Meaning of ASH in English



Ash Wednesday

cigarette ash

She flicked her cigarette ash onto the ground.

mountain ash

pall of smoke/dust/ash etc

A pall of thick grey smoke hung over the buildings.




He went round the back of the house and inspected the incinerator, now full of partly glowing but mainly black ashes .

A baby carriage was overturned, and a heavy rain of black ash descended for a long while afterward.

He stirred the damp black ashes of the study floor with his foot.

Large areas of island are covered with thick deposits of black volcanic ash , known locally as picon.

Sally with her slaves rolled up and her hands black with ashes from the dead fire.

He lit the photographs one by one and let the flimsy black rectangles of ash drop into the bin.


Last, and most important, is the cloud of fine ash which rises.

It looked and felt like fine ash , like the kind from charcoal briquettes.

Inside it a few pathetic bones glowed red hot and then crumbled into fine ash .


We used to cook potatoes and sausages in hot ashes after the fire had burnt down.


The island became covered with vegetation, fossils of which are sometimes found in the volcanic ashes .

The buried artifacts were found between layers of volcanic ash and other substances.

Large areas of island are covered with thick deposits of black volcanic ash , known locally as picon.

Multicolored volcanic ash flows, long since hardened to jagged rock, reach into the sea like fantastic taffy mountains.

The city was buried under several meters of volcanic ash , many of the inhabitants being asphyxiated in their houses.

The finest fragments make volcanic ash and dust.

It therefore follows that all sedimentary bodies, other than deep sea oozes and volcanic ash deposits, are likely to be diachronous.

Over aeons, the undulating plains have been showered by volcanic ash blown westward from Ngorongoro, Lemagrut and other now-extinct volcanos.


Oak furniture range, Laura Ashley 3 Variations dressing table in light ash , white ash or black.

Atop the charred ground, white ash marks the shadows of fallen trees that burned so hot they disintegrated.

The fire in the hearth was now a heap of white ash .

These barn sills enclose thick white birch, ash , and maple trees.

A dusty-faced boy was now raking the coal and wood from this into a tidy, white pile of ash .



Now the challenge is to mould a new identity for international car racing by Timothy Collings Cigarette ash fell to the floor.

It was unlike Jasper not to object to cigarette ash , in ravioli.

It is subject to grease and grime from the hands, occasional coffee spills, cigarette ash , dead flies and sandwich crumbs.

It feeds largely on ants whose remains can be found in the birds droppings, which resemble cigarette ash .

Madeleine put down her pen and knocked her cigarette ash into a blue Limoges dish like a saucer.

For example, the cigarette ash referred to above remains in place some 24 hours after being discovered!

He tapped his cigarette ash on the floor.

He smoked constantly and his clothes were always smeared with cigarette ash .


Overhead, lightning flickered frequently as the static electricity accumulating in the ash cloud discharged.


Finiver is of the rowan, or mountain ash .


The Commission imposed fines on three chemicals companies on Dec. 19, 1990, for operating an illegal cartel in soda ash .

In 1873 they formed a partnership, born of mutual respect and trust, to manufacture soda ash near Northwich in Cheshire.


Galvone hurried to place a crystal ash tray on a small table beside him.

Alice hurriedly put out the cigarette and got up to empty the ash tray .

The ash tray was getting crowded when I decided there was no percentage in doing any more worrying for a while.

He was constructing something from a foil ash tray when she approached.

He placed his unfinished cigar in the ash tray and rose from the table, leaving his brandy untouched.


Boulders lay around the waterside, ash trees spreading finger-like leaves overhead.

I noticed that some of the upstart ash trees were already bearing seeds, and some were loaded with them.

Only a nearby ash tree , which had better buffered bark, retained the lichen.

I still see the pale bluish-green, red-studded caterpillars of promethea moths on the ash trees .

To my amazement, they were burning brightly as the rain fell and water dripped from the ash trees .

He said, an ash tree a foot high is still an ash tree.

Young elder tree and ash tree leaves can also turn black sometimes once they have been pressed.



It will be carried stiff to the burning ground and there burnt and reduced to ashes .


Many crematoria include scattering or burying the ashes in a garden of remembrance in their fee.

She now wants to bury all Ryan's ashes in Santa Barbara, California.

She had lifted the larger pieces clear when she saw something buried in the grey ash .


He flicked the ash towards the fireplace with the back of his hand.

He flicks his ashes without reflection on the ground.

He watched her sit up and flick the ash on to the floor.

He flicks the ash off his faded blue jeans and lights up another cigarette.

They flicked ash from their cigarettes into the empty wine-glasses and shouted each other down in vain attempts to be witty.


The town's historic centre was reduced to ashes .

The original versions were reduced to ashes when an earlier Capitol burned in 1881.


His proposal that a new socialist party should rise from the ashes of the present one was hardly disputed.

Pluto's theme is transformation and his emblem the phoenix rising from the ashes .

The site is rising from the ashes of a former foundry following Mrs Thatcher's famous Wilderness Walk there in 1987.

In fact, one way and another the food is very aptly named, having risen from the ashes in two senses!

It said that temperatures could be expected to rise now that ash from the Pinatubo eruption was dissipating.

This year, the phoenix has risen from its ashes , a phoenix in brighter plumage than he has ever worn before.


The New Zealanders, appropriately garbed in funereal black, arrive next week to scatter the ashes .

There was initially an extreme reluctance to scatter the ashes .

Some churches are happy to scatter the ashes in the graveyard or bury them according to the family's wishes.

And his family are hoping to scatter Mr Corbett's ashes at Anfield, where his father Dennis also came to rest.

The weather had turned a chill grey, and a brisk wind scattered the ashes of half-a-hundred fires.


When he'd done that he took the cigarette out of his mouth, tapped some ash off and studied the glowing end.

He tapped his cigarette ash on the floor.


Passion is blushing furiously across pop, rapidly turning it to ashes in its shame.

His strength was turned to ashes .

A typhoon also moved in that day, obscuring the mountain and turning the airborne ash into a downpour of mud.

The print on the burning newspaper pages glowed for a moment before turning to ash .


reduce sth to ashes/rubble/ruins

rise like a phoenix from the ashes

wear sackcloth and ashes

I have no wish to see Aitken go through the rest of his life wearing sackcloth and ashes.


cigar ash

Investigators sifted through the ashes to find the cause of the fire.


Even when remains are cremated, the ashes are often placed in an urn and buried.

In 1871 it burned down, 17,000 buildings were consumed, and a third of the city lay in ashes.

In the ashes were bits of broken eggshell.

The explosion spewed ash and golf ball-sized fireballs into the air.

The original versions were reduced to ashes when an earlier Capitol burned in 1881.

Tiny wisps of ash floated up.

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