Meaning of BORDER in English

I. noun


a border dispute (= about where the border between two countries is )

a border dispute between Argentina and Chile

border guards

We were stopped by border guards .

border on/upon obsession (= be almost as extreme as an obsession )

Sometimes his tidiness bordered on obsession.

closed...borders (= will not let foreigners in )

The country has now closed its borders to all foreign nationals .

coastal/border/central etc region

Flooding is likely in some coastal regions of the Northeast during the early part of the week.

herbaceous border


The peace treaty promises an end to war and opens the borders between the two countries.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection




The bad dream had been there all the time, of course, up in the jungles on the eastern border .

On his eastern border , Ine brought pressure to bear on the eastern Saxons who were sheltering exiles from his kingdom.

For the eastern border of the Saxons was the River Elbe, and that too was an artery of Saxon communication.


Planted in groups, the massed effect is quite stunning and rivals any massed Herbaceous border for elegance and appeal.

It has pretty herbaceous borders and an attractive paved herb garden, where on fine mornings breakfast is served.

He complimented the King upon his herbaceous borders , but otherwise was uneasy.

Gardens laid out on different levels with herbaceous borders , lakes, water gardens, old hedges and lawns.

But he was smiling as they helped him out of the herbaceous border .

Notable gardens of great variety, including fine old cedars and specimen trees, herbaceous borders , water and wild gardens.

Spring garden, daffodils, fritillaries, rhododendrons, old-fashioned roses, herbaceous borders .

Useful for June/July flowering in the herbaceous border .


At the moment supervision of these shipments in most countries stops at the national border .

But that definition is based less on linguistics than on politics: the countries are divided by national borders .

By eliminating import taxes, or tariffs, and other import restrictions at national borders .

But who was counting when the performances often seemed to transcend national borders ?

Despite that, the experts said security at nuclear facilities there is weak and there are few controls at national borders .

Flows of capital, goods and services, and increasingly of human talent, now transcend national borders .

While this chapter has focused on moving products back and forth across national borders , some one has to pay for them.


All three cities were founded by the ancient Romans along the northern border of the Empire.


This, it argues, would minimise the risk of fraud that open borders would generate.

Still, my pure tones on abortion, plus my attacks on open borders and open trade, squeezed Gramm out.

During a day of extraordinary jubilation, more than 100,000 people poured through the increasingly open border to the West.

I want an open border , as you do.

Stock Exchange rallies strongly in response to open border .


The southern borders of the little Papal State now touched on the lands of the same family.

With a peaceful and stable southern border , Begin felt free to concentrate on his northern front.

What Buchanan is saying is that people who cross the southern border are enemies.



The armed forces are said to have sent an extra 2,000 troops to the border area , bringing the total to 3,500.

On Friday, Maskhadov charged that more such groups are planning armed attacks in border areas before the balloting.

So far, more than 2,000 bodies picked up in the border area have been sent back to their families.

Ministers in border areas suffered most.

Here we were in a dangerous border area , and our campsite was vitally indefensible, but we could find none better.

While it deals mainly with the Arizona border area , much is obviously applicable elsewhere.

About 100,000 live secretly in the border area .

As we now know, the border areas were attacked by B-52s for months during 1969.


Modest chain-link fences have existed for some time in the border cities of El Paso and Brownsville, Texas.

Citizens advisory groups have been set up in border cities .


The president beefs up the border controls and institutes checks against the employment of illegal immigrants.


Other agreements were concluded concerning border crossings , agricultural, scientific and cultural co-operation, recognition of educational qualifications and road transport.

The two cities also are trying to make their united voice felt in the planning of border crossings .

Law enforcement officials consider it the most corrupt of six border crossings in Arizona.

Naturalization Service inspectors search for drugs at border crossings in the Southwest.

Border Patrol officials say the tactic discourages illegal border crossings .

Besides limiting legal immigrants, it would address the problem of an estimated 300, 000 illegal border crossings each year.


Presumably a similar border dispute lay behind Aethelbald's attack on Northumbrian territory in 740.

Officials were at pains to point out that it was focused on resolving border disputes and promoting trade.

Outstanding differences on the border dispute between the two countries failed, however, to be resolved decisively.


It takes only an hour to drive from Gaza to Jerusalem, if you don't have to endure obstructive border guards .

His adversaries include still more cossacks, a border guard or two, a rabbi, and a pugilist.

Here, a border guard and two customs officers, all in uniform, came aboard to inspect our documents.

