Meaning of ADVANCED in English




a beginners’/elementary/intermediate/advanced class (= teaching different levels of a subject )

An advanced class might be available.

a developed/advanced nation (= one that has many industries )

In the developed nations, many students go on to university.

a great/advanced age (= a very old age )

My aunt died at a great age.

Kirby is not alone in wanting to run his own business at an advanced age.

Advanced level

advanced technology

The labs use advanced technology to study the function of various cells.

an advanced civilization

Philosophy is a luxury of an advanced civilization.

an advanced country

technologically advanced countries such as Japan

an advanced learner

Mastering idioms and phrasal verbs is frequently the greatest challenge facing the advanced learner of English.

an advanced stage

Negotiations are at an advanced stage.

an advanced state of sth

The dead bird was in an advanced state of decay.

an advanced/modern society

The Greeks formed the first advanced societies in the West.

This kind of hatred and violence have no place in a modern society like ours.

an elementary/intermediate/advanced course

an advanced course in art and design

economically developed/advanced (= modern, with many different types of industry )

the economically developed countries of Western Europe

technically advanced

Agriculture is becoming more and more technically advanced .




Newington Butts had the dark, deserted look of night far advanced .

The body had been unrecognizable, because decomposition was so far advanced .

One thing he did was to reassure them that planning was not as far advanced as they had feared.


Preparations for the projected automation of the music catalogue were further advanced .

Students return to Edinburgh in the fourth year to take further advanced courses appropriate to their final examinations.


Equally, science would be much less advanced than it is if the only available data were intuitive estimates of quantities.

Section A is an intensive language course for beginners or less advanced students.


It would provide the multitudinous popular committees and activities with a more advanced form of organisation and structure.

Monday, 9 March the curriculum group now comments on a more advanced draft of the program quite a few changes.

However, the cancers associated with strictures in our series tended to be more advanced than those that did not cause strictures.

Over the past few years, pike fishing and associated tackle has become more advanced and refined.

The nineteenth century Germanic philologist Jakob Grimm believed that grammatical gender was in some sense a more advanced form of natural gender.

Just as Batman had Robin, you may have an assistant who can manage something a little more advanced than recent work.

The greatest problem at the orientation stage is getting the balance between orientation and more advanced instruction.


Up until now most advanced snowboarders have firmly resisted anything except a non-release binding.

The system is said to be the most advanced in the world, and has already led to several arrests.

An entire fleet of the most advanced ships was sent to get it back.

In other words, the human mind was arguably being stretched throughout the most advanced civilisations of the time.

In this respect, too, the Demoiselles was related to much of the most advanced painting of the period.

I consider their most advanced processes and how I can interact with them.

The most advanced technology involves the use of viruses which have been engineered for safety and to accept human genes.

It bound together the most advanced sections of the working class.


Most polyester duvets contain the most technically advanced non-allergenic filling which have the advantage of being machine washable.

In this respect the Empire is the most technically advanced human nation of the Warhammer World.

The more technically advanced agriculture becomes, the smaller is its dependency on natural endowments.

Isn't it time this sort of facility was universal - at least in the technically advanced world?


But in those days, we thought we were quite technologically advanced people and life was good.

The Dublin brewery is, as a result of this investment, one of the most technologically advanced of its kind.

The most technologically advanced race in the universe, and all they do is seek knowledge.

This research will explore the changing relationship between these three sectors through a study of one technologically advanced company.


They are technically very advanced , they must be utterly reliable and effective for they are vital to industry.

On the other hand patients presenting with very advanced disease were not included through compassionate avoidance of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.


Plans for the reoccupation of Malaya were well advanced and some ships had already put to sea.

The Thirty Years War was more a symptom than a cause of processes already well advanced .

Even though some bushes may have well advanced young shoots they will still respond with strong new growth.

The four inside stays are now being assembled, two are complete and the other two are well advanced .

The reorganisation of the Pattern Room was also completed and the installation programme of the plant monitoring system was well advanced .

There are clear signs that the process is already well advanced .

In all the group companies, the process is well advanced .

By 1978 work was well advanced and parts of the system were actually up and running.



At the advanced age of 71, Charles Bronson's wizened features are returning to the big screen.

When talking about the elderly in this sense we are referring to people in an advanced age group of well over eighty.


The development from liberal to advanced capitalism has two characteristics.

In advanced capitalism neo-Marxists argue that the factors responsible for recruiting people into organized expressions of discontent broaden.

In the countries of advanced capitalism , on the other hand, sub-central government is rather more than an administrative device.

