Meaning of BIRTH in English



a birth certificate

In order to get a passport, you'll need your birth certificate.

a birth defect (= one that you are born with )

About 11% of children have birth defects.

a cycle of poverty/activity/birth and death etc

the cycle of violence between the two countries

birth certificate

birth control

a safe method of birth control

birth father

birth mother

birth parent

breech birth

have a baby/give birth to a baby

She had the baby at home.

Sue gave birth to a baby boy.

multiple birth

The number of multiple births has risen sharply.

noble family/blood/birth etc

a member of an ancient noble family

The Marquis would have to marry a woman of noble blood.

register a birth/death/marriage

The baby’s birth was registered this morning.

sb's birth parents (= the ones who are biologically related to them )

Only half the children who are adopted wish to discover their birth parents.

sb’s date of birth ( also sb’s birth date ) (= the day and year when someone was born )

What’s your date of birth?

sb’s place of birth formal

I need to know his date of birth, and his place of birth.

the birth rate

In many developing countries, birth rates are falling.

virgin birth




A woman who had just given birth was being lifted off a stretcher.

This horse has just given birth to a foal. b. This mare has just given birth to a foal.

To think that the selfsame parents could have given birth to the two of us, she says.

What good was this love that she should never have given birth to?

Meg had just given birth to a baby.

The degree of glucose intolerance for any given birth weight was influenced independently by body mass index in adulthood.

She's just given birth to daughter Rosie.


The high birth rates of the 1950s and 1960s are projected to increase the numbers of young elderly from 2011.

Aid workers say areas that were heavily bombed now have high rates of birth defects, sterility and mental retardation.

Nevertheless, high birth rates ensured that society was far more youthful in its composition than it is today.

Moreover, the high number of births in a family is offset by the high incidence of infant mortality.

The higher number of births from the mid-1950s and through the 1960s inevitably meant more pensioners sixty years on.

According to the theory, pre-industrial populations can be characterized by high levels of birth and death rates, and low growth rates.

But third births increased by almost a quarter, and higher order births by 18 percent.

In all countries, children of high birth order have comparatively poor survival chances.


In 1976, 69 % of live births were to women in their 20s and 20 % to women in their 30s.

A couple in 1925-29 made do with 2.2 live births .

The number of abortions performed each year was estimated at between 300,000 and 600,000, compared with 550,000 live births .

In 1928, 620,627 live births were recorded, compared with 950,782 in 1920.

Introduction Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis occurs in about 3/1000 live births .

Usually expressed as the ratio of fetal deaths; i.e. the number of fetal deaths per 1,000 live births .

Three live births out of sixteen transfers is 18.8 per cent.

If you are not trying to produce live births , then cattle do have advantages over sheep.


Barker etal reported that low birth weight was associated with lower adult lung function but not with symptoms of wheeze.

He has an incorrigible fondness for persons of low birth and spends most of the day with them.

Reduced lung function has been associated with low birth weight regardless of whether the child had respiratory complications at birth.

Meanwhile, Augustine formed a liaison with a woman of low birth by whom he had a son.

This fall reflects in particular the low birth rates of the 1920s and 1930s.

These low birth rates were sustained for twenty years.

But no country has yet managed to achieve a low birth rate while infant deaths rates remain high.

Unsurprisingly, families are severely stressed, as evidenced by low birth rates and high death rates.


We knew there was a chance of a multiple birth but nothing can prepare you for something like that.

While multiple births have increased in recent years because of the success of fertility drugs, sextuplets still are rare.

And it would have shown on the certificate, the time of birth - it's only done for multiple births.

But those clinics that continue to record a high multiple birth rate will find their records investigated.

Store bosses decided to award the bonus to delighted Teresa Elliott and hubby Steve after learning about the multiple birth .


He had seen her sitting at the high table among the other ladies of noble birth who served the Empress.

This woman of noble birth chose to study philosophy rather than relish in her beauty.

His long fingernails attest that his was not a life of hard physical labour but that he was probably of noble birth .

Its ranks are open to all young men of noble birth regardless of where they live within the Empire.

According to legend, Eurosia was a maiden of noble birth , who was promised to a pagan.

There is nothing surprising in this continuing emphasis on noble birth and high social rank.


Low birth weight usually indicates premature births that are also often immature births.

They also noticed numerous miscarriages, premature births , and birth defects-including gross malformations-among soldiers' children.

The proportion of premature births was almost three times as high if the interval was less than a year.

And there was no doubt that Kalchu, though younger, had dealt with a great many premature births before this one.

They suffered the heartbreak of losing three children through premature births .

Immature births are often, but not necessarily, premature births.


If we are truthful we may admit that we find the ideas of the virgin birth or the resurrection incredulous.

In the absence of divine intervention, virgin birth for mammals is not an option.

It can not be proved that the virgin birth did not happen.

There is no knowledge of the idea of the virgin birth in the Church before the Gospels were written.

Again the virgin birth , in view of what we now know of human reproduction, has become highly suspect for people.

The angel's answer is part of the foundation of the teaching about the virgin birth .



On my birth certificate it states that I was born in Oban, which seems an unlikely place for the second coming.

The findings were based on examining all birth certificates registered in all the states and the District of Columbia.

How do I apply for a birth certificate ?

I've seen my birth certificate .

Researchers limited their report to statistics gathered on birth certificates , which allowed for analysis of cities.

The official birth certificate shows he was registered as Liam Butler.

Part of the program would require states to develop more tamper-proof birth certificates and drivers licenses.


