Meaning of ANNUAL in English

I. adjective


a monthly/annual etc allowance

His father gives him a monthly allowance of £200.

an annual competition

Last year he won the magazine’s annual photo competition.

an annual conference

the biggest annual conference for teachers of English

an annual holiday (= a holiday you take every year )

We were getting ready for our annual holiday in Cornwall.

an annual increase

The company reported a 10% increase in pre-tax profits.

an annual inspection

The aircraft was due for its annual inspection.

an annual meeting (= an important meeting held once a year )

the annual meeting of the British Medical Association

an annual quota

The US immigration laws imposed a strict annual quota for each country of origin.

an annual review

There will be an annual review of your salary.

an annual survey

Every council will be required to conduct an annual survey of residents.

an annual/a monthly fee

An annual fee of £150 has been introduced.

an annual/monthly subscription

An annual subscription to the magazine costs $20.

an annual/monthly/weekly budget

The organization has an annual budget of $24 million.

an annual/monthly/weekly cycle (= the related events that repeat themselves every year, month etc )

the annual cycle of planting and harvesting crops

an annual/monthly/weekly/daily total

The Government plans to increase the annual total of 2,500 adoptions by up to 50%.

annual earnings

His annual earnings are over £1 million.

annual growth

There was an annual growth of 4%.

annual increments

a salary of £18,000, with annual increments of 2.5%

annual inflation

Annual inflation in 1990 was 8.1%.

annual leave (= an amount of time that you are allowed away from work for holidays etc )

Annual leave is 22 days plus public holidays.

annual reunion

an annual reunion

annual salary

His annual salary is $200,000.

annual sales

The company has annual sales of over $300 million.

annual turnover

The illicit drugs industry has an annual turnover of some £200 billion.

sb’s annual income

Brian’s annual income is around £43,000.

the annual/monthly cost

This figure represents the annual cost of a loan.

the annual/monthly/weekly rent

Our annual rent is just over $15000.




The annual Budget or Finance Bill now contains a wide mixture of items.

A school's annual budget share has to be managed by the governing body.

As director, he will be responsible for over 4,000 kilometres of roads and an annual budget of £50 million.

It is a small society and at that time had an annual budget of only £50,000.

The unit employs 1,100 and has an annual budget of £33m.

Our total annual budget is about £1,000.

BFreeman wants to slash at least $ 400 million from an annual budget of $ 2. 4 billion.

One eighth of Oxford's annual budget of £400m goes to the medical school.


It has long been known for its very good annual conferences , and for giving the Eleanor Farjeon Award.

Speaking at it's annual conference in Newcastle, Co Down, he said it was real evidence of customer satisfaction.

The annual conference is held in September on a particular theme, and attracts participants of high international standing.

It carried a short item about the Social Democrats in annual conference at Northampton.


Edmonton recovered less than half its total annual costs from electricity sales last year, as you say.

What is the annual cost of the inflation rider?

In subsequent years, the number of patients in the trial were too small to compare mean annual costs .

The total annual cost of fuel as calculated would then increase from 2. 07 to 2. 96 billion dollars.

To this annual cost a multiplier appropriate to other forms of continuing future expense should be applied.

In 1995, the annual cost of this extensive program was $ 987, 000.

The average annual cost of use of the drugs is estimated at $ 15, 000.


Until the late 1970s, this annual event occurred with a minimum of publicity.

Its big annual event in Dade County, a banquet honoring the judiciary, just made me impatient.

But that remains an annual event , with the sixth one coming up this August bank holiday.

Last year, there were 450 people at the annual event .

With the success of these first Championships, the organisers are hoping Blackbird Leys will become an annual event .

Its success has spawned an annual event , drawing more than 40, 000 people.

Maybe this annual event will become as well known for rare and fine records as it is for books.

Looking behind the scenes at the organisation of this annual event , the video explains the history of the Popular Flying Association.


Once admitted, the solicitor is required to maintain a practising certificate, for which a substantial annual fee is charged.

A temporary membership fee is $ 5, an annual fee about $ 25.

The minimum investment is set at £500 with an initial charge of 5 percent plus an annual fee of 1 percent.

Hotchkis's dinky ad budget translates into low annual fees .

It charges an initial fee of 1% and a 1% annual fee.

If you find a fee on your bill, call the toll-free number and ask to have the annual fee waived.

Lloyds Bank was the first to introduce an annual fee of £12 for its Access cardholders in February of this year.

Now more companies issue cards and many are willing to cut rates or waive annual fees to snare each others' customers.


The annual growth in concentration in the 1980s was 0.5 percent.

It gives an annual growth rate of 2. 3 percent, according to analysts.

This can be done on an annual basis with a bar graph which reveals the annual growth rate.

The revised method also shaves half a percentage point off average annual growth during the four years of this economic recovery.

In particular, books show an average annual growth rate of 8.25 percent while electronic information shows a rate of 20.30 percent.

The overseas growth has powered the solar industry to a 15 percent annual growth rate for more than a decade.

