Meaning of MIDDLE in English


I. noun


a middle position (= one that is between two extreme positions )

They took a middle position, favouring decentralization but with some controls.

approach middle age (= be almost middle-aged )

a stocky, balding man who was approaching middle age

be in the middle/midst of a recession

We are in the midst of a world recession.

be well into middle age (= be obviously middle-aged, probably at least 50 )

Most of the people there were well into middle age.

early middle age (= around age 40 )

Two women in early middle age sat next to him.

high/low/middle rank

Her father had been an army officer of fairly high rank.

in the middle of the night

She woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.

inner/middle ear (= the parts inside your ear, which you use to hear sounds )

I've got an infection in my middle ear.

late middle age (= around age 60 )

a well-dressed man in late middle age

middle age (= between about 40 and 60 )

He was in late middle age.

Middle Ages

Middle America

middle C

middle class

This led to the creation of a new, affluent middle class.

middle distance

She just stood there gazing into the middle distance.

middle ear

Middle East

middle finger

middle ground

The negotiators could find no middle ground.

middle management (= the people in charge of small groups within an organization )

middle management

middle manager (= someone who manages a small part of a company )

a middle manager in a computer company

middle name

Don’t worry – discretion is my middle name.

middle school

Middle West

reach middle age (= be middle-aged )

You need to start saving for retirement before you reach middle age.

smack in the middle/in front of sth etc

There was a hole smack in the middle of the floor.

split sth in two/down the middle

The war has split the nation in two.

steer a middle course (= chose a strategy that was not extreme )

The government chose to steer a middle course between the two strategies .

the beginning/end/middle of the month

You’ll receive your wages at the end of the month.

the inside/middle/outside lane

Use the outside lane for overtaking only.

the Middle Ages (= the period in European history between about 1100 and 1500 AD )

the middle class

A new middle class emerged after the war.

the middle of the afternoon

It was the middle of a long hot summer afternoon.

the middle/centre ground (= opinions that are not extreme that most people would agree with )

Both parties are battling to occupy the centre ground .

Careful, Laura. You could be treading on dangerous ground expressing opinions etc that might offend someone .

Each side was unwilling to give ground change their opinion .

the top/bottom/middle drawer

He opened the bottom drawer and got out a T-shirt.

the upper/middle/lower register

the upper register of the cello




Mattan and the yellow jersey were right in the middle of the pack as it peddled hard in the blistering heat.

It will probably start on Boxing Day when we are right in the middle of winter.

My house is right in the middle of Stratford-upon-Avon, and I can watch the street market from my window.

And then right in the middle is the lovely old wine town of Traben-Trarbach.



There is no middle class and little opportunity to improve one's lot.

They are mostly over age 50, middle class and overwhelmingly Protestant.

The opposition mostly represents the upper-middle class and intellectual elite.

Forecasts of the size of the world middle class are of course problematic.

It was for the upper middle class in their station wagons that rumbled over our heads at night.

But in the early sixties, Loyola was pretty mucha school for white males from the middle and upper middle class .

On this assumption, a ballpark number for the world middle class population by 2025 would be about 3. 7 billion.

Most beneficiaries of federal housing subsidies are wealthy or at least upper middle class .


The questions of the fallen middle managers , however, are not trivial or self-centered.


Know his likes and dislikes; know what makes him happy and sad; know his middle name .

Let's just say this: Pretension is thy middle name .

I think Serious is your middle name .



I got caught in the middle of it.

Do you understand the danger of getting caught in the middle ? 7.

Those firms which get caught in the middle appear not to do so well.

Los Feliz has found itself caught in the middle of the battle.

And we, the staff, were caught in the middle .


A polished mahogany table, big enough to seat twenty people, ran down the middle of it.

Permafrost line runs right through middle , I think.

A long narrow corridor ran down the middle of the building with doors leading off it.

Most teams like to run at the middle of the Dallas defense.

She wondered why they didn't all run together in the middle .

I can run along the middle .

The frontier of the Agenais ran right through the middle of the town.

Officials said they would lead to danger on the busy A689 which runs through the middle of the community.


They sat together in the middle of the plane.

It sat forlornly in the middle of an arid coastal basin, lacking both a port and a railroad.

Jamieson sat down in the middle of the sofa facing the fireplace, and asked Bob to sit down too.

