Meaning of MIDDLE in English



1. the middle

2. in the middle


between two or more people or things : ↑ BETWEEN

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1. the middle

▷ middle /ˈmɪdl/ [singular noun]

the part of something, such as a space or area, a piece of writing, or a period of time, which is half way between one side and the other, or halfway between the beginning and the end :

▪ ‘Did you enjoy the movie?’ ‘It was OK but I got a little bored towards the middle.’

middle of

▪ Gary rowed out towards the middle of the lake.

▪ It was the middle of summer.

▪ Going through the middle of Tokyo in the rush hour can be a nightmare.

▷ centre British /center American /ˈsentəʳ/ [countable noun usually singular]

the middle of a space, area, or object, especially the exact middle :

▪ The flower has white petals, and is deep pink at the centre.

▪ I love chocolates with soft centers.

the centre of something

▪ Draw a line through the center of the circle.

at the centre/in the centre (of something)

exactly in the middle of something

▪ A bomb has exploded in the crowded business district in the centre of the old city.

right in the centre

exactly in the centre

▪ The women all wore a red dot right in the centre of their foreheads.

▷ the heart of /ðə ˈhɑːʳt ɒv/ [noun phrase]

the middle of an area, town, or city :

▪ The hotel is located in the heart of Moscow.

▪ a quiet village in the heart of the English countryside

▷ core /kɔːʳ/ [countable noun]

the central part of a large object such as a very large rock or the Earth :

▪ The Earth has a solid inner core 2500 km in diameter.

▪ Only the core of the volcano remained.

2. in the middle

▷ in the middle /ɪn ðə ˈmɪdl/ [adverb]

▪ At the back there was a small garden with a fishpond in the middle.

▪ I was never at the top of my class. I was somewhere in the middle, I suppose.

in the middle of

▪ Lizzie woke up in the middle of the night with a toothache.

▪ At the time, the country was in the middle of an economic recession.

▷ middle /ˈmɪdl/ [adjective only before noun]

the middle drawer/shelf/finger etc

the one in the middle :

▪ You’ll find the scissors in the middle drawer of my desk.

▪ Jane was wearing a gold ring on her middle finger.

▪ There were three children in my family, and I was the middle one.

▷ central /ˈsentrəl/ [adjective only before noun]

in the middle of an area, country, or town :

▪ The houses face onto a central courtyard.

▪ the tropical rainforest in central Africa

▪ central London

▷ centre British /center American /ˈsentəʳ/ [adjective only before noun]

centre door/panel/page etc

the door etc that is in the middle with others on either side :

▪ On the center panel of the screen there is a painting of a Greek goddess.

▪ There’s usually a picture of some glamorous girl on the centre page.

▷ at/in the centre British /at/in the center American /æt, ɪn ðə ˈsentəʳ/ [adverb]

exactly in the middle of something :

▪ It was a huge room with a high ceiling and an oak table in the centre.

at/in the centre of

▪ At the center of the atom is the nucleus.

▪ The city of Turin stands at the centre of the Piedmontese plain.

▷ halfway /ˌhɑːfˈweɪ◂ǁˌhæf-/ [adverb/adjective]

at the middle point between two places or of a period of time or event :

halfway across/between/down/up etc

▪ Our car broke down halfway across the bridge.

▪ We were halfway down the mountain when it started snowing.

▪ Joe was pretty unhappy and left the college halfway through the year.

the halfway mark

the middle point of something

▪ The Scots opened up a 29-17 lead, and at the halfway mark they were still in front.

▷ mid- /mɪd-/ [prefix]

in or near the middle of a period of time :

▪ The house was built in the mid-18th century.

▪ As the value of the US dollar fell in the mid-1980s, so did the value of UK reserves.

▪ Let’s meet again mid-week.

▷ midway /ˌmɪdˈweɪ◂ǁˈmɪdweɪ/ [adverb]

at the middle point of a distance, a period of time, or a set of numbers :

midway between/through

▪ The islands lie in the Indian Ocean midway between Madagascar and Tanzania.

▪ United took the lead midway through the first half.

▪ At a guess, I’d say he was midway between 50 and 60.

▷ midpoint /ˈmɪdpɔɪnt/ [countable noun]

the point that is an equal distance from either end of a process or scale :

▪ The Redskins and the Giants were the leaders as the midpoint in the season drew near.

midpoint of

▪ By the midpoint of the twentieth century, the economy had begun to improve.

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