Meaning of SPAN in English


n. & v. --n. 1 the full extent from end to end in space or time (the span of a bridge; the whole span of history). 2 each arch or part of a bridge between piers or supports. 3 the maximum lateral extent of an aeroplane, its wing, a bird's wing, etc. 4 a the maximum distance between the tips of the thumb and little finger. b this as a measurement, equal to 9 inches. 5 a short distance or time (our life is but a span). --v. (spanned, spanning) 1 tr. a (of a bridge, arch, etc.) stretch from side to side of; extend across (the bridge spanned the river). b (of a builder etc.) bridge (a river etc.). 2 tr. extend across (space or a period of time etc.). 3 tr. measure or cover the extent of (a thing) with one's hand with the fingers stretched (spanned a tenth on the piano). 4 intr. US move in distinct stretches like the span-worm. øspan roof a roof with two inclined sides (opp. PENTHOUSE 2, lean-to (see LEAN(1))). span-worm US the caterpillar of the geometer moth. [OE span(n) or OF espan]

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