Dorothy sat down in the middle of the raft and held Toto in her arms.

Horne, deeply agitated by a mixture of fear, terror and forced bravado, went and sat in the middle .

Gorbachev and Reagan sat in the middle of the table on opposite sides, flanked by their aides.

A woman walked in and sat at the middle of the counter - Maxim had chosen the furthest end.

When chairs sit in the middle of a space, the back might be the first part you see.


Pretending to be an Arab, Phillips stood in the middle of the track with a blanket over his head.

Only Ray and a high school student named Devon Franklin remained standing in the middle of the nave.

William and Anna stand in the middle of the room.

The man was standing undecided in the middle of the road like a rabbit caught in headlights at night.

The clerk was standing in the middle of the lobby, staring.

They stood in the middle of the road as we approached cautiously.

Polly was standing in the middle of the floor, her hair brush raised above her head.


As soon as I decided not to go farther than Cambridge, I wanted to stop dead in the middle of the road.

At Third Avenue, two turning busses were stopped in the middle of the intersection.

Eventually it stopped in the middle of nowhere.

I stopped in the middle of all those steps and felt for a second just salt and sea.

When I was out shopping last year, 1 saw a guy stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

Pike stopped in the middle of the tarmac.

She stopped in the middle of a scream and the breath left her body with a groan.


I woke in the middle of the night and walked downstairs.

I wake up in the middle of the night from a dream.

If she woke up in the middle of the night, she'd be frightened.

Powell woke Howland in the middle of the night and poured out his conviction, but it was too late.

Maureen West says her daughter is still having nightmares and waking up in the middle of the night.

I woke up in the middle of the night and took all of Jay's clothes out of the wardrobe.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find that I was completely and utterly saturated.

But there's one thing which still sometimes wakes me in the middle of the night.


piggy in the middle

sth is sb's middle name

Don't worry - consistency is my middle name.

I think Serious is your middle name.

Let's just say this: Pretension is thy middle name.

Optimism is my middle name because, unable to agree on a name, my parents stuck a pin in a dictionary.

the Middle Ages

the Middle East

the Middle West

the middle distance

Ezra leaned against the sink and stared off into the middle distance.


"Did you enjoy the movie?" "It was OK but I got a little bored towards the middle ."

Gary rowed out towards the middle of the lake.

Going through the middle of Tokyo in the rush hour can be a nightmare.

It was the middle of summer.


But by the middle of the night, the alcohol will be metabolized and the rebound effect will set in.

I had a spell in the middle of the season when I was useless.

It was very hard work and during the middle we had a water fight.

Somewhere in the middle lies the case for change.

The group also is in the middle of a $ 45, 000 project to renovate a pagoda in the ancient quarter.

The office block was in the middle of a hellish whirlwind.

The state built 10 prisons from the opening of San Quentin in 1852 until the middle of the last decade.

Time spent in taking stock is time well spent, even in the middle of a hectic day.

II. adjective




In the middle ages , celebrations lasted from Christmas to Epiphany.

In middle age a nation seeks safety and consolidation of material gain.

There I found a respectable-looking woman of middle age sitting on a sofa, sniffing tobacco.

The Crown Prince had reached early middle age without marrying.

He also had a disinterested fascination with the records of the middle ages , especially those of the west country.

Life expectancy for all patients is middle age , and heart failure is the leading cause of death.

Preserve me from the self-confidence of a famous late middle age .

His body is less Muscle Beach than early middle age .


They may send the middle children to Jessy's parents in an attempt to get the eldest through secondary school.

Now, for the middle child .

The wronged self Peter is the middle child of five.

Richard Nixon: A middle child who became known for diplomacy in foreign affairs, among other things.


On the other hand, while self help by its very nature is participatory, it has a strong middle class bias.

There was for example the capacity of an expanding middle class to afford their own homes.

It is easy to pretend that the values and standard of behaviour about which I am speaking are genteel or middle class .

The new middle classes of industrial capitalism produced symbols which helped realize the value of industrial commodities.

Nevertheless their Bible was widely circulated not only among the middle classes but among the nobility.

But what about the poor and the lower middle class ?

What little they spoke was in the specially reverent voice reserved by the middle classes for times of bereavement.


How wide is the floodplain of the River Wharfe in this middle course of the valley?

Managers must steer a middle course between political correctness and political babble.

