Meaning of BODY in English




a body blow (= a very serious difficulty which could cause something to fail completely )

A tax on books would be a body blow for education.

a body of data (= a large amount of data )

There is an enormous body of data in support of the theory.

a body of research (= results from several pieces of research )

There is a large body of research which indicates that passive smoking causes cancer.

a dead body

A dead body has been found in the woods.

a government body ( also a government agency American English ) (= an organization run by the government )

Patents are granted by the U.K. Patent Office, a government body.

a professional body/association (= organization that people from a particular profession can belong to )

Is your architect a member of a professional body?

a review body/committee/panel/board

We will set up a pay review body for all staff.

a voluntary organization/group/body/agency

The day care scheme was run by a voluntary organization.

advisory committee/body

the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee

body armour

body bag

body blow

Hopes of economic recovery were dealt a body blow by this latest announcement.

body building

body clock

body count

body double

body dysmorphic disorder

body language

It was obvious from Luke’s body language that he was nervous.

body mass index

Your body mass index is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters.

body odour

body piercing

body politic

body popping

body search

Everyone entering the building had a body search.

body shape

If you’re not happy with your body shape, you should do more exercise.

body shop

body spray

body stocking

body suit

body warmer

a fleece body warmer

body/shoulder/foot etc massage

A full-body massage lasts around one hour.

celestial bodies (= the sun, moon, stars etc )

executive body/committee etc (= a group of people who have the power to make decisions )

frail body/physique

governing body (= the group of people who control it )

FIFA is the governing body of world soccer .

governmental body (= organization controlled by the government )

heavenly bodies (= the Moon, planets, and stars )

heavenly bodies

identified the body

The police took fingerprints and identified the body .

independent body (= group of people who work together )

An independent body has been set up to monitor government spending.

legislative assembly/council/body etc (= one with the power to make laws )

the main legislative body of the EC

lifeless body

Anton’s lifeless body was found floating in the lake.

parts of the body

The cancer may spread to other parts of the body.

prostrate body/figure/form


Great sobs racked her body .

regulatory body/authority/agency

New drugs have been approved by the regulatory authority.

ruling body

the ruling body of American golf

sb's body temperature

His body temperature was high and he was dehydrated.

student body

the human body

The diagram shows all the organs in the human body.




For the time being the parliament serves only as an advisory body of Noriega loyalists.

Also installed in March was a 19-member advisory body , the Council of State.

Two practitioner-based advisory bodies were also assembled.

There is also a national advisory body , without executive powers, the Bishops' Committee on Church Music.

Most of the people sitting on supposedly independent government advisory bodies have direct links to biotechnology companies.


My goodness no - over your dead body .

For $ 20, 000, you can appear as a dead body .

A dead body is liable to do that.

Following her hanging, a horse and cart set out from the Grassmarket carrying what was presumed to be her dead body .

Then I was taken to the room where the dead body lay.

A dead body smells exactly the same as a dead animal.

Christopher's dead body is in the next room.

Over my dead body , thought the rector, who loved the diminutive stone building that the parish had erected in 1879.


To protect privacy, phone numbers have only been included for those governing bodies which have an office.

The choice of the selection panel has to be endorsed by the governing body as a whole.

And again: stand for election to the governing body of a Compact school.

The Governing body will review the situation later in the year.

A school's annual budget share has to be managed by the governing body .

The Governing body of Somerville College has decided to admit both men and women from next year.

It is hoped that governing bodies will be fully represented with, where possible, their Drug/Doping Liaison Officer.


This moving image manifests itself in the motions of the heavenly bodies .

Thus, in particular, heavenly bodies moving in a gravitational field are well described by such geodesics.

All the movements of the heavenly bodies are caused by wind.

For untold generations the priests of the kingdom of Babylonia meticulously observed and recorded the movements of the heavenly bodies .

It goes back to the days when people used to worship heavenly bodies as gods.

Awareness of the stars and their light pervades the Koran, which reflects the brightness of the heavenly bodies in many verses.

The problem, therefore, was to account for the apparent motion of the heavenly bodies given these two assumptions.

The mosque and the Koran belong to women as much as do the heavenly bodies .


