Meaning of AUTHORING (CONT...) in English

Various courses and training workshop opportunities are listed in Appendix 6 . Especially note the Institute for Advanced Technology ToolBook training options and the Apple Corporation Apple Worldwide Multimedia Program. We recommend all hypermedia authors on Mac and PowerPC systems join the Apple Multimedia Program (408-974-4897) that offers a variety of online and other services that, in our viewpoint, are well worth the $750 price of membership. All professors should actively browse the IBM Kiosk for Education (see IKE below) which is provided on World Wide Web, Mosaic, Gopher, and Telnet as a free service. Career opportunities in authoring multimedia are discussed by Jerram (1994a). Courses, literature, and trade shows on learning how to author multimedia works are summarized by Lindstrom (1994) . Especially see the concept of a shell . (See also Cross-platform , Delta Project , Hypertext , CORE , Non-core , Hypermedia , Morphing , Presentation , Titles , and Rendering )

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