Modern functionalist approaches continue to emphasize that state intervention is best explained by an impersonal logic of the development of advanced capitalism .

Much the same point may be made about the representative assemblies of advanced capitalism .

Second, the development of advanced capitalism produced both a large oligopolistic business sector and a large oligopolistic labour union movement.

Will mankind, even under advanced capitalism , let alone any future more liberated society, ever cease to sing and dance?

It abandons the attempt to detect a class struggle between exploiters and exploited within advanced capitalism .


My own study below is no exception and I would not claim an all-embracing explanation of advanced capitalist society from it.

There may be similar trends in imprisonment in other advanced capitalist societies which face similar economic and social problems to Britain.

Writing in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he argued that advanced capitalist societies were caught up in a major contradiction.

The rivalry and interaction between advanced capitalist economies is a feature of this theoretical framework which is absent from world-system theories.

However, even in advanced capitalist countries, the economic effect of degradation and erosion may not be negligible.

The measured unemployment rate for the advanced capitalist countries had fallen below 3 percent.

The propertied class is overrepresented in the governing institutions of all advanced capitalist states.


The information on the form is processed by our advanced computer system, which calculates all tax and National Insurance contributions.

Unlike all those old spaceships, there is no way you could have done this without using advanced computer graphics.


Table 16-5 shows data for several advanced countries in 1983.

Employment in industrial production has itself declined in Britain and many other advanced countries during the postwar years.

Although standards of living rose in the advanced countries , the economic gap between élite and mass remained everywhere enormous.

Much of this work may well,of course, be servicing industry - in the advanced countries as well as in the developing countries.

These deficits, combined with substantial outflows of capital, provided the other advanced countries with additional dollar reserves.

Equal opportunity legislation exists in most advanced countries but this is not yet reflected in equal pay rates.

Diphtheria, whooping-cough and scarlet fever rapidly declined in advanced countries .

A major development encouraging trade between the advanced countries was tariff cuts.


Short, long and advanced courses are available.

Registration Students entering an advanced course of study are normally registered from 1 October.

On the job training can lead to City &038; Guilds qualifications, as well as to more advanced courses and professional qualifications.

In addition, some authorities have transferred to their colleges of higher education advanced courses previously located in other major establishments.

To date advanced courses have been designed on an input model with emphasis being on the content.

The last nine months have also seen continuing development in the National Certificate and in our advanced courses provision.

Doing the advanced course directly after the basic was an excellent idea.

An advanced course develops existing expertise - exploring factors that influence the customer, business, produce and sales-person.


Because of the side effects, this treatment programme has been used only in young, fit individuals with locally advanced disease .

These dismal survival figures are due to the fact that most patients in the United Kingdom present with advanced disease .

On the other hand patients presenting with very advanced disease were not included through compassionate avoidance of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.


In advanced economies the cheque and associated electronic transfer techniques have become the chief means of payment in the business world.

And where would the trigger for worldwide revolution come from - advanced economies or those still in the process of industrialization?


It would provide the multitudinous popular committees and activities with a more advanced form of organisation and structure.

Another advanced form of processor is hypertext.

The nineteenth century Germanic philologist Jakob Grimm believed that grammatical gender was in some sense a more advanced form of natural gender.

And that's one reason why I spent a middle-sized fortune in the most advanced form in Intelloid in the universe.

He also instructs them in advanced forms of the system.

Before the coming of the Etruscans there was no advanced form of art and architecture.

I contend that such Biros employ an advanced form of camouflage.

Since the theory is more general it is also more complicated and, in its advanced forms , more abstract.


The six carefully graded stages take students from elementary to advanced level .

They demand an advanced level of quality technical sales support and the tailoring of research and technology to meet customer requirements.

At the advanced levels of the art, use of the butterfly knives is incorporated in a set form, or pattern.

Spontaneous natural selection requires an advanced level of organization at the micro-biological stage.

Subjects not studied at school can be taken up and pursued to an advanced level .

At a more advanced level , management and leadership development courses cover administration, planning, communication and facilitation skills.

Final-year units also treat general theoretical and practical concerns but at a more advanced level , and in a more concentrated manner.

The student first masters manipulation of the single sabre, then at a more advanced level , the twin swords.


Level Most public library authorities place a strong emphasis on introductory materials and standard works, rather than on advanced material.

Faraday/Industrial Division: Light on polymers - photochemistry and advanced materials .


This applies especially to the life of the more affluent, most of whom are concentrated in the advanced societies .


Accountants Ernst &038; Young, which is handling the sale, said negotiations were at an advanced stage .

Developments had either been realised or were at least in the advanced stages of negotiation in the bulk of its area.