These invade the human body through the skin.

On the Moon, the human body had to learn a whole new set of reflexes.

Of course, any number of fascinating and nasty parasites can join this microbial community and make the human body their home.

And what about the human body ?

Behind the fringe of orange crime-scene tape, on the street, the chalked outline of a human body .

I do not mean by this only the human body .

This use of the names of parts of the human body sometimes goes way beyond physical appearance.

To understand how exercise affects sleep, you must understand the circadian rhythm of the human body .


An independent regulatory body should monitor the performance of all operators.

It is an independent statutory body , which can give you advice and may take up your enquiry with Royal Mail.

An independent review body has described the lessons as overly generous.

It is an independent body and the courses are drawn up by specialist committees including representatives from government, industry and teaching.

The Centre is an independent body , with charitable status.

It is an independent , non-political body , which exists to focus graduate opinion.

Each is the independent body recognised by government as responsible for promoting training in its own part of the economy.


Therefore, increased fasting volumes in patients with acromegaly might be explained by their large body size.

In the grey-green water we could dimly see a large , pale body beneath the grey fin.

A large brain relative to body size is an almost universal foetal characteristic of vertebrates, and certainly of mammals.

He had tried but failed to get his large body through the window.

This is why large bodies of cells, working coherently towards the same cooperative ends, have evolved.

But clearly the real hazard lies with larger , rarer bodies .

Suddenly I found myself in a sack much larger than my body , but completely dark.

In front of the line was an expanse of woods in which Jackson placed large bodies of skirmishers.


The Assembly was not a true legislative body .

It must be marvelous to just belong to some legislative body and just pick money out of the air.

Policy goals and objectives are set by legislative bodies , made up of politicians.

Never blame a legislative body for not doing something.

The results of these activities are subsequently evaluated by the legislative body in order to determine whether objectives have been met.

In our democracy, the making of public policy is usually reserved for duly elected legislative bodies .

There is no elected national legislative body .

Legislators introduce bills in the legislative body and examine and vote on bills introduced by other legislators.


And the trouble with names extends to quotations in the main body of the text.

The other main body in the south ern movement is the Council of Conservative Citizens, which has about 15,000 members.

Parts were easy to replace and the chassis and main body built to withstand mileage.

A main body with a small monitor sitting above the main workings of the machine, all encased in plastic.

The main body spots are grouped in rosettes.

Crews had yet to recover the main body of the plane and the engine.

I took a seat a little way from the knot of people that formed the main body of our party.

The main body of the plume registers over 100 parts per billion, high enough to cause long-term problems.


Courses on the latter are open to non-members who are actively involved with other voluntary conservation bodies .

Alternatively or in addition he may be co-opted on to other public bodies , such as hospital authorities, water authorities, etc.

Priorities concern improved membership services, relationships with other bodies , public relations, Hospitality magazine and staff training.

The hepatitis B antigen is found in blood, saliva, urine, semen, vaginal secretions and possibly other body fluids.

Blood and other body fluids in contact with the skin should be washed off with soap and water.

Clothing and sheets soiled with blood and other body fluids should be washed in a machine at a high temperature setting.

Accidents and injuries involving blood or other body fluids were widely believed to be under-reported.

Forearm training is frequently omitted because of all the work the forearms do while training other body parts.


The qualification may be membership of a particular professional body or the holding of a particular academic degree or professional certificate.

It is likely that in future further legal professions or professional bodies as appropriate will be added to the two lists.

You may need to develop contacts with schools, special agencies, universities, the Department of Employment, professional bodies and so on.

In addition, the Technician and Business Education Councils and a wide range of professional bodies validate courses leading to their awards.

Statutory consultation is expected later this year after receipt of responses to these proposals from purchasers, providers, and professional bodies .

But local authority associations, professional bodies and voluntary groups must not become scapegoats for government complacency and inaction.

The bill envisages that non-lawyers belonging to professional bodies may be given rights to conduct litigation in some types of cases.

The ombudsman will have power to recommend that a lawyer or professional body pay compensation, but not to compel payment.


Indeed they can. Public bodies may apply for a compulsory purchase order in respect of certain property.

