Meaning of B in English



an A/B/C student American English (= one who usually gets an A, B, or C for their work )

He was an A student all the way through high school.

B and B

a small B and B in the Cotswolds

B and B

a small B and B in the Cotswolds

get/go from A to B

Hiring a car was the best way to get from A to B.

grade A/B/C etc. BrE:

Applicants must have Grade A, B, or C in two GCSE subjects.

R & B

vitamin A/B/C etc (= a particular type of vitamin )


A minus/B minus etc

A plus/B plus etc

E flat/B flat/A flat etc

from A to B

It doesn't have to be fancy - I just need a car to get me from A to B.

An eagle looking down from above implies a threat whereas a heron flying from A to B suggests a more peaceable purpose.

First, good generalization from A to B can be readily explained in terms of mediation by the associate.

For at least fifteen hours a day they get us from A to B and take our body weight.

I, I showed him our product and I said we have to go from A to B with this project.

The arrow will point from A to B in the functional dependency illustrated in the definition.

The wavelength of the light increases as it passes from A to B for two reasons.

plan B, Plan B

If the bus doesn't run on Sunday, then plan B is to drive up and pick her up.

Plan B can be designed to help you from becoming the victim of an organisation. 20.

Plan B sprang to life as technicians, supervisors and even branch manager, Neil Gibson got stuck in.

Plan B was no plan and we were off to Condoriri.

Plan B was no plan, and with no plan could not really fail.

A professional Plan B is a systematic thought-out plan of action for furthering your career that includes the following steps.

Always have a plan B in case your original choice becomes impractical for any reason.

Finding no road, we leave the terrarium on steroids to enact Plan B, which begins in Oracle.

Maybe we had better start looking around for a Plan B.


She earned mostly B 's this semester.

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