Meaning of ADVANCE in English

I. noun


a beginners’/elementary/intermediate/advanced class (= teaching different levels of a subject )

An advanced class might be available.

a developed/advanced nation (= one that has many industries )

In the developed nations, many students go on to university.

a great/advanced age (= a very old age )

My aunt died at a great age.

Kirby is not alone in wanting to run his own business at an advanced age.

advance booking

The cinema charges 50p a ticket for advance booking.

advance fee fraud

advance notice ( also prior notice formal ) (= given before an event )

We had no advance notice of the attack.

Advanced level

advanced technology

The labs use advanced technology to study the function of various cells.

advance/further/promote a cause (= help to achieve an aim )

He did much to advance the cause of freedom.

advance/prior warning

Workers were given no advance warning of the closure.

advances/developments in technology

Because of developments in technology, minicomputers can now do what mainframes did in the past.

amorous advances

She resisted his amorous advances .

an advanced civilization

Philosophy is a luxury of an advanced civilization.

an advanced country

technologically advanced countries such as Japan

an advanced learner

Mastering idioms and phrasal verbs is frequently the greatest challenge facing the advanced learner of English.

an advanced stage

Negotiations are at an advanced stage.

an advanced state of sth

The dead bird was in an advanced state of decay.

an advanced/modern society

The Greeks formed the first advanced societies in the West.

This kind of hatred and violence have no place in a modern society like ours.

an advancing army (= moving forward in order to attack )

The advancing Roman army was almost upon them.

an elementary/intermediate/advanced course

an advanced course in art and design

book (well) in advance

There are only 20 places, so it is essential to book well in advance.

cash advance

It seems so easy to get a $100 cash advance every few days at a local ATM machine.

economically developed/advanced (= modern, with many different types of industry )

the economically developed countries of Western Europe

payable in advance

The rent is payable in advance .

prior/advance notification

I was given no prior notification.

represent a change/an advance/an increase etc

This treatment represents a significant advance in the field of cancer research.

technically advanced

Agriculture is becoming more and more technically advanced .

troops advance (= move forward in order to attack a place )

Government troops advanced on the rebel stronghold.




Kodak says this change is the company's biggest advance in emulsion technology for more than 50 years.

Money both big advances against royalties and generous royalty rates once a record began to make a profit-were powerful inducements.

The group did not take a big advance .

Far from portraying the scientists as all-knowing seers, Hafner and Lyon show how their biggest advances came through serendipity.

Combined with the fact that public understanding of the politics of intervention has deepened, that represents a big advance .


Moreover, an educated workforce is argued to be one of the important prerequisites for economic expansion and advance .

Producing qualified workers is a project that gets progressively more difficult as economic development advances .

There had been enormous economic advances , which had been possible only on a basis of mutual assistance.


Q Can I get a further advance ?

Lincoln was not an abolitionist, advocating instead that slavery be allowed no further advances .

Behind them, though, was a heavy steel lock which prevented any further advance .

It is apparent from section 13 that a basic valuation is necessary to the consideration of an application for a further advance .

The existence of such a valuation is a sinequanon to the grant of a further advance .

But this is irrelevant to the question whether it is in relation to the grant of a further advance .


At the same time, great advances have been made in finding out how best to use the many drugs now available.

These fears were, strongest at a time when great advances in social security were coinciding with great economic progress.

That great advance in the standard of living is at risk in this election.

Like all great software advances , in retrospect it was obvious: the very desktop to which the knowledge worker was bound.

Though both these statements were true they were not a great advance on Lucretius.

This was a great advance and enabled the port to take much larger ships.

The bathrooms were welcomed with delight, and standards of popular cleanliness made great advances .


In theoretical physics, the search for logical self-consistency has always been more important in making advances than experimental results.

A far more important advance for Dvorak came four years ago.

This unlikely concoction was one of the more important pharmacological advances in the history of medicine, albeit for the wrong reasons.

To its credit, the clock boasted two important new advances .

Secondly, there have been important conceptual advances .

In recent years, however, the situation has been changing significantly, and psychologists have made important advances .

The paracelsian mercurials represented one of the small handful of important therapeutic advances made before the present century.

The important compatibility advance will allow software to run unchanged on all Mips products regardless of supplier.


It was named enkephalin and its discovery was a major advance in the search for new analgesics.