I usually steer a middle course which avoids both waste and effort.

Pendulums move to extremes before they steady to the middle course , and so do journalistic trends.

But I can find no middle course .

He steered a middle course between intimacy and aloofness which would have endeared him to the most demanding of guests.

In what ways do lower course valleys differ from middle course valleys?

Was there a middle course she could take?


With glazed eyes he was staring into the middle distance .

Captain Samphan was walking fast across the road in the middle distance , ordering some of the troops into the paddy field.

Trees and grasses Coming to the middle distance , I now encounter trees.

His father pushed back his chair and stood and leaned back against the sink, looking into the middle distance .

Like Querelle, men in tatty soiled uniforms are flexing their muscles, while others stare vacantly into the middle distance .

Half the folks gazing placidly into the middle distance were too stoned to blink.

Few of them were caused by melancholy to sit staring slackly into the middle distance .

Clayt drew up his shoulders and stared into the middle distance , as though he were finished.


When the cause of deafness is not solely in the outer and/or middle ear , high frequencies are likely to be affected.

In fact, an ear infection alone can cause sudden severe pain as fluid builds up in the middle ear.

Mean hearing thresholds are related mainly to the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear .

Vibrations or sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate and these vibrations move through the middle ear to the inner ear.

Three rats in the low fibre diet group suffered from middle ear infections and were removed from the study.

An inflammation in the middle ear called otitis media can cause temporary or even permanent hearing loss.

Microtympanometry, a sensitive method of diagnosing effusions of the middle ear , could help them in this.

There is further evidence that untreated middle ear disease in childhood may have permanent effects.


It could be Bosnia, it could be the middle east .

They could not agree on the Gulf conflict and seem to have no agreed middle east policy.

Mr. Janner I am sure that the Secretary of State recognises the sensitivities of the middle east peace process.


I was squealing with delight at the tricks his middle finger was playing when suddenly Captain leapt on us growling.

Torn webbing between his right ring and middle fingers and a torn knee cartilage in 1992.

Pausing at the door he turned once more and extended the middle finger of his right hand towards the bed.

The hand withdrew, three middle fingers slathered.

You will often see recipients tapping the table with the three middle fingers of one hand while their cup is being filled.

The middle finger traced a heart on her lips.

When the Reclusiarch passed back again, each initiate must hold out his middle finger , pointing stiffly forward from his fist.


He has continued to cling to the middle ground , but that ground has been shifting.

Wynns held a colorful conversation with Sierra Club representative Howard Strassner to see if they could find middle ground .

The Law can also be applied to the depth dimension, with a fulcrum in the middle ground .

But it is a middle ground that hundreds of police officers use daily.

This is the kind of argument that Clinton loves; it sets him on the middle ground .

The middle ground of reason has long been lost on this issue.

This upgrade places Dreamweaver firmly back in the middle ground without compromising the professional integrity of previous releases.

The undecided middle ground is where the doubts can be talked out.


Macleod was attacked by both liberals and conservatives in the Legco for failing to provide sufficient tax concessions to middle income earners.

Current law restricts them to those with middle incomes and below.

On the other hand, over the range of middle incomes , the percentages again remain broadly constant.

In the low and middle income countries, life expectancy remained static at 68 years.

We had little to say to those on middle incomes whose votes decide elections.

Second, Michael Portillo's tax cuts, carefully aimed at middle income earners, will appeal on the doorstep.

Trafalgar House's Sir Eric Parker says the tax squeeze on middle income earners could hit house prices.

Items such as double glazing and cavity wall insulation are standard for middle income homes.


The Yugo finally skidded to a halt upside down and straddling the middle lane .

She drove in the middle lane , skimming past lorries.

There he was, making a name for himself after all those years in racing's middle lane .


We also recruit some assistant food and beverage managers with experience directly into middle management positions.

Rumors swept up from the factory floor and lofted back down again from the cubicles of middle management .

Information is now provided for various Government departments and senior and middle management throughout the organisation.

At the other extreme, you might distinguish only among top management , middle management, and the front lines.

Some companies have dispensed with the middle management function altogether.

Gordon is in customer support for a large computer company so heavy in middle management that he hardly ever works.

Again, it was the middle management ranks that suffered the severest cuts.

The post-independence generation is already in middle management positions.


