Meaning of ASH in English

I. noun Etymology: Middle English asshe, from Old English æsc; akin to Old High German ask ~, Latin ornus mountain ~ Date: before 12th century any of a genus ( Fraxinus ) of trees of the olive family with pinnate leaves, thin furrowed bark, and gray branchlets, the tough elastic wood of an ~, the ligature æ used in Old English and some phonetic alphabets to represent a low front vowel \\a\\, II. noun Usage: often attributive see: arid Date: before 12th century something that symbolizes grief, repentance, or humiliation, 2. the solid residue left when combustible material is thoroughly burned or is oxidized by chemical means, fine particles of mineral matter from a volcanic vent, the remains of the dead human body after cremation or disintegration, deathly pallor , ruins, ~less adjective III. transitive verb Date: circa 1894 to convert into ~

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