Experts call the insecticides a major advance and say Phoenix-area residents can expect a dramatic decline in the whitefly population this fall.

That is a major advance in the concept of public service of which the Government are rightly proud.

The film marks a major advance in complexity in terms of both characterization and narrative structure.

However, the current situation is likely to change over the next few years, as major advances in technology take place.

We view skin-to-skin care as a major advance in helping parents develop a closer tie to their infant.

These equations were a major advance , since they generalised Marx's formulation, and incorporated both equilibrium and proportionality.

The dredger represents a major technological advance for the miners.


But medical advance not only enhances clinical capability, it carries with it profound ethical, legal, social and economic implications.

Demand is created by medical advance itself.

It was made possible by the explosion of production, of resources, food, scientific information, and medical advances .

They are also encouraged to make connections between medical and scientific advances and changes in human society.

Other medical advances were often the subject of rather more hesitation.

Some agents of disease, too, have failed to evolve their way around medical advance , although some day they may.

If they read a few textbooks they would find out that more major medical advances have depended on animal studies.


His career developed as a series of rapid advances .

Competition among capitalist entrepreneurs fostered these rapid advances .

The other is rapid technological advance .

The earliest possible leaving of cards, the earliest possible formal call, the most rapid advance of intimacy was called for.


Specifically, the impact of recent advances by blacks in local government is assessed.

The recent advance has been driven by news at two companies, neither of which is Hologic.

Thus research into colonic motor function remains a challenging and potentially rewarding area where progress has been facilitated by recent technological advances .

This is a fairly recent advance having many advantages over the traditional method.

And thanks to two recent advances , researchers had hopes of probing these tiny anomalies.

Organisational studies Recent advances in information technology have led to important changes in the operation of offices.


From the first, these universal histories represented both scientific advances and political and religious challenges.

News and Views articles inform non-specialist readers about new scientific advances , sometimes in the form of a conference report.

They are also encouraged to make connections between medical and scientific advances and changes in human society.

As such it must rank as one of the most fundamental scientific advances of the century.

What was the point of scientific advance without moral advance?

The ever-increasing flow of scientific and technological advances is of little significance to a rural population living at or below subsistence level.

A more immediate concern is the danger that a monumental scientific advance could be commercialised.

Most of this century's scientific advances stemmed from intellectual curiosity, not a desire to patent.


It marked a recovery of lost ground rather than any significant advance to new territory.

I remember thinking that, and may have made a significant advance toward weaning myself away from childish ways and thoughts.

As the dust settles, significant advances can be seen in three areas.

Such a treatment would still be a significant advance .

Materials Technology Division showed significant advances over last year which are particularly gratifying given the management attention focused on this business.

The only significant advance in guitar design, perse, in the last thirty years has come from Ned Steinberger.

Despite significant advances in family planning, the report said, birth control had become a matter of global survival.

Research processes vary between and within discipline; most really significant advances in knowledge come about through the application of several techniques.


The gathering and concentration of craft workers into the temples seems to have stimulated technical advances of many kinds.

The essential design of a grand piano, apart from incremental technical advances , has not changed for more than a century.

Important though changes in people's expectations are, the most obvious force for change in industry is technical advance .

It is technical advance which makes it possible to create the world's goods with the labour of fewer and fewer people.

It is technical advance also which is increasingly removing the natural advantages of countries with low labour costs.

The remaining three elements are variants of benefiting from technical advances made abroad.

The progress made since 1970 came about through a number of technical advances .

While this step awaits technical advances , cleaner fuels for cars and lorries, such as methanol, are urged for immediate use.


The cost in terms of technological advance and the dissemination of fresh and stimulating ideas, is incalculable but colossal.

Can the market system provide the capital goods upon which technological advance relies?

However, affluence and technological advances have created new kinds of safety hazards for people who live in Western society.

Every technological advance has its advantages and disadvantages.

The dredger represents a major technological advance for the miners.

Mergers, cutting down, restructuring, and technological advances have increased the intensity of the winds of change.

The ever-increasing flow of scientific and technological advances is of little significance to a rural population living at or below subsistence level.

Finally, we have seen that competition provides an environment conducive to technological advance .



Barclaycard, for example, has an international rescue number and will arrange emergency cash advances or replacement cards.