Certainly he had bribed more border guards and Communist officials than he could remember.

The bikes were, technically, contraband, but the border guards turned a blind eye.

Last November, after bribing the border guards , she crossed the frozen Tumen with her blind daughter.


They must have been a border patrol .

The mood is relaxed, and two border patrol officers chat across the fence.


McCready had watched him enter the corridor between the two border posts , then lost sight of him.

The border post formalities are quickly completed.

But yesterday at the Hendaye border post , near Bayonne, lorries were passing freely without any form of control.


Members of its executive council have been collecting signatures in the border region .

However, subsequent days saw mutual accusations of firing on the border region .

To the east lay border regions - Berry and Auvergne - where even the Duke's nominal suzerainty was at times doubtful.


Local republicans say that until recently all attacks on the line occurred on the South Armagh side of the border town .

And many of those truckers obviously felt it was their right to deliver goods to points far beyond the border town .

Government and allied forces claimed to have stemmed rebel attacks on the border towns by the end of the month.

Already, wages in the border town are higher than inside the country.

We continue via the breathtaking Arlberg pass and arrive at the border town of Kufstein.

A reporter and an editor in the border town of Matamoros are confronted by gunmen while walking to work.

We were to switch trains in Chulwon, which was two train stations before the border town of Tongdu-chon.



Neighbouring countries have closed their borders .

Instead, we latch on to shortsighted, shallow solutions, like closing our borders and becoming isolationists.

Will his ideology make him close the border , or will economic self-interest keep it open, at least for a time?

Will the West cling to the idea of universal worth while selfishly consuming Arab oil wealth and closing its borders to Arabs?


She had crossed the border soon after liberation by herself to check out the situation.

We cross the border once or twice a week.

Few of the tourists crossing the border at San Ysidro ever see it.

The two fugitives continue to cross borders .

It seems to me a good term, generous and open and suggestive of a willingness to cross established borders .

Some might say growth would have been still faster if trade and capital had been allowed to cross borders more easily.

As we crossed the border , the chatter began once again.


border/military/customs/police post

Administrative offices and on-campus police posts were damaged by stones and petrol bombs in three Tunis University faculties.

But yesterday at the Hendaye border post , near Bayonne, lorries were passing freely without any form of control.

Deng was made senior deputy premier and soon added party and military posts .

However, he formally accepted the appointment on April 7 after resigning his military posts .

In reality guerrilla action was largely indiscriminate with sporadic attacks on the occasional landlord, local official, or police post .

The border post formalities are quickly completed.

This commemorates the creation in 1829 of a political and military post to govern the islands.

When she first arrived, she had thought the place as orderly as a military post .


a skirt with a red border

As soon as we crossed the border we began to see signs of poverty.

Fighting in border disputes has killed at least 25 people.

Iraq had put thousands of troops along its border with Kuwait.

Isn't Manto near the Italian border ?

It is a mountainous region, occupying a large area near the border with Nepal.

Jeumont is a small town on the French-Belgian border .

Jill wants to plant a border of flowers around the lawn.

Refugees have been warned not to attempt to cross the border .

Samantha was wearing a knee-length skirt with a green border .

Strasbourg is very close to the German border .

The army's main task was to patrol the border regions.

The tablecloth had a brightly patterned border .

The talks were held in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, on the border with the US.

The town lies on the border between Chile and Argentina.

The two presidents met for the first time to discuss their longstanding border dispute.

They escaped across the border into Thailand.

We spent the night in, a miserable little border town.


He had spotted another lay-by, beyond Jena, just before the link road to the autobahn back to the border .

It is the United States that has suffered from millions of impoverished, illegal aliens coming across the lengthy border .

Last night we camped a metre short of the border , a beautiful spot between the upper and lower Sorjus lakes.

They are constantly having to negotiate borders and deal with difference.

To the east lay border regions - Berry and Auvergne - where even the Duke's nominal suzerainty was at times doubtful.

Workers refuse to hire on for less, because cost of living is higher on the border than farther south.

You may remember seeing Katrina Hunter and the remarkable progress she made with a herbal cream from the borders.

II. verb




They drove into a shaded parking area bordered by willows on one side and tall pines on the other.

With expressions such as these, we are obviously approaching another transitional area bordering on idiom.

A government-run press centre in the tense Presevo valley area bordering Kosovo claimed special police had thwarted the abduction attempt.


Effluent from industrial activities in countries bordering the sea is also causing various pollution hazards.


All this lowland country was covered in thick bush, and