Sterilisation may be the ideal method of birth control for couples who are sure they have completed their family.

There are, moreover, other barriers to using birth control .

Many feminists were also interested in birth control as an issue although discretion dictated a public silence.

Meanwhile, the birth control movement was becoming more respectable.

This information leaflet replaces those previously issued and those under the title Modern methods of birth control .

After the 1980 elections, we knew that the rights to both birth control and abortion were at risk.

Except not the end of the episode if there were a failure of a birth control measure and the result was conception.

Couples desperate not to have a child sometimes fail to use birth control .


They filed in, giving birth dates and names.

He kept his birth date a mystery, but according to the Baseball Encyclopedia he already was 42.

From Seymour Direct, it has easy-to-read numbers and is personalised with the child's name and birth date .

It asks my birth date , if I have any children and my marital status.


Obvious other exclusions include blindness and deafness as well as rare birth defects .

Aid workers say areas that were heavily bombed now have high rates of birth defects , sterility and mental retardation.

It says that the company razed forests, polluted rivers, retarded crop growth and caused birth defects .

In some areas of the Black Triangle, ten per-cent of all live births resulted in infants with crippling birth defects .

It is thought that the right-handed molecule produced the therapeutic effect but the left-handed molecule produced the birth defects .

Early reports of birth defects l inked to the Gulf War syndrome have been disproved, Whitesides said.

They also claim that fluoride potentially causes birth defects .

I say, pointing to the sign behind the bar, warning pregnant women that drinking alcohol can cause birth defects .


We will increase the availability both of treatment by women health professionals and of home birth .


Parasitic infections were high regardless of family size and appeared unrelated to birth order .

But as Sulloway was plugging away, other scientists were busy debunking birth order .

Indeed, it is worth remembering that the effect of birth order may vary with maternal age.

Jules Angst and Cecile Ernst, published a survey of all the birth order research from 1946 to 1980.

Though maternal age and birth order have an independent effect on the viability of the fetus, that act together.

This group of work-inhibited students was quite evenly divided in terms of birth order .

In all countries, children of high birth order have comparatively poor survival chances.

Still birth ratios also increase with birth order in each birth interval category.


For adopted children that quest may include tracing their natural or birth parents .

Adopted children and birth parents are registering at Web archives with hopes of making matches.

After that they are free to carry out the search for their birth parents .

Allowing birth parents to express their emotions can be an important part of confronting their grief.

None of the children wanted to go and live with their birth parents , but simply to keep contact.

Attempts at reuniting them with their birth parents will have failed.

Tracing birth parents Having obtained their original birth certificate, adoptees can start tracing their birth parents.


However, the numbers are decreasing as the birth rate decreases generally.

The teen birth rate has declined for all ethnicities.

Average birth rates for women in developing countries have fallen from six per woman to three in the past three decades.

Nevertheless, high birth rates ensured that society was far more youthful in its composition than it is today.

By far the greatest effect on the crude mortality rates was when mortality rates due to immaturity were adjusted for low birth rate.

The birth rate will only be cut, however, if the health prospects of poor families are improved.

The fall in the birth rate in the 1970s means that the number of people entering the labour market today is falling.

A country renowned for its love of large, close families now has the lowest birth rate in the developed world.


Barker etal reported that low birth weight was associated with lower adult lung function but not with symptoms of wheeze.

Low birth weight is another measure of the well-being of infants and children.

Expected values of birth weight for gestational age were obtained by regressing the natural logarithm of birth weight on gestational age.

Reduced lung function has been associated with low birth weight regardless of whether the child had respiratory complications at birth.

Our results confirm the relation between birth weight and lung function measurements reported in other studies.

In contrast to a previous report, we found no significant inverse relations between birth weight and blood pressure.

This was the sample used for the analysis of birth weight , gestational age, and respiratory symptoms.

For children with normal length of gestation there was a positive association between birth weight and lung function.



He believes that the medical profession is encouraging Down's babies to die at birth because of ignorance and fear.

Lothair died shortly after the birth of their daughter Emma.

If two tailless Manx cats are mated, the kittens are so deformed that they nearly always die before birth .

His father, a comptroller of customs, had died months before his birth .

They had one son, who died at birth .

The couple had had a son who died shortly after birth .

She had died in giving birth to Selene, having already been nearly ruined by the birth of Dinah.

A neighbor, W. H. Tonn, had several cattle die or give birth to stillborn calves after the explosion.


The Birmingham Canal, authorised in 1768, in effect gave birth to a port.

The dancers would dance, the mannequin would shiver and give birth to the green girl.

Locklear has just given birth to a daughter.

One female rock star likened the feeling to the one some women have after giving birth - lets have another one.

It is now universally agreed that HIV-2 can not have given birth to HIV-1.

Females give birth to as many as five offspring in late winter, after a gestation period of up to 10 months.

Language, I have learned, by writing about this, gives birth to feeling, not the other way around.


But even when both parents register a birth , they may not stay together long.


the virgin birth


Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

It's quite common now for fathers to be present at the birth of their babies.

It was a very difficult birth .

Most birds cannot identify their parents at birth and simply follow the first moving object they see.

the birth of a nation

the birth of photography

There have been three births in our family this year.


Childless, they were free, not constrained - constraining - links between birth and death.

In a large sample of adolescents low birth weight was associated with increased prevalence of asthma.

Low birth weight is another measure of the well-being of infants and children.

That your children love you back is nearly as miraculous as their birth .

This causes temporary softening of the ligaments in preparation for the birth .

Two months later she gave birth to a female child who was born with club feet.

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