To the majority of performers, cash advances of any substance were a rarity, contracts a thing only of myth.


Patrons please not that a buffet can be served after the show for up to 50 people provided reasonable advance notice is given.

To avoid a stampede, no advance notice was given of his appearances.


Some advance party with orders in preparation for Isambard's reception.

Our advance party had done a big job.

One of Isambard's advance party , and by the cut of him a man of importance.

Dawson felt as if he were the advance party for a dawn raid.



The walk is suitable for all the family and places must be booked in advance .

Her cruises regularly book up months in advance and almost always sell out.

Most events take about two hours and are normally limited to 20 places, so booking in advance is essential.

But he books all concerts in advance .

The current cheapest airline fare is the £249 Apex special which must be booked in advance .

Tight supplies and soaring prices led many countries to book purchases well in advance .

Once again, service flats need to be booked in advance .

But large telescopes are in great demand and are often booked up months in advance .


Its development has led to great advances in the miniaturisation of electronic components. 13.

Money center banks, telephone and software issues led the advance .

Properly used, it seems to me that quantitative methods can only lead to advances in our subject.

Procter &038; Gamble led the advance in the Dow industrials.

In the broader market, declining issues led advances 15-13 on volume of 675 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

Case Corp. led the advance amid optimism the heavy-machinery manufacturer will post robust profits for the fourth quarter.

Computer and software stocks led the advance , which would have been larger except for sliding prices for automakers and retailers.


From the start, the participants decided that firm agreements should be made in advance in writing.

I remember thinking that, and may have made a significant advance toward weaning myself away from childish ways and thoughts.

Will we not have to make a decision in advance of what the extent of the motorway's influence has been?

But it makes advances , also in the traditional relationship an artist has with a record company.

Bookings must be made in advance by calling 051-920-0998.

Their plans are made far in advance , based entirely on their own thinking.

Most are commissioned but proposals can be made in advance to the News and Views Editor.

Mine was made months in advance .


If you're paid in advance for something, you secure your future.

Minna had paid him in advance , which no doubt had been a mistake.

It was a good thing that Edward Morris had given her another order which he had insisted on paying for in advance .

Paper bag puppets can be made after the show, with a $ 3 craft materials fee, paid in advance .

Expect a lump sum paid in advance , either per month, or year.

Some had paid in advance for months or years of service.

The house had been paid in advance .


But it is also useful to plan formal dissemination in advance .

Everything he did was planned in advance .

When you want to move somewhere you plan it in advance , you prepare yourself for the change.

Unlike child care considerations, which often can be planned months in advance , eldercare issues often occur without warning.

It concluded that suspicion existed that the action had been planned in advance and was directed by two commands with different instructions.

Special events can be planned well in advance , and the game itself becomes more of a spectacle.

To avoid sitting in front of a blank piece of card and wondering what to do, you should plan your design in advance .

I want you to plan that day in advance .


advanced age/years

As you probably know, Herr Sanders is a gentleman of advanced years, inclined to be a little vague.

At the advanced age of 71, Charles Bronson's wizened features are returning to the big screen.

Male speaker Inevitably at her advanced years, it's difficult for her to overcome.

On my advanced age, I dote.

She addressed her young guest with civilities suitable for a personage of advanced years and uncertain appetite.

Towards the rector he was a polite listener, a concession to the man's advanced years and his calling.

When talking about the elderly in this sense we are referring to people in an advanced age group of well over eighty.

advancing years/age

Chances of developing cancer increase with advancing age.

At your age, advancing years and all that.

Joshua hoped that Malone had learnt wisdom with his advancing years.

Of course, I was only displaying the ultimately cliched boomer trait, a tortured denial of my own advancing years.

On her deathbed Mary Leapor reportedly expressed concern for her father's advancing age.

Reasons put forth include his advancing age, the cumulative effect of thousands of hits and the decline of his offensive line.

The association between advancing years and increasing rates of disability is illustrated in Figure 7.

The risk of incapacitation increases with advancing years, and increases more rapidly after the age of 55.

There are clear associations between advancing years and increasing disability, and this is particularly steep among the most elderly.


Advances in medical science may make it possible for people to live for 150 years.

Dr Martineau had written an article about advances in medicine over the last five years.

Observers monitored the army's advance on the capital.

The discovery marks a significant technological advance .

The last 20 years have seen enormous advances in communications technology.

