Meaning of VOID in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ vɔɪd ]

adj., n., & v. --adj. 1 a empty, vacant. b (foll. by of) lacking; free from (a style void of affectation). 2 esp. Law (of a contract, deed, promise, etc.) invalid, not binding (null and void). 3 useless, ineffectual. 4 (often foll. by in) Cards (of a hand) having no cards in a given suit. 5 (of an office) vacant (esp. fall void). --n. 1 an empty space, a vacuum (vanished into the void; cannot fill the void made by death). 2 an unfilled space in a wall or building. 3 (often foll. by in) Cards the absence of cards in a particular suit. 1 render invalid. 2 (also absol.) excrete. øøvoidable adj. voidness n. [ME f. OF dial. voide, OF vuide, vuit, rel. to L vacare VACATE: v. partly f. AVOID, partly f. OF voider]

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