cannot go, would you go in place of me? 8 position, situation, circumstances, condition: Put yourself in my place and I think you would have done exactly the same 9 seat, chair, position Kevin, please take your place at the head of the table 10 go places. succeed, become successful, get ahead, advance, prosper, thrive, flourish, go up in the world, make good, strike it rich, Colloq arrive, make a splash, US and Canadian hit pay dirt, luck out That boy will go places one day 11 in place. a fitting, suitable, appropriate, right, proper, correct, good form I don't think it in place for you to tell me what to do b in situ, in (the right or proper or correct) position, ready, all set, set up, in order, all right, Colloq OK or okay Is everything in place for tonight's party? 12 out of place awkward, uncomfortable, unsuitable, inappropriate, wrong, improper, misplaced Compassion is out of place when dealing with war criminals 13 put (someone) in his or her or their place. humble, mortify, bring down, embarrass, squelch, Colloq cut down to size, take down a peg (or two) Aunt Agatha used to put Uncle Wilfred in his place by reminding him who held the purse-strings 14 take place. happen, occur, go on, come about; arise, Colloq transpire We shall never know what took place behind those locked doors

v. 15 put (out), position, situate, locate, dispose, arrange, order, set (out), lay, deposit; station, post, spot, pinpoint, Colloq stick, Brit bung Place the forks on the left and the knives on the right They placed guards at the door of my room. 16 class, classify, sort, order, arrange, rank, group, categorize, bracket, grade; regard, view, see, consider She places love of family above love of country Critics place him among the best writers of the century. 17 identify, put one's finger on, recall, remember, recognize; associate I just can't place her for the moment He finally placed me with those who had ragged him at school. 18 put, set, assign, give People place too much importance on material things

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