Meaning of ADVANCED in English

ədˈv- also (ˈ)ad|v- adjective

Etymology: Middle English avaunced, from past participle of avauncen

1. : far on in time or course

a man advanced in years

an advanced state of exhaustion

the night was well advanced

2. : moved or set forward or in the front : advance

advanced air bases

captured by an advanced unit of the infantry

established a new advanced post


a. : beyond the elementary or introductory : carrying on from that which precedes

an advanced course

advanced chemistry

b. : in front of or beyond others as regards progress or ideas

the most advanced artists and critics

believed himself to be very advanced in his views

c. : greatly developed beyond the initial stage

a technologically advanced world

turbines of an advanced construction

4. : having altered from a presumed ancestral state

he regards the jaw as more advanced than those of the Rhodesian group — R.W.Murray

Synonyms: see liberal

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