There was an annual growth rate of some 4 percent, while inflation continued to fall.

The 1961-70 plan assumed an annual growth rate of 8. 3 per cent.


As well as your annual holiday entitlement, the Company observes the usual statutory bank and public holidays.

Elwin Silverstein, account executive with the Triad Insurance Group, enjoys the annual holiday brunch his employer hosts.

It made the annual holiday more easily available to millions.

The Midvale Park neighborhood sparks up a million little beacons with its annual holiday lighting contest.

We offer a friendly working environment in Central London, 5 weeks annual holiday , private healthcare and additional benefits.

For years, an important desire of many working people has been to take annual holidays in the sun.

The statutory minimum annual holiday of five weeks was cut by two days to boost production.

Tour operators have reported brisk sales since the New Year as people rush to book their annual holiday in the sun.


You might have to produce evidence of a sky-high annual income .

It has been reported in Fortune magazine that Oprah Winfrey has an estimated annual income of $ 40 million.

For a relatively prosperous family, spending on cooking probably drops to less than 5 percent of the annual income .

The big growth in fund investment seems to have come from baby boomer households with annual incomes above $ 50, 000.

For a typical family of two adults, this is equivalent to an annual income of P£12 000.

First, figure out 2. 5 percent of your annual income .

Most people have a far better idea of the value of their house than of their annual income tax.

Families with annual incomes as high as $ 24, 000&038;.


The five-year programme was budgeted to cost 22,750,000 million yen, at an average annual increase of around 3 percent.

The number of state and federal inmates rose by 89, 707, which was the largest annual increase in history.

Last autumn, the annual increases were slightly higher.

The 1995 total marked the second annual increase in a row and exceeded five million for the first time in three years.

Its annual increase in the 1980s was 1 percent.

That is the highest annual increase in 15 years.

The average annual increase over the past two decades is 3 %.

The school tax will remain in effect for eight years, with 4 percent annual increases .


These holidays as with annual leave may be taken with the approval of the Board.

The distribution of annual leave to nurses is of great importance to the individual nurse and to the employer.

Some hospitals utilise temporary ward closures as an opportunity to give staff annual leave .

And the gap will become wider if no extra staff are employed to cover junior doctors' annual leave .

The manager should discuss the proposals for the coming year's maintenance programme before the allocation of annual leave to nurses.

Are managers of nurses given information about annual leave arrangements of other staff?

Failure to optimise the level of support to the caring team will undermine efforts to distribute annual leave evenly among nurses.


He may however increase the annual payment to wheat farmers under the five-year phase out plan of the old farming policy.

Finally, assume that the annual payment is invested to earn an average effective annual rate of return equal to 12 percent.

A scheme run by the Countryside Commission gives farmers an annual payment for neglected hedgerow.

At that price an annual payment of £10 would be equivalent to a 20 percent rate of interest.

An annual payment is made, the amount depending upon the animal concerned.

The annual payments in 1934 were about £6and3/4; millions.

But eurobonds make annual payments , and the appropriate method of calculating the yield to maturity is to use annual discounting.

After this, the annual payments would decrease.


The annual percentage rise in the Tax and Price Index.

The yield is the annual percentage of return an investor earns on a stock.

Some might say that typical annual percentage rates of around 24 percent are crippling.

In the preceding example, the approximate annual percentage rate is 14. 6 percent.

It may be that the courts would apply some sort of reasonable annual percentage .

The annual percentage rise in the implicit gross domestic product deflator.


Bristol Rovers announced an annual profit of nearly £90,000 and disclosed they have £1.3m in the bank.

Soon sales had increased by 17 percent and the center was turning a $ 111, 000 annual profit .

But the Newcastle-based computer group Sage has surged ahead by 20p to 454p after a 32% annual profits increase.

She said the company will report its first-ever annual profit in 1995, and will do even better this year.

The small annual profits of the Edinburgh and Dundee clubs were interspersed with losses and no dividends were distributed to shareholders.

The growers who are crying wolf today about the lack of water will post their annual profits in a few months.

Reckitt &038; Colman also revealed annual profits at the top end of market expectations, but the price slipped 3p to 603p.

Tokyo stock exchange-listed companies are forecasting annual profit growth of just 0.6 per cent between October and March 2001.


That points to an annual rate of 310%.

The volatility of the underlying bond futures fell to an annual rate of 7. 95 percent.

The national income had doubled since 1948; in the period 1951-73, the average annual rate of growth was 2.3 percent.

M3 expanded at an annual rate of 1. 9 percent in the first 11 months of 1995.

This is used by some banks to express the rate of interest as an annual rate.

Its exports are rising at an annual rate of nearly 20 percent.

Since gilts pay a fixed annual rate of interest, you would be locking in a higher return before the rate cut.

Velocity had fallen to 2.2, an annual rate of decline of nearly 5 percent.


Bennett has set out the supposed pros and cons in the annual report .

Watching the detectives Today Ofsted publishes its annual report on schools.

