Meaning of VOID in English

[void] adj [ME voide, fr. OF, fr. (assumed) VL vocitus, alter. of L vocivus, vacivus empty, fr. vacare to be empty] (14c) 1 a: not occupied: vacant "a ~ bishopric" b: not inhabited: deserted

2: containing nothing "~ space"

3: idle, leisure

4. a: being without: devoid "a nature ~ of all malice" b: having no members or examples; specif, of a suit: having no cards represented in a particular hand "bid a ~ suit as a slam signal"

5: vain, useless

6. a: of no legal force or effect: null "a ~ contract" b: voidable syn see empty -- void.ness n

[2]void n (1616) 1 a: opening, gap b: empty space: emptiness, vacuum

2: the quality or state of being without something: lack, absence

3: a feeling of want or hollowness

4: absence of cards of a particular suit in a hand orig. dealt to a player [3]void vb [ME, fr. MF vuidier, fr. (assumed) VL vocitare, fr. vocitus] vt (14c) 1 a: to make empty or vacant: clear b archaic: vacate, leave

2: discharge, emit "~ excrement"

3: nullify, annul "~ a contract" ~ vi: to eliminate solid or liquid waste from the body -- void.er n

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