Meaning of EDGE in English


1. the edge of an object, surface, or place

2. the edge of a country, place or area of land


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1. the edge of an object, surface, or place

▷ edge /edʒ/ [countable noun]

the part of something that is nearest to its outside or end :

▪ The plates have blue lines around the edges.

▪ Don’t put your glass so close to the edge of the table.

at the edge (of)

▪ There’s an enormous oak tree at the edge of the garden.

▷ side /saɪd/ [countable noun]

the part of an object that is near its left or right edge :

▪ The stage was lit from the side.

on the side (of)

▪ Mike always puts his feet on my side of the bed.

left-hand/right-hand side of something

on the left or right

▪ The new five-dollar bills have shifted the president’s head toward the left-hand side.

▷ margin /ˈmɑːʳdʒɪn, ˈmɑːʳdʒən/ [countable noun]

the empty space at the side of a printed page :

▪ The program sets the margins automatically.

in the margin

▪ There were notes pencilled in the margin.

▷ border /ˈbɔːʳdəʳ/ [countable noun]

a narrow band that goes around the edge of something such as a picture or a piece of material, especially one that is for decoration :

▪ The tablecloth had a brightly patterned border.

▪ Samantha was wearing a knee-length skirt with a green border.

border of

▪ Jill wants to plant a border of flowers around the lawn.

▷ rim /rɪm/ [countable noun]

the circular edge of something, especially the edge at the top of a glass or cup, or the outside edge of a wheel or a pair of glasses :

▪ The china set was blue with a gold rim.

▪ John’s glasses had small lenses and steel rims.

rim of

▪ Her lipstick left a red mark on the rim of the cup.

2. the edge of a country, place or area of land

▷ edge /edʒ/ [countable noun]

the part of a town, city etc that is farthest from the centre :

on the edge (of)

▪ My uncle’s house is on the edge of town, near the airport.

▪ Gretel lives in a simple cottage on the edge of the forest.

▷ outskirts /ˈaʊtskɜːʳts/ [plural noun]

the areas of a city furthest away from the centre :

on the outskirts (of)

▪ Her parents lived in a big house on the outskirts of Manchester.

▪ We stayed on the outskirts of the capital.

the outskirts of something

▪ We heard gunshots as we drove through the outskirts of the city.

▷ border /ˈbɔːʳdəʳ/ [countable noun]

the official line that separates two countries, or the area of land near this line :

the Italian/Brazilian/Nigerian etc border

the border between Italy, Brazil etc and another country

▪ Isn’t Manto near the Italian border?

▪ Jeumont is a small town on the French-Belgian border.

cross the border

▪ Refugees have been warned not to attempt to cross the border.

on the border (with something)

▪ The talks were held in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, on the border with the US.

the border with

the border separating one country from another

▪ It is a mountainous region, occupying a large area near the border with Nepal.

border town/area/patrol

▪ We spent the night in, a miserable little border town.

border dispute

arguments and fighting between countries about where a border should be

▪ Fighting in border disputes has killed at least 25 people.

▷ frontier /ˈfrʌntɪəʳǁfrʌnˈtɪər/ [countable noun] especially British

the border of a country, where people cross from one country to another :

▪ Many of the cars crossing the frontier were stopped and searched.

▪ They settled in Ronco, a picturesque village near the Italian frontier.

frontier post

place where soldiers guard a border

▪ He was questioned by soldiers at a frontier post.

▷ boundary /ˈbaʊnd ə ri/ [countable noun]

the official line that marks the edge of an area of land, for example of a farm or a part of a country :

▪ A fence marks the property’s boundaries.

boundary of

▪ the easternmost boundary of Greater Manchester

boundary between

▪ The Mississippi River forms a natural boundary between Iowa and Illinois.

▷ perimeter /pəˈrɪmɪtəʳ, pəˈrɪmətəʳ/ [countable noun]

the outside edge around an enclosed area of land such as a military camp or a prison :

▪ Security guards patrol the perimeter.

▪ the perimeter of the airfield

perimeter fence/wall/road etc

one that goes around the perimeter

▪ A secure perimeter fence should be at least two metres high.

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