Meaning of ANNUAL in English

I. ˈanyə(wə)l adjective

Etymology: Middle English annuel, annual, from Middle French & Late Latin; Middle French annuel, from Late Latin annualis, blend of Latin annuus yearly (from annus year) and Latin annalis yearly (from annus year + -alis -al); akin to Gothic athnam (dative plural) years, Sanskrit atati he walks, goes


a. : reckoned by the year

annual value of coffee exports

b. : covering the period of a year : based on a year

an annual total

annual statistics

annual rainfall

2. : occurring, appearing, made, done, or acted upon every year or once a year

an annual event

an annual magazine

an annual visit

3. : completing the life cycle in one growing season : lasting one year or growing season

an annual plant

— compare biennial , perennial

• an·nu·al·ly -)lē, -i adverb

II. noun

( -s )


a. : a publication appearing yearly and often treating of matters of interest in a year just past

editor of the high-school annual

specifically : a publication appearing as one of a series published to meet a yearly seasonal market

a children's Christmas annual

b. : giftbook 2

2. : a yearly event ; specifically : an annual exhibition of paintings or sculpture

3. : something that lasts one year or season ; specifically : a plant that completes its growth in one growing season

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