Meaning of B in English

/ biː; NAmE / noun , symbol

■ noun (also b ) ( pl. Bs , B's , b's / biːz; NAmE /)


[ C , U ] the second letter of the English alphabet :

'Butter' begins with (a) B / 'B'.


B [ C , U ] ( music ) the 7th note in the scale of C major


B [ C , U ] the second highest mark / grade that a student can get for a piece of work :

She got (a) B in / for History.


B [ U ] used to represent the second of two or more possibilities :

Shall we go for plan A or plan B?


B [ U ] used to represent a person, for example in an imagined situation or to hide their identity :

Let's pretend A meets B in the park.

—see also B-road


see A

■ symbol

used in Britain before a number to refer to a particular secondary road :

the B1224 to York

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