Meaning of ADVANCE in English


I. verb (~d; advancing) see: ante- Date: 15th century transitive verb to accelerate the growth or progress of , to bring or move forward , to raise to a higher rank, to lift up ; raise , to bring forward in time, to bring forward for notice, consideration, or acceptance ; propose , to supply or furnish in expectation of repayment , to raise in rate ; increase , intransitive verb to move forward ; proceed , to make progress ; increase , to rise in rank, position, or importance , to rise in rate or price , ~r noun Synonyms: see: ~ II. noun Date: 1668 a moving forward, 2. progress in development , a progressive step ; improvement , a rise in price, value, or amount, a first step or approach made , a provision of something (as money or goods) before a return is received, III. adjective Date: 1701 made, sent, or furnished ahead of time , going or situated before

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