Meaning of ADVANCE in English

v. 1 move or put or push or go forward; approach Man has advanced the frontier of physical science The battalion advanced towards the fort with guns blazing. 2 further, promote, forward, help, aid, abet, assist, benefit, improve; contribute to The terrorists' dynamiting of the school has done nothing to advance their cause 3 go or move forward, move (onward), go on, proceed, get ahead As people advance in life, they acquire what is better than admiration - judgement 4 hasten, accelerate, speed We have advanced the date of our departure from December to October 5 move up, promote In less than a year, Mrs Leland has been advanced from supervisor to manager of the production department 6 prepay, lend Could you advance me some money till pay-day?

n. 7 progress, development, progress, forward movement; improvement, betterment; headway Who has done more for the advance of knowledge? 8 rise, increase, appreciation Any advance in prices at this time would reduce our sales 9 prepayment, deposit; loan I cannot understand why George is always asking for an advance on his allowance 10 in advance. a beforehand, ahead (of time), before You will have to make reservations well in advance b before, in front (of), ahead (of), beyond The colonel rode in advance of the cavalry

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