An annual report will be presented to the Lord Chancellor and will be laid before Parliament.

The second man smiles, wags his index finger and picks up a copy of his company's annual report .

The aim, as stated in the company's annual report is to support multiple servers.

The annual report artificially parcels up the underlying economic trends into years.

The authority must receive an annual report .

Public companies have to publish an annual report and accounts.


The top 10 percent of the people receive half the annual revenue .

Assist-A-Care generates annual revenue of more than $ 6 million.

He ranks just fourth in total assets, with a nine-billion-dollar annual revenue flow.

C., with annual revenue of about $ 45 million.

Yet Pitt during his first eight years managed to raise annual revenue from £12.5 million to £18.5 million.

This was to he supplemented with one-third of the annual revenue .

Together, the two companies will have $ 8. 4 billion in annual revenue .

And the Wang derives almost half its annual revenue from Ballet rent, concessions and gimcrack sales.


It has 17, 000 customers and $ 16 million in annual revenues .

Record industry executives called Napster's offer inadequate for an industry with annual revenues of $ 40 billion.

E $ 5 million in annual revenues .

He said an agreement had been struck whereby Freeport would provide 1 percent of annual revenues for social development programs.

Falcon Seaboard, a privately held company with annual revenues of nearly $ 300 million, employs about 300 employees.

In August 1998, the company was reported to have had annual revenues in excess of $ 100 million.


The Head of Department is responsible for the annual review of the fields sponsored by his or her department.

It will provide supporting material for the annual review of implementation and, where necessary, clarify or supplement information received.

Clinical assessments were estimated to take on average 9.8 minutes for a regular review and 13.4 minutes for an annual review.

When your annual review is due, summarize all your achievements for the period and present them to your employer.

There are also annual reviews with clients.

On this model, annual reviews of fields continue to be produced, but are as spare as possible.

They could quite easily form part of the agenda for the annual review of these institutions in their new roles.

The port authority's latest annual review of the local economy reckons the city will lose another 32,000 jobs in 1993.


Every hour we are paying for the services of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, at an annual salary of £63,047.

With stock options added to his $ 700, 000 annual salary , McAllister makes more than a million dollars a year.

Between 1987 and 1989 annual salaries for assistant solicitors rose by well over half, to £20,000-70,000.

He reportedly earns an annual salary of $ 20 million.

He was recruited because a man could not be found to act as porter for the annual salary of £27.

In the Federal Government, the starting annual salary for junior accountants and auditors was about $ 18, 700 in 1995.

Ward sisters would get an additional £4.31 a week, giving them a new annual salary of £15,184.


The company reports 2000 annual sales of $ 4 million and $ 5.6 million cash on hand.

These presentation were made during the annual sales conference.

Its Rockport unit had about $ 314 million in annual sales .

Cointreau is slightly smaller with annual sales in the region of £300 million.

When the Petrini family sold the chain in 1987, it had annual sales of about $ 150 million a year.

These groups were selected on the basis of their annual sales and total assets.


You produce a good magazine each month; the readers' letters alone are worth the annual subscription .

The annual subscription fee is £8.

Please find enclosed a cheque for £12 annual subscription for an organisation.

The Association was open to anyone resident in the island who was prepared to pay the annual subscription of one guinea.

With inflation an annual subscription of £25 is not enough!

As you may know, we charge an annual subscription of £32.50.

The annual subscription is, incidentally, an allowable expense and can be paid by instalment if necessary.

It is updated quarterly and annual subscriptions are priced at £1,000.


Some inner city practices now have annual turnovers over 30%.

The level of business exported currently stands at 20 percent of Rolls Wood Group's annual turnover .

He has been with the group, which has an annual turnover of £8-9m, for the past seven years.

All in all, around £3.5 billion of the company's annual turnover might be chopped out.

On the domestic market, total annual turnover of £433 billion was the highest since 1987.

But he pointed out that his annual turnover was well above £1m.

Professional villainy now boasts an annual turnover of £14 billion.

He will support seven managers and staff, dealing with businesses with individual annual turnover of more than £1m.


Her annual income is about $75,000.

the annual school homecoming dance


He announced his decision at the annual Board of Trustees' retreat on September 10.

In the first half of the 1970s, the economy was growing at an annual rate of 7 percent.

It gives an annual growth rate of 2. 3 percent, according to analysts.

Much to the scientists' surprise, summer conditions left visible annual strata.

The plan was to avoid annual parliamentary wrangles.

The yield is the annual percentage of return an investor earns on a stock.

To try to cut down on internecine warfare, Mr Florio oversaw annual meetings at which he encouraged publishers to work together.

II. noun




P 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average produced average annual 10. 5 percent returns.


He is correct, Gedge still has Beano and Dandy annuals filed next to his records and many other souvenirs.

He would never scribble in his annuals and had them all in order.

In addition to the above, annuals are normally covered by standing orders, which eliminate repetitive clerical work.

The flower bed can then be augmented with annuals later in the year when the bulbs are over.

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