This standard would also apply to an individual appointed as a member of such a public body .

Why, after all, should public bodies be specially protected from the grievances of citizens who feel strongly enough to litigate?

Alternatively or in addition he may be co-opted on to other public bodies , such as hospital authorities, water authorities, etc.

The fundamental principle is that the courts will intervene to ensure that the powers of public decision-making bodies are exercised lawfully.

The woman will be employed by a charity or public body and will be resident with the people being cared for.

Judicial review is the key mechanism by which the decisions of public bodies or officers can be challenged.

This does not apply to membership or employment in any public body , e.g., an electricity authority.


Miscellaneous R.19 requires a recognised body to notify the Society of certain changes and occurrences.

R.22 contains provisions as to the name of a recognised body .

They share the characteristic of being established recognised professional bodies: The Association of Consulting Engineers.

Have we now reached the stage where there is a recognised body of work produced over the 1980s by women artists?


It is a characteristic of both adjudicatory and regulatory bodies that they produce a binding determination of the issue before them.

A key question is whether firms should be able to decide which regulatory body to join.

If these regulatory bodies succeed, it will be one of the most interesting developments of the nineties.

Laws about toxic emissions, like membership of regulatory bodies , have been dictated by industry lobbyists.

It will provide a national regulatory system and a regulatory body to replace those of individual cantons.

A regulatory body to investigate complaints should also be established.

Rayosan, patented by Pailthorpe, is made from commercially available chemicals approved by international regulatory bodies .


His whole body felt as if it would explode.

Our emotions swim in a soup of hormones and peptides that percolate through our whole body .

As if struck by invisible lightning, she felt her whole body tense and prickle with reaction.

He paused this way for several seconds; then slowly his whole body inched backwards along the carpet.

By three to four minutes their whole bodies slumped in despair.

Her whole body was seized with a terrible cold.



The need for time-cues to produce a body clock with a stable 24-hour period has already been described.

However, people living normal routines also can benefit from a knowledge of what their body clocks are telling them.

This result might indicate that the body clock is slow to mature in premature babies.

Do they result from the body clock , from sleep loss - or from some mixture of these factors?

Our body clock as well as our habits will need modification.

So this external factor offsets the fact that performance in the evening due to the body clock might be deteriorating.

We have stressed the regularity that is observed in free-running experiments and interpreted it as evidence for the body clock .

In addition it is difficult to attribute more errors or a poorer performance wholly to the effects of a body clock .


Many skills such as reading body language are culture bound.

In every culture, body language is crucial and complex.

Upon meeting them you instantly see what they look like, and quickly observe their facial expressions, gestures and body language .

You need to see the body language .

This taught us how to tell what a person is feeling by merely observing their body language and facial mannerisms.

Electronic media, filtering tone of voice and body language out of messages, also hinder feedback regarding how recipients are reacting.

It is expressed in the otter's body language .

Her body language reinforced the impression.


This species has small testes for its body size , even though the literature records that females associate with several males.

Almost all of us can improve our body size and shape with a good fitness program, but only to a point.

The other part of the explanation is body size .

Their brains are larger in absolute terms than those of chimps but relative to body size , they are considerably smaller.

This applies particularly to traits, such as body size , which are themselves related to age.

Goals for body size may need minor re-adjustment too.

Therefore, increased fasting volumes in patients with acromegaly might be explained by their large body size .

A large brain relative to body size is an almost universal foetal characteristic of vertebrates, and certainly of mammals.


It was decisive, in that it was marked by a shift in the character of the student body .

In schools with an all-white student body , the average ran up to $ 350 allocated per pupil per year.

Black-jacketed on the podium, he was on a different plane from the student body , silent and scribbling at his feet.

The makeup of the student body is a prototype of schools that fail.

There is a strong sense of community amongst the self-governing student body .

By 1972, well over half of the student body had scored under 80 in high school.

The student body is cosmopolitan, including individuals from all continents.

The 10-player team is recruited from a student body of 96, only 42 of which are girls.


Packed so closely together, they kept each other warm, thus saving those calories that were burned up maintaining body temperature .

