Meaning of BALANCED in English




a. : being in a state of balance : proportionate , symmetrical , harmonious

one of the notable early builders of the closed and balanced couplet — Douglas Bush

the properly balanced classical symphonic orchestra — Ralph Hill

a more sober and perhaps more balanced assessment of modern intellectual and cultural history — F.L.Baumer

a balanced blend of Virginia and Oriental tobaccos — Punch

prided herself on possessing a well- balanced mind — Dorothy Sayers

the educated man shows a balanced development of all his powers — Report: (Canadian) Royal Commission on National Development

b. : having the physiologically active elements mutually counteracting

a balanced solution

c. : possessing in proper proportions the living and nonliving elements necessary for the existence and continuation of an effective food chain

a balanced pond

a balanced aquarium

d. of a diet or ration : furnishing all needed nutrients in just the quantity, form, and proportion needed to support healthy growth and productivity

a balanced chicken mash is essential for the first four to six weeks — Farmer's Weekly (South Africa)

low-cost balanced luncheons — Current Biography

e. of fishing tackle : having rod, reel, line, and lure properly matched to provide maximum angling efficiency

f. : having players equally distributed on each side of the center — used of an offensive line or backfield formation in football; compare unbalanced

g. of cards : evenly distributed among the four suits

h. of a budget : having expenditures no greater than income

insisted on a balanced budget and refused to permit government subsidies — Collier's Year Book

i. of an electrical transmission line : having equal impedance in each separate line and equal impedance from each line to ground


a. of a fabric : having the same type and number of yarns in weft and warp

b. of twisted plied yarns : that do not curl or kink

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