Negotiations are at an advanced stage .

In advanced stages of instruction students are guided towards techniques of self-defence, under realistic conditions.

At advanced stages of learning the student mounts his attacks in twisting, spiralling movements.

But the deal collapsed when it reached an advanced stage an advanced.


The post-graduate course in restorative art was in an advanced state of preparation.

But running through all these was the belief that an advanced state could not be run without a bureaucracy.

Currently, time-consuming psychological tests are carried out only when a patient is in an advanced state of dementia.

She was in an advanced state of pregnancy and her first child was born on the spot by caesarean section.

She was in the bedroom at the time and in an advanced state of pregnancy.

One day I found a dead blackbird, already in an advanced state of decay, in the road outside my house.

However, Fahey and Narayanan comment, in practice scanning frequently detects environmental change that is already at an advanced state .


Section A is an intensive language course for beginners or less advanced students .

Psychological studies have confirmed this: the more advanced students have much less aggressive personalities than the average person.

It is designed to provide advanced students with all the grammatical and semantic information they are likely to need.

This makes it accessible to elementary as well as more advanced students .

Genes probably goes beyond most introductory courses and will also prove useful to advanced students .


The third level takes students into advanced studies .

Each course involves more advanced study of the topic in question than at ordinary level.

At postgraduate level the Bucher and Fraser Scholarships provide opportunities for further research or for advanced studies in composition or performance.

The department is accordingly a highly suitable base for postgraduate students seeking to pursue research or advanced study in comparative law.

The student engages in advanced studies or chooses a career related to the foreign language study.

These advanced studies build into the planning model information which is specifically relevant to a chosen retail market sector.

For more advanced study , it is important for the reader at least to be aware of these complications.


It incorporates all the Solaris Workgroup technologies plus advanced system administration, commercial-grade input-output and enterprise-wide installation.

Socially useful designs of advanced systems would develop these techniques further.

More advanced systems have screen resolutions of 1024 x 1024 or greater.

More complicated fish may need more advanced systems .

Notice, however, that it isn't the Apple/Taligent effort or even Apple advanced systems that is spearheading the effort.


We are establishing an ethical committee to look at the effects of advanced techniques in animal breeding.

In essence we aim to provide a personal service of the highest standard by combining advanced techniques and specialist knowledge.

After that come more advanced techniques which students need to perform for the next grading.

These advanced techniques involve partnering up with a fellow student and following a step-by-step routine of attack, defence and counter-attack.

It covers: The basic and advanced techniques required for instrument flight.


We may have to wait for much more advanced technology before we can do that.

Moreover, Hewlett-Packard is not yet convinced that the market is ready for such advanced technologies on the desktop.

The most advanced technology involves the use of viruses which have been engineered for safety and to accept human genes.

However, restoration of priceless cultural objects needs the continued input of advanced technology .

It is a name which combines traditional craftsmanship, award winning artistry, and the benefits of today's most advanced technology .

With Autoseeker fitted you only have to make one simple phone call and Autoseeker's advanced technology does the rest.

Designing, building, and delivering advanced technology for domestic and foreign governments, the military and commercial customers.

Before becoming a guitarist he played clarinet and uses advanced technology to approximate the breathy sound of a wind instrument.


It is recommended for publishing students as it gives a useful background to advanced work .

He wondered whether, before ordination, he should stay at Cambridge a little longer to do more advanced work .


Male speaker Inevitably at her advanced years , it's difficult for her to overcome.

She addressed her young guest with civilities suitable for a personage of advanced years and uncertain appetite.

As you probably know, Herr Sanders is a gentleman of advanced years , inclined to be a little vague.

Towards the rector he was a polite listener, a concession to the man's advanced years and his calling.


advanced students of English

By this time, Greg's illness was too far advanced to be treated.

Many of the nations of southeast Asia will one day be as advanced as Japan or South Korea.

Modern armies consist of fewer soldiers and more advanced weapons systems.

Social problems such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and high divorce rates are often common in the most advanced countries.

The bomb-detection equipment now used in most airports is very advanced .

The factory has installed advanced machinery at enormous cost.


All other students take a course in advanced texts from the Hebrew Bible.

Most 11-year-olds are not being encouraged to develop advanced reading skills; a small but significant number are illiterate.

Over the same period, research on advanced nuclear reactors will be eliminated and one of the two uranium enrichment plants closed.

Perhaps the main problem for these Marxist writers is the aristocracy of labour in the advanced industrial countries.

There were lectures on quite advanced medical care, on intelligence-gathering, signalling and demolitions.

What would happen if other advanced nations did the same?

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