Exercise will raise your body temperature , allowing you to adjust to your new circadian rhythm.

You sweat to keep your body temperature down.

In addition, body temperature begins to drop and muscles begin to relax.

They pick up the infant's heartbeat, respiration rate, body temperature , and so on.

In most healthy individuals body temperature begins to rise during the last few hours of sleep just before they awaken.

Also included is a plot of the time of peak of body temperature on successive days.

In response, body temperature falls, metabolism slows, and we prepare to drop off.


Forces that can be up to five times your body weight on each stride.

Thacker, who at 5-foot-1 once weighed 225 pounds, lost nearly half her body weight about five years ago.

In this study, the dose of ursodeoxycholic acid varied with body weight .

These results did not differ when acid output was expressed as mmol/h/kg lean body mass or mmol/h/kg fat free body weight .

The student sits on the floor and opens his legs in front of him, pushing his body weight forward as far as it will go.

We were not able to adjust for the possible confounding effect of body weight as this information has not been collected.

Whilst riding, children are experiencing various speeds and directions which are influenced by their own body weight and steering ability.

Note how the knees are still flexed and the bulk of the body weight has moved to the right.



Three, she found the body and covered it up, but was too afraid to admit what she had done.

He presided three times a year at the Convocation of York, which he found a happy body .

Investigators said they have little hope of finding any intact bodies .

A couple of days later we found his body in a disposal.

In the morning, they found the body of the leopard at the foot of the cliff.

I found my changing body very comical at times.

We are unlikely to find the body of a bird that drops dead off its perch in a bush.


Which rather begs the question-shouldn't there be a governing body that regulates such questionable decisions?

Parents were given rights to be represented on school governing bodies .

In some sports many participants join neither club nor national governing body .

This meant the subordination of all individuals and self governing bodies to the Government.


foreign body/matter/object

Make sure you remove all foreign matter from the wound.

A group of prisoners was carefully picking foreign bodies from a mound of rice before cooking.

Even for the last remaining superpower, domestic issues, not foreign matters, dominate national elections.

Eyes inflamed from trauma or after foreign bodies have been removed.

Lombardy was stopped and arrested on suspicion of rape by force; rape with a foreign object and false imprisonment.

Nothing but the thrill of seeing your name in print, alongside your gut-wrenching tale of finding foreign objects in your food.

Tell everyone to watch out for a foreign body?

The resulting pellets are termed Type 90 reflecting the high percentage of hop material present compared to water and foreign matters.

We describe two cases of accidental aspiration of a foreign body after use of a metered dose inhaler.

over my dead body

You'll marry him over my dead body!

Father gives the bridal sermon over my dead body.


a strong, healthy body

Baby monkeys cling to their mothers' bodies until they are old enough to start climbing by themselves.

Belfast City Airport Forum is a new advisory body set up to discuss environmental issues affecting the airport and the surrounding area.

By the time I got home my body ached all over and I knew I was getting the flu.

Calvin was not happy with his body , no matter how much he exercised.

His body was flown home to be buried.

If you don't start taking care of your body , you're going to have a heart attack one of these days.

Jane Fonda has an amazing body for a woman of her age.

Many teenagers are self-conscious about their bodies.

Mr Price's long body and short arms and legs gave him a rather strange appearance.

Police found the body of a young boy in Epping Forest last night.

The bodies of the two soldiers were buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

The body of the plane broke in two.

The black widow spider has red-orange markings on its body .

The first time I ever saw a dead body was at my grandfather's funeral.

The woman fell to her knees beside her son's body and began crying and wailing.

There are over 1000 muscles in the human body .

UEFA is the governing body for European football.


A given rocket booster could actually land more mass on these bodies than it could land on the Moon!

From that time on, it seemed as though I loathed myself and looked for ways to punish my body .

His body and amused gaze point at the camera, and he holds a cigarette in his free hand.

Physical activities need to be monitored as sudden body contact or jarring of the head can bring about further dislocation.

Push the body , it meets its limit.

The matrix enables links to the awards of other examining bodies to be established.

The village paths soon became covered with a mass of bodies, brains, blood and intestines.

These too contain that interior form like a body with the arms and legs out.

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