Meaning of BALANCED in English




a balanced approach (= considering everything in a sensible way )

The President spoke in favour of a calm and balanced approach.

a balanced diet (= including all the types of food that people need )

A balanced diet is important for a child’s development.

a balanced meal (= with some of each type of food, to keep you healthy )

We make healthy, balanced meals for our children.

balanced on a knife-edge

His future in the job is balanced on a knife-edge .

balanced precariously

a cup of tea balanced precariously on her knee

balanced (= with a mix of academic and practical subjects )

We want to ensure a balanced curriculum for all pupils.

evenly balanced

The prospects for the country are fairly evenly balanced between peaceful reform and revolution.




Southern coast seaside resorts also improved through their ability to attract a more balanced age structure.

The glass surfaces became more important, especially in side view, giving the production car a more balanced feel.

They will start putting forward a more balanced picture next Sunday.

Since then a more balanced view has prevailed in which currents and waves are seen to act together.

Meditative techniques were designed to eliminate this struggle, to overcome the duality and to promote a more balanced mental condition.

It was also only at this stage that she appointed a more balanced team headed by Wakeham.

As red wine matures, tannin softens and it becomes more balanced and drinkable.

What plans do the Government have to introduce a more balanced development throughout the Province?


Its movements are harmonious, perfectly balanced and symmetrical in design.


Laura Lee's article was well balanced and gave sound advice on a variety of ways forward.

Extremely well balanced and fast off-shore.

Try to achieve a well balanced follow-through position as it's a good indication that you are in control of your swing.

The range cleverly combines a diversity of abstract design styles from classical to modern in a well balanced selection.

This is a well balanced rucksack, with good carrying capacity for long trips, at an affordable price.



Stenholm's proposed amendment required the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress each year.

Reversing his previous stance, he backed a balanced budget .

Government adhered to the prevailing orthodoxy that balanced budgets were necessary and desirable and that deficit financing was neither.

In other words, in this model, the balanced budget multiplier is equal to 1.

Such anticipated outcomes were a far cry from the Conservative government's long term objective of a balanced budget .

On Dec. 28, 1989, the Council of Ministers approved a balanced budget for 1990.

Up to the Second World War it was normal for governments to run a balanced budget .

It remains our policy to move back to a balanced budget as speedily as possible.


It is difficult, too, to see how such an approach could be happily integrated into a balanced curriculum .


Therefore in the pursuit of such a union, Community Regional Policy must be effective in promoting balanced development .

What plans do the Government have to introduce a more balanced development throughout the Province?


Making sure of a balanced diet means, essentially, eating a selection of different foods, with no one type predominating.

So, how do you make this change and ensure a balanced diet ?

It is sensible to give the carp a balanced diet for we want the carp to do well on our baits.

Doctors and other experts also recognise how important a balanced diet is for a child's normal development.

The preparation of food can limit a balanced diet .

And very few people eat a healthy, balanced diet .

A balanced diet will give nutritional requirements in all the right proportions.


This medium should provide the ideal base for complete and balanced growth .

The model is in fact that set out in Section 8-3 when examining balanced growth incidence.

A substantial part of the literature has been concerned with the properties of steady-state or balanced growth .

Business needs sustained and balanced growth , stable exchange rates, steady and competitive interest rates and low inflation.


McDonnell and Montgomery have shown that this technique is as good as the other balanced tree method for direct retrieval.

In comparison, the time required to make random insertions to direct-linked balanced tree files did not change with overflow percentage.

A volatile file with relatively little processing might be better handled by a balanced tree index.


It is difficult, looking back, to form a balanced view of the condition of all these working people.

What I am advocating is balanced view of your own work and a more sensible approach to its shortcomings.

Perhaps one final vignette can move us closer to a balanced view of the Hooligan's weaponry.

He had, he said, got his balanced view without shaking those bloodstained hands.

Since then a more balanced view has prevailed in which currents and waves are seen to act together.

Hence, it is necessary to achieve a balanced view of Duck and the poets who followed him.

Only in this way can any future generations gain a balanced view of society in our time.


"Newsweek" gave a reasonably balanced report on the crisis.

a balanced account of the events

a balanced approach to our transportation problems

He said he felt balanced and at peace with his choices.

Recently historians have taken a far more balanced view of the Irish question.


As John remarks, a healthy, biologically balanced environment should require minimal maintenance and effort.

Between the two lies balanced self-awareness.

For a complete and balanced meal they must be fed with an equal volume of canned food and mixer.

It gives a balanced diet, and protects against infections.

It is difficult, looking back, to form a balanced view of the condition of all these working people.

You should continue to lead a healthy life, such as eating a balanced diet, taking exercise and keeping warm.

Your reference to balanced reporting is surprising, to say the least.

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