Meaning of BEAM in English

I. noun


a beaming/radiant smile (= when you are very happy )

‘I’m so pleased,’ she told him with a beaming smile.

a beam/ray/shaft of light (= a thin line of light )

There was a shaft of light from the doorway.

a shaft/ray/beam of sunlight

A shaft of sunlight illuminated the left side of his face.

balance beam

full beam

high beams




The low beams of a car flickered as it curved the bend in the road.

His silks, his plaited hair, his very foreign-ness seemed out of place amongst the low oak beams and sturdy yeoman furniture.

Corbett, unused to the gentle rocking of the ship and the low beams , banged his head as he straightened up.


At one curve in the road the driver stopped and flashed his main beams .

Between the main beams , lengths of steel decking are laid side by side, each hooking into its neighbor.

At this point, the outer edge of the box will simply be resting on the main beam .


Sam Oglethorpe's narrow beam of light showed it to be swinging open.

Unless the narrow pencil beam was pointed precisely at Earth, they could neither receive nor transmit.

The positive ions are accelerated to a narrow beam by the use of negative plates and a high voltage.

The torch is switched on by twisting the head and you can choose between either a narrow or wide beam .


There are many fine old beams .

Problem: Thirdfloor rear walls in old rowhouses often are masonry supported only by an old wood beam at the level below.

A typical students' pub, full of old beams and smoke and noise.

The Jolly Judge has some interesting old beams and painted murals.

Cream, maybe ... magnolia; go better with the old beams .

Sandy was suspended by a rope attached to an old beam next to the ladder leading to the tower.

In the new pine kitchen, old beams are still very much at home.

Inside there are old beams , inglenook fireplaces, oriental carpets and a warm and friendly ambience.


The roofs are flat, fully exposed to the rain, made by packing mud on wooden reeds resting on wooden beams .

Before the coarse brown fabric hung an austere gibbet, constructed of two weathered wooden beams .

All the tables and chairs are of solid dark wood to match the dark stained original wooden beams of the mill.

It was made of corrugated metal and wooden beams and had scores of windows that could be broken but not shattered.

The wooden beams and ceiling were crackling in the extreme heat.

The warehouses are built of stone and have wooden beam hoists on the gable walls.

Beam fire: A wooden beam in a chimney caught fire at a house in Darlington Road, Northallerton.

Their nest is in the wooden beams , some 15 feet above the floor.



Alternatively, electron beam machines are used.

Fire a high energy electron beam at a metal target and bremsstrahlung effect produces intense X-rays.

A basic example occurs in an electron beam - so important in television and radio.

The device is fabricated in Gallium Arsenide using electron beam lithography to define special side-gated channels.


At Wanlockhead, to the south, the Straitsteps mine remains include a primitive water-powered beam engine for draining the mine.

Murdock's sun and planet gear to obtain rotary motion from Watt's beam engines .

He invented the Cornish engine , a beam engine of Brobdingnagian proportions used mainly for pumping water out of tin mines.

Five pairs of nineteenth-century fulling stocks are preserved here, as well as the eighteen-foot breastshot waterwheel and a rotative beam engine .

An 1840 Cornish beam engine remains at the Levant mine, and is preserved by the National Trust.


Its motion can be detected - for example, by deflecting a laser beam that bounces off a mirror attached to the needle.

Even in a stream of traffic the laser beam can isolate the offending vehicles with an accurate read out of speed and range.

For obvious reasons, laser beams or submerged fluorescent wires can not be used to mark the start line.

Calibration is done insitu using a chopped laser beam to provide a known heat increment.

Stereolithography works by steering laser beams through a photosensitive liquid that solidifies when it is exposed to enough light.

In this technique atoms have their velocities reduced by running head-on into a laser beam tuned to their transition frequency.

The encoding is done by a fine laser beam burning a series of microscopic pits into the disc surface.


A framework of steel beams supports the concrete slab floor plates.

And now the hospital bill hovered overhead too, yet one more steel beam threatening to bring them all down.


Down below, he could see the single torch beam which illuminated Devlin, the girl and Gilbert.

They gazed into my torch beam like cons caught in razor wire.

Caught in the torch beam were a pair of eyes, glittering ebony pupils widening in shock.

Bernice ran forward into the darkness, her torch beam bobbing in front of her.

He swept the torch beam round the short passage and saw the two cell doors on his left were ajar.

Something scuttled out of the torch beam , hopping across the ceiling lathes into the shadows.



The launcher for the medium-range version will incorporate a projector that produces a beam of infrared radiation.

It is also produced by the projector beam in a smoky cinema.


Darken the room. Shine the flashlight beam at the bowl.


A girder is a beam that supports other beams or is made up of separate beams joined together.


broad in the beam

on full beam

supporting wall/beam etc

The roof was in an appalling state and the supporting beams were rotten.

There was a portico, generally of wood, with posts supporting beams, and decoration was in terracotta.


a 55-ton concrete beam

Maggie stumbled across the field with only a narrow beam of light from her flashlight to help her.

We could see the beams of searchlights scanning the sky.


Break the beam and it shoots you.

He thought about hanging himself from the roof beam , but lacked the resolve.

Her head hit the beam and she slid down and hit her shoulder.

Q.. My ceiling has painted beams that intersect at several crossing points.

The Commission will, of course, have a spy beam on our conversation.

The following day Paula's body was found hanging from a beam in the garage.

Using handholds in the wood to steady herself, she crept back along the beam , hauling Simon along with her.

II. verb




Then Shaaban arrived - strongly built, short in height, his dark flat-featured face beaming with pleasure.

Miss Sadie paused for a moment, her face beaming , and looked around the room.

Three faces lit up, beaming in upon what they thought was a crucial fact.


Kirov ran across the room, beaming with pleasure .

I tried the new version, and Loi beamed with pleasure .

Then Shaaban arrived - strongly built, short in height, his dark flat-featured face beaming with pleasure .

He beamed with pleasure at her attention and, hoping Harry would notice, Cora-Beth began flirting with him.

BDe Mori beams with pleasure and shakes hands all around.


Beam me out of here!

After the song was over, Miss Timms beamed at the class.

At the celebration, he beamed proudly.

Daddy sat in the first pew, beaming with pride.

Her parents stood there beaming as she went up to receive the prize.

Just a short time before, they had been beaming with optimism.

The images are beamed directly from a satellite.

The water sparkled and the sun beamed brightly.


Even Sabina was pleased, and Gabby was beaming.

Farther down the line, 13-year-old Anne Fischer of Northridge beamed with excitement.

Once we have landed on Mars we will be able to beam it to the galaxy, he said.

Ralph nodded, beamed, situated his hat.

The curtains opened again and Uncle Philip stood next to his doll, beaming proudly.

The fans cheered, and the athletes beamed.

They mug for cameras, hug their parents, and beam with pride.

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