There was a big advance in the price of gold today.


Being purely quantitative measures, they fail to illuminate qualitative advances.

But it is also useful to plan formal dissemination in advance .

Despite these somewhat pessimistic conclusions, the study represents an advance on earlier studies in this field of inquiry.

Every yard of advance was strewn with the fallen.

On the other hand, past concerns have been solved by technological advances.

Reserve tickets in advance by calling the box office at 622-2823.

The child is warned in advance about those behaviours that are considered inappropriate and the consequences that will follow from them.

When she declined his advances, he entrusted her to a matron of a sinful house.

II. verb




Certainly, no other sportsman's figures are so far advanced .

Finally, research on kittens and infant monkeys advanced far enough to show us some reasons.

Once teeth have been done the cosmetic procedure of self-betterment is already far advanced .

By the end of the nineteenth century, the political side of this process was far advanced .


George advanced further through the doorway.

Some well might advance further in corporate life than the OLs.

A few places further down the dale had got it at once, and then it began to advance further up towards us.

Mark Pauline and Rod Brooks have advanced further than most in creating personas for machines, because the creatures are fully embodied.

As winter approached, Napoleon was unable to advance further , nor could he persuade the Tsar to negotiate.

The technology of the automobile industry is also, of course, much further advanced than a technology of behavior.

Many of them threatened to break cameras if the crews advanced further .


In all cases the depth of knowledge required should be more advanced than that required for Professional Examinations.

It has added courses in its industrial engineering and automotive divisions that teach more advanced skills.

The implication is clear: liberals are more advanced morally than conservatives.

Making sounds into words, and sequencing phrases and ideas require more advanced aspects of the nervous system.

More advanced students might be asked to read and explain directions.

More advanced services include stock and mutual fund brokerage or trading services, currency trading, and credit or debit card management.

Under less sanguine circumstances, loans are advanced more cautiously.

I wish my child would read different, better, more advanced books.


The Irkutsk north-south project is the most advanced .

Of the three sectors, applications in energy appeared to be the most advanced and in agriculture the least.

Their written language was the most advanced of the pre-Columbian scripts, and their astronomical knowledge beyond compare.

Nowhere else was an attempt made systematically to exterminate a whole people, using the most advanced technology of mass killing.

At the time these were two of the world's most advanced designs and the subject of much secrecy within Britain.

The density of optical interconnections can be much greater than even the most advanced silicon and gallium arsenide processes.


It takes about a kilowatt per person to maintain a technologically advanced civilization with a high standard of living.

In short, he concluded without reservation that the canals were artificial constructs of technologically advanced alien beings.


Until the healing process is well advanced , the body forms a scab over the wound to protect it.

The morning was well advanced by the time Schumacher awoke.

The afternoon was well advanced: the light like gauze on the bricks and leaves, the shadows lengthening.

Therefore the preparation of the case must be well advanced by the date on which proceedings must be commenced.

Mineralogical analysis and microscopic examination of soil structures is well advanced .

The drawback is that the white centre may well advance crushingly in the late middlegame.



Surprisingly, some recent research suggests that advancing age encourages people to eat a broader range of foods.

On my advanced age , I dote.

Age at first union should be advanced , at least to age 18-19 or, preferably to age 20 or beyond.

Reasons put forth include his advancing age , the cumulative effect of thousands of hits and the decline of his offensive line.


It can advance the school's agenda by assisting academic and personal development.

Abortion is becoming a political football misrepresented by the right to raise money and advance political agendas .

At issue was whether Gingrich improperly used charitable enterprises to advance his partisan agenda .


To be fair, the majority report does not in so many words advance the argument .

While advancing all these arguments , Commander Miyo nevertheless refrained from voicing a flat rejection of the Combined Fleet plan.

There was considerable applause from his listeners as he advanced his familiar protectionist argument .

It was ironic, Ray thought, that his friends were now advancing their opponents' arguments .

These men advanced the same arguments against Holy Trinity that conservative theologians employed against the progressive Church.

I do not think this presentation advances the arguments .

Representative Charles Rich of Vermont and other northern congressmen advanced much the same argument .


This strategy will not only secure the affection of my president and my client but will also advance my career .

The people at the top have the power to advance or block careers .

The same year he married DeMille's adopted daughter Katherine, although his father-in-law did little to advance his career .

