Meaning of ARTIFICIAL in English


1. not made of natural materials or substances

2. made to look real or natural





something that is intended to deceive people : ↑ FALSE

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1. not made of natural materials or substances

▷ artificial /ˌɑːʳtɪˈfɪʃ ə l◂, ˌɑːʳtəˈfɪʃ ə l◂/ [adjective usually before noun]

▪ The juice contains no artificial coloring or flavors.

▪ I usually use artificial sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar.

▪ The plants can grow just as well in artificial light.

▷ synthetic /sɪnˈθetɪk/ [adjective usually before noun]

synthetic materials or products are made using chemical processes :

▪ The rug is made from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.

▪ Many old herbal remedies have disappeared and been replaced by synthetic drugs.

▪ synthetic rubber

▷ man-made /ˌmæn ˈmeɪd◂/ [adjective]

made or caused by humans, rather than existing naturally :

▪ The amusement park is built around a man-made lake.

▪ The coat is 80% wool and 20% man-made fibers.

▪ Current weather problems may actually be man-made, a direct result of environmental damage.

▷ processed /ˈprəʊsestǁˈprɑː-/ [adjective only before noun]

processed food has not been left in its natural state, but has been chemically treated, especially in order to preserve it or make it look more attractive :

▪ Processed foods may lack the vitamins and minerals found in fresh produce.

▪ processed cheese

▪ Fully processed canned hams will not spoil and can be kept on the shelf.

2. made to look real or natural

▷ artificial /ˌɑːʳtɪˈfɪʃ ə l◂, ˌɑːʳtəˈfɪʃ ə l◂/ [adjective usually before noun]

not real or natural, but made to look real or do the job of something real :

▪ On the table was a vase filled with artificial flowers.

▪ We have one of those electric heaters with artificial logs.

▪ It took Frank a while to learn to walk with the artificial leg.

▷ false /fɔːls/ [adjective usually before noun]

not real - use this about teeth, nails, beards etc :

▪ Nearly a third of adults in the UK have false teeth.

▪ She was heavily made up, with false eyelashes and bright red lipstick.

▷ fake /feɪk/ [adjective usually before noun]

fake fur/jewellery/antiques etc

made to seem like real fur, jewellery etc, especially in order to make people think it is more valuable than it really is :

▪ Her coat had a fake fur collar and cuffs.

▪ You can buy fake Gucci bags all over the city.

▷ imitation /ˌɪmɪˈteɪʃ ə n◂, ˌɪməˈteɪʃ ə n◂/ [adjective usually before noun]

use this about materials that look like something valuable, but are actually made of something less expensive :

▪ Ted was wearing an imitation leather jacket.

▪ The dark blue sweater had imitation pearls sewn across the front.

▷ simulated /ˈsɪmjɑleɪtɪd, ˈsɪmjɑleɪtəd/ [adjective usually before noun]

not real, but made to look, feel etc like a real thing, situation, or feeling :

▪ It was one of those horrible simulated-leather ‘executive’ chairs.

▪ Models of the bridge have been tested under simulated earthquake conditions.

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