Meaning of EDGE in English

/ edʒ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] the outside limit of an object, a surface or an area; the part furthest from the centre :

He stood on the edge of the cliff.

a big house on / at the edge of town

Don't put that glass so near the edge of the table.

I sat down at the water's edge.

Stand the coin on its edge.

—see also leading edge


[ C ] the sharp part of a blade, knife or sword that is used for cutting :

Be careful—it has a sharp edge.

—picture at carving knife

—see also knife-edge


(usually the edge ) [ sing. ] the point at which sth, especially sth bad, may begin to happen

SYN brink , verge :

They had brought the country to the edge of disaster.

—see also cutting edge


[ sing. ] edge (on / over sb/sth) a slight advantage over sb/sth :

The company needs to improve its competitive edge .

They have the edge on us.


[ sing. ] a strong, often exciting, quality :

Her show now has a hard political edge to it.


[ sing. ] a sharp tone of voice, often showing anger :

He did his best to remain calm, but there was a distinct edge to his voice.


-edged (in adjectives) having the type of edge or edges mentioned :

a lace-edged handkerchief

—see also gilt-edged


- be on edge

- on the edge of your seat

- take the edge off sth

—more at fray verb , razor , rough adjective , teeter , tooth

■ verb


[+ adv. / prep. ] to move or to move sth slowly and carefully in a particular direction :

[ v ]

She edged a little closer to me.

I edged nervously past the dog.

[ vn ]

Emily edged her chair forward.


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] edge sth (with / in sth) to put sth around the edge of sth :

The handkerchief is edged with lace.


[ v + adv. / prep. ] to increase or decrease slightly :

Prices edged up 2% in the year to December.


- edge sb/sth out (of sth)



Old English ecg sharpened side of a blade , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch egge and German Ecke , also to Old Norse eggja incite, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin acies edge and Greek akis point.

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