Meaning of BEARING in English




a compass bearing/reading (= a direction shown by a compass )

We took a compass bearing to ensure we were walking in the right direction.

ball bearing

bearing in mind (= because of )

More money should be given to housing, bearing in mind the problem of homelessness.




Insights within this discipline do not usually have a direct bearing on my performances.

This has a direct bearing on their exports such as lamb.

A large number of these responses had direct bearing on school curriculum.

This has a direct bearing on how we should study the constitution.

This is all contemporary evidence and it therefore has no direct bearing .

This has a direct bearing as to remedies.

Unemployment and other problems associated with labour have a direct bearing on social welfare.


The material form of the surplus-product has an important bearing upon this.

The activities of competitors have an important bearing on pricing decisions.

Such evidence has an important bearing on the site's function.

Their backgrounds have an important bearing on their teaching.

First, age, or more precisely proximity to the state-pension age, had an important bearing on early retirement.

One further contextual factor had an important bearing on this analysis.

Many giant dinosaurs, therefore, would have been very successful in battle, having an important bearing on natural selection.

It has important bearings on the reliability of the Bible books.



There is nothing specific about the ball bearings: nothing that makes them more suitable to one situation rather than another.

There must be an old Navy uniform and a few ball bearings somewhere on Treasure Island.

They were rolling it on rusty ball bearings .

Once fired, the blast would fire the ball bearings out toward the enemy and covered quite an area.

In the first system the rotation of the mouse's wheels or ball bearing are transferred to rollers.

The football's got ball bearings in it.

Many machines use ball bearings to reduce friction.



The first night on board, everything is deliberately kept informal, to give passengers time to settle in and find their bearings .

They are there to allow us to find our bearings and set our calendar.

She gave herself a full minute to find her bearings in this mute kingdom, and her senses made the adjustment gratefully.

Flying over Normandy he descended to ground level to escape the fog and to find his bearings .


She was able to get her bearings this way and soon found herself at the back of the house.

It took her a minute to get her bearings .

To get their bearings Allen once more climbed.

Without stopping to get his bearings , he began walking up Broadway along the east side of the street.

She stopped for a moment to get her bearings .

Ozzie drank his beer and got his bearings .

Pausing to get his bearings , he blew furiously on his fingers to cool them down.

Need to sit down to get your bearings ?


Too much accommodation and one loses one's bearings in the necessary conventions of thought.

He had lost his bearings on a trip to nearby shops a few weeks earlier.

Perhaps it was exhausted, perhaps it had lost its bearings in the thick fog.

Among right-wing circles this perception simply intensified their existential feeling of Angst, of having lost their bearings .

But as the world grew unfamiliar, I began to lose my bearings .

I feel I've lost all my bearings .

It was a magnetic mountain where a compass did not work, and it was easy to lose your bearing .


The reactions and thrust of each deck is taken on elastomeric bearings and by ballast walls.

It is this unvarying ubiquitous signal that we ourselves use, of course, when we take our bearings with a compass.

But, for now ... she took the letter bearing Ven's address and telephone number from her bag.

High fences around Admiralty installations gave good views as the birds perched briefly on the wires, taking their bearings .

We spent that afternoon taking our bearings .


lose your way/bearings

I completely lose my bearings when I go outside the city.

The Congressional black caucus has lost its way since Republicans took over Congress.

When my wife left me, I kind of lost my bearings for a while.

Among right-wing circles this perception simply intensified their existential feeling of Angst, of having lost their bearings.

But somehow, in the zeal to get re-elected, we lost our way.

He had lost his bearings on a trip to nearby shops a few weeks earlier.

He lit another cigarette and left, losing his way at the end of the corridor.

I am about to lose my way.

John had a mission to become an entrepreneur, but he went out without a road map and almost lost his way.

She claimed she had somehow been placed on an ocean liner that had lost its way at sea.


The lady is tall, strong, and dignified in her bearing .


Assumptions about the rate of payment by debtors may have a significant bearing on the expected profitability of the project.

If I may speak for the Law Officers of the Crown, we are scrupulous in bearing that vital principle in mind.

In many cases, such thinking has no bearing on what is happening in the regions.

It had some bearing at all levels of society.

It took her a minute to get her bearings.

The fact that discrimination is unintentional has no bearing on its legality or otherwise.

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