Computers are belatedly replacing thousands of clerical staff and middle managers .

In the organizational hierarchy of the past, middle managers were the people who remembered things, who passed on corporate culture.

There are no layers of middle managers relaying messages - the environment is perfect for communication and intuition.

Most of the layoffs hit middle managers , who will get severance packages of one to two years' pay and benefits.

These will be drawn up by the teacher and should relate to those set by middle managers .

But now modern information technology is making many of the former tasks of middle managers redundant.

It seems inevitable that the flattening process will continue and that middle managers will continue to be squeezed.

Indeed, there is every reason to suspect that middle managers are an endangered species.


Only the Sunday Express, among all the middle market populars, was still a broadsheet in 1990.


If so, no one would ever have dared to tease him about his middle name .

Once you did something notorious, they tagged you with an extra name , a middle name that was ordinarily never used.

Optimism is my middle name because, unable to agree on a name, my parents stuck a pin in a dictionary.

Where I come from, the middle name is fight.

It is essential to get full names of the client, including any middle names.

For some reason he hated that middle name of his.

Partisanship should be their middle name .

They share the same middle name .


What happens in the middle part of each phase may seem - mistakenly - unimportant.

The humped-up middle part was clear of the water.

The crescent-shaped eyes are attached to the middle part of the head.

The middle part of Figure 1 shows a small selection of the retina enlarged.

As time goes by ... The middle part of pregnancy is the best for most women.

The good part , the early part, the middle part, the later part.


Mr Patten scored well in the middle range , for example the town and country planning issues which most concern his own supporters.

The Presario 4000 line of desktop and mini-tower computers is aimed at the lower and middle ranges of the market.

The middle range , perhaps, was where a comfortable, accomplished actor could exist and grow.

It falls into the middle range of portable belt sanders.


The night was dark and still and the middle road had an eerie, forbidding atmosphere.


My own work on middle school teachers provides some support for this view.

In middle school , your children would rather attend your execution than have you attend their field trip.

Another letter from the middle school was about a visiting theatre group and asked for money as well as a tear-off slip.

Linda first saw Red at a middle school volleyball game.

Such exposure should begin in middle school and increase in intensity and focus in high school.

At the time of going press, primary and middle schools are being reorganized.

Most of the local middle schools now expose students to careers through business speakers and visits to companies.


The only place that is well out from the banks on a river is the middle section .

The poem has three sections corresponding to the changes of rhyme, but with a peculiarity in the middle section.

The lozenge-shaped objects in the middle section of the cell are mostly mitochondria.

A lyrical middle section precedes to a repeated theme reinforced by a military drum gone mad.

Some road walking is included especially in the middle section between moors.

Try aiming for a beginning, a middle section and an ending.


The middle way seeks to formalise, or at least make explicit, normative patterns in the general activity of reading.

In sum, the mixed economy is a middle way between the market and the command political economies.

However, some middle way between a basic inventory and a fully detailed record is possible.

To help him resolve it, he brought in General Joseph McNarney, who eventually decided on a middle way .

Essentially they are the party of the centre ground, the middle way .

Perhaps there is a middle way .

But for Labour, there seems no satisfactory middle way of electing their two top people.


All these artists were the height of fashion in the middle years of the 19C.

She would spend her middle years turning me into the man who would redeem her failed youth.

After the hectic middle years , couples may renew or begin activities together for which there had not previously been time.

She had scrambled through the middle years of the decade.

Direct royal involvement in ecclesiastical affairs intensified from the middle years of the decade.

And sadly, many of the people it kills are in their middle years .

The reason why it is more productive in these middle years is simple.


A white carpet ran down the middle aisle of the church.

I missed the middle part of the movie.

It's in the middle drawer of the file cabinet.

Jane was wearing a gold ring on her middle finger.

There were three of children in my family, and I was the middle one.

You'll find the scissors in the middle drawer of my desk.


In the organizational hierarchy of the past, middle managers were the people who remembered things, who passed on corporate culture.

Instead, it was a real middle class, of diverse origins, pushed to the fore by changing conditions.

Life expectancy for all patients is middle age, and heart failure is the leading cause of death.

Secondly, she never lived to middle age.

The middle assassin fired even as she dropped.

The constituency's middle ground is a mess.

We also recruit some assistant food and beverage managers with experience directly into middle management positions.

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