Meaning of AUTHORING in English


Developing (writing of text, recording of audio, importing of video, inserting graphics, etc.) hypertext and hypermedia learning, entertainment, and reference materials. High end authoring software options are reviewed in . In the literature such as NewMedia, the term "authoring software" refers to software for hypertext and hypermedia development and does not refer to common word processing options such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, and Word Star. Latest directions in hypermedia authoring are discussed by Burger (1994a) and Rosenthal (1995) . Future trends are indicated by Park (1994) . Rosenthal (1995) discusses trends toward crossing platforms such as between Windows, UNIX, and Mac operating systems. In Chapter 3, core and non-core attributes of both course management software (CMS) and alternate (ALT) software are discussed. The term "authoring software" is often contrasted with "presentation software" designed for development of graphics, and possibly some multimedia components. Presentation software does not have full "hyper" capabilities of nonlinear navigation, runtime versions, and course control utilities. For example, the NewMedia Tool Guide for 1995 contrasts presentation software (pp. 9-12) with authoring software (pp. 17-25). Whereas 28 presentation software options are listed in that guide, 57 authoring options are listed. Later on in this book, other options overlooked in those listings will bring authoring options from over 60 competing vendors. This indicates the huge amount of competition that probably cannot continue to such an extent in either market. The line is also becoming less distinct between authoring and presentation software as presentation software vendors add the ability to insert nonlinear navigation buttons and authoring software vendors add more automatic scripting options. In Appendix 6, we have provided a database for word searching using "authoring" versus "presentation." Authoring software options are the focus of attention in Chapter 3. Authoring software comes in two types. The best buy in terms of a large number of features, free runtime, and state-of-the-art authoring tools is Multimedia ToolBook from Asymetrix according to PC Computing, December 1994, p. 204. The best option for cross-platform multimedia development between Mac and Windows platforms is Macromedia's Director according to PC Computing, December 1994, p. 204. Options not having separate scripting languages have only "pre-scripted" options such that hiding and displaying objects, moving objects, etc. are relatively automatic using icons and menus that are already coded. Options with scripting languages type such as Asymetrix ToolBook, Quest, and Apple Media Kit have a scripting language to accompany pre-scripted icons and menus. Scripting languages allow authors more flexibility in doing a wider variety of tasks, but they also require some computer coding skills. Most scripting languages are very close to common languages such as C++, Pascal, or Basic. For example, Quest allows users to resort to powerful C coding. Courses are available on how to author hypermedia for training and education such as the course "Communications in the Professional World" at the University of California at Irvine. More...

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