Meaning of ADVANCED in English



1. machines, systems etc

2. countries





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1. machines, systems etc

▷ advanced /ədˈvɑːnstǁədˈvænst/ [adjective]

▪ The factory has installed advanced machinery at enormous cost.

▪ Modern armies consist of fewer soldiers and more advanced weapons systems.

▪ The bomb-detection equipment now used in most airports is very advanced.

▷ sophisticated /səˈfɪstɪkeɪtəd, səˈfɪstəkeɪtəd/ [adjective]

very advanced, and better designed or more skilfully made than other things of the same type, and often working in a complicated way :

▪ The missile has a sophisticated guidance system.

highly sophisticated

very sophisticated

▪ Eye operations often involve the use of highly sophisticated equipment, such as lasers.

▷ high-tech/hi-tech /ˌhaɪ ˈtek◂/ [adjective]

high-tech industry/company/equipment etc

using very advanced electronic equipment and machines, especially computers :

▪ Northern California remains a popular location for high-tech firms.

▪ On display at the exhibition will be a range of ‘hi-tech homes of the future’.

▪ Prices of computers, electronics, and other high-tech products have fallen at a rapid pace.

▷ smart /smɑːʳt/ [adjective only before noun]

a smart machine, bomb, weapon etc has a computer system that makes it able to control itself and make decisions for itself about how to operate :

▪ The US used smart weapons in Iraq and Kosovo.

▪ Smart machines and other appliances are operated via the Internet.

▷ state-of-the-art /ˌsteɪt əv ði ˈɑːʳt◂/ [adjective]

using the most advanced and recently developed methods, materials, or knowledge :

▪ The new phone system uses state-of-the-art technology.

▪ The movie was made with state-of-the-art computer graphics.

the state of the art [noun phrase]

▪ Opus III represents the state of the art the most advanced type in word-processing packages.

▷ be ahead of its time /biː əˌhed əv ɪts ˈtaɪm/ [verb phrase]

if something is ahead of its time, it is new and very different from other things of a similar type - use this especially about things that people do not understand or like at first, but later realize how good they are :

▪ The Vortex graphics system was ahead of its time. Few were sold but it strongly influenced later designs.

▪ Bonner’s research in particle physics was ahead of its time and widely misunderstood.

▷ at the leading edge of/cutting edge of /ət ðə ˌliːdɪŋ ˈedʒ ɒv, ˌkʌtɪŋ ˈedʒ ɒv/ [preposition]

in a more advanced position than other organizations or companies in developing and using new methods, systems, or equipment :

▪ The company is trying to regain its position at the leading edge of biomedical research.

▪ Developments in computer chip design are at the cutting edge of the technological revolution.

leading-edge/cutting-edge /ˈliːdɪŋ edʒ, ˈkʌtɪŋ edʒ/ [adjective only before noun]

▪ an exciting new project, using cutting-edge technology

2. countries

▷ advanced /ədˈvɑːnstǁədˈvænst/ [adjective]

advanced countries use advanced industrial methods, equipment etc, and have a modern economic and political system :

▪ Many of the nations of southeast Asia will one day be as advanced as Japan or South Korea.

▪ Social problems such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and high divorce rates are often common in the most advanced countries.

▷ developed /dɪˈveləpt/ [adjective only before noun]

a developed country has modern industrial, health, and education systems -- use this when comparing these countries with poorer countries :

▪ Birthrates in developed countries are generally very low.

▪ This disease has mostly been eliminated, at least in the developed nations.

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