The closer you come to mimicking the originals, the sooner you can advance your career to the next level.

The keyboard player obviously cares more about advancing his or her career than the future of the band.

Ambitious professors have not been unknown to take advantage of uninformed, naive students to advance their own careers .

When democracy returned, the chairmanship was used to reward political services and to advance careers .

Others say Gwinn has used domestic violence to advance his career .


Peter Greenaway has advanced the vegetarian cause no end.

He advanced the cause of joyful corruption and vice.

He wasn't doing it to advance the Allied cause .

Both participate in war and advance its cause .

However, the fact that such quasi-duties are a commonplace does not, of itself, advance the cause of animals.

Events soon conspired to advance their cause .

Philippa soon realized that although they welcomed the princess and cheered, their real purpose was to advance their own cause .


To continue to advance Rega's claims against Lauda's, as Daniele did, was inexplicable in racing terms.

In the new science of mythology, Max Muller was also advancing equally confident claims .

But they seldom advanced specific claims .


Compared with most other advanced countries , you die earlier and are more prone to disability in the land of the free.

Socialist victory in the advanced capitalist countries constitutes the only certain guarantee of enduring peace.

We are on the move again, advancing along the winding country road with high hedges on either side.

Such a process would be helped if advanced countries themselves were growing faster.

But we must also take note of its growing importance in the advanced capitalist countries and the workers states.

It has revealed a social nature somewhat different from that of the traditional peasantry of the advanced capitalist countries .

Yet, in this case, in the advanced countries , the facts are inescapable.


We can advance development with the bonus of decreasing our impact on climate if we have the proper energy strategy.

Social interaction is necessary for advancing the development of logical-mathematical knowledge.

Is there a learning task of equivalent difficulty with which adults at an advanced level of development are confronted?

One experiment produced crystals of protein molecules that drug company researchers believe could advance the development of antiviral drugs.


All that summer, they advanced toward the finals , accounts invariably citing their impeccable teamwork.

Top teams then advance to a single-elimination final .

The top eight shooters advance to the finals .

Q.. Are you surprised the Cats won those two games last week to advance to the Final Four?


Next they find the power to advance their idea .

You would rather spend that money to advance your ideas and make sure your business is a success.

He has advanced ideas , including equal education and votes for women.

The right hon. and learned Gentleman has advanced his idea of how to encourage manufacturing investment.


Still others - few enough in number - advance relentlessly for reasons even they find hard to fathom.

Perhaps both leaders have unintentionally advanced the best reasons for passage of Prop. 198.

California advances all sorts of reasons why Mr Clinton should not bother.

Another stock to advance for the same reasons was General Cinema, owner of Harcourt Brace.

This has, indeed, been advanced as an official reason for the enforcement of celibacy among priests.


Like Sinclair, Tri-County is teaching more advanced skills to students who do arrive on campus better prepared.

But it has not created separate, advanced courses for tech-prep students , as Sinclair has done.

The stage fields provided each flight with a private airfield, thereby separating advanced and beginning students .

More advanced students might be asked to read and explain directions.

This change probably did more to advance students through the system than had the fifteen-minute extension.

Accustomed to advanced students , Marina Derryberry feared that his lessons might be glorified baby-sitting.

For more advanced students , you may prefer to use the explanations just as they are written for listening or reading practice.


This change probably did more to advance students through the system than had the fifteen-minute extension.

What was needed was an advanced , geosynchronous follow-on system to Rhyolite.

For example, Unison Industries kept an advanced electronic ignition system for light aircraft off the market.


The advanced technologies used in drives manufacture naturally have their benefits.

In 1913, advances in smelting technology led to the closing of the furnace at the Rusk prison.

The technology of the automobile industry is also, of course, much further advanced than a technology of behavior.

Instead, they got Richards to acknowledge that a motivated forger with advanced technology could fool even veteran photo analysts.

Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies , the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.

Establishing that networking systems, relying on advanced computer technology , can provide individual service to teachers and special learners. 2.

This position implies that Apple must create a standard on new advanced technology .

Last year the award winners were those judged to be tops in the application of advanced manufacturing technology .


She advanced this theory to the child psychoanalyst to whom she was delivered the next day.

These moral essays advanced other theories in harmony with sentimental comedy.

But Terkel's people were believable; their views were not rendered harmonious in the interests of advancing a theory .

Which, of course, is what gay academics frequently argue when they advance the theory of social constructionism.

As the years went on and no better idea about how one got polio was advanced , the theory took on importance.


They were sober young men, marking school books, studying, advancing into an adult world of action and responsibility.


Computer technology is advancing very rapidly.

In early 1940 the army began to advance across France.

Oil stocks advanced today in heavy trading.

Our knowledge of the deepest parts of the ocean has advanced considerably over the last ten years.

The plane slowly advanced down the runway and then paused, ready for take-off.

Villagers hid in the hills as the troops advanced.


No such argument has been advanced in the present case, and their Lordships need say nothing about it.

Only once before had they advanced past the Minnesota 31.

Ten goals in nine matches since he returned from Sydney suggest that his reputation is advancing by the week.

The players get paid based on how far they advance .

These men advanced the same arguments against Holy Trinity that conservative theologians employed against the progressive Church.

Two possible interpretations of this effect were advanced in Chapter 5.

III. adjective




Perhaps the most widely used online service is travel planning, both to research a destination and to do advance bookings .

It will also repay advance bookings .

Fifty guaranteed seats once a week will give the advance bookings a most healthy look.


One day Harry comes into the office silently holding up an advance copy of one of the professional journals.

The Advocate wound up releasing advance copies of the interview to the media over Thanksgivinga week before our board meeting.

By the time he did, her new book was out and her publishers had sent him an advance copy .


That's what he had always wanted to do, and Klepner was his advance guard .

There were to be no less than 2,000 uniformed Blackshirts, marching and parading as the advance guard of revolution.

But not before the advance guard had stung him 10 times.


Please contact your local Eagle Star branch giving as much advance notice as possible.

Computerized detector modules translate those light shifts into stress units, providing advance notice of failure.

Rosalind bakes her own bread and croissants and will prepare an evening meal with advance notice .

Asked to deal with the unexpected, usually without must advance notice , people often react with apprehension or hostility.

Nor does the Act impose a requirement of advance notice of meetings and assemblies.

It is therefore advisable for the expatriate to give advance notice to the school of when places are required.

Special diets are catered for with advance notice .

On one occasion, with no advance notice , my salary was paid into my account seven days late.


I had flown out to Novosibirsk with the advance party at the beginning of September.

Fields was wearing a set of the new jungle fatigues and boots that the advance party had picked up for him.

John Hall, from the advance party , was six inches away on my left.


The survey also found that 17 out of the 23 airlines capitalise interest on advance payments for aircraft being acquired.

Terms of cash on delivery or advance payment should be instituted for future sales to consistently delinquent accounts.


Don Peters had been pleasantly surprised to find the Prime Minister's forthright manner lived up to her advance publicity .

We will have to arrange for advance publicity , set up an office and make arrangements to show prospective buyers around.

The advance publicity has been stupendous, and the first issue is alleged to have sold out straight away.


Groups of ten or more should make advance reservations .

Admission is free but advance reservations are required.

Deal with advance reservations . 7.

After serving its purpose it is returned to the advance reservation section and used for additional future reservations.

Advance payments can be transferred to an advance reservation deposit by using the transfer debit and credit keys. 8.


Henkel made the change-and that resulted in an unusual problem for the advance team .


If we could list those we'd have advance warning of shortage problems on the assembly lines two months before they occur.

Significant moments in history do not happen without some kind of advance warning .

As there was little or no advance warning , those people who had paid for entertainment until 2am understandably felt short-changed.

It was a pity one could not invade without giving advance warnings and following the rules: it would be a pushover.

Ernest Bevin, however, was given no advance warning .

However, if you are given advance warning , think about the stay and about the meals you will have to provide.

Employers could provide advance warning of intended plant closures or major reorganisation.


Advance bookings for the concert start today.

Aid workers say the village had no advance warning of the floods.

Airport visas may be obtained if forty-eight hours advance notice has been provided.


Admission to the museum and parking are free, but advance parking reservations are required.

Deal with advance reservations. 7.

However, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.

I had flown out to Novosibirsk with the advance party at the beginning of September.

It will also repay advance bookings.

The advance training gets the patient up and walking sooner after surgery.

The aim was to give the writers the advance information they always sought and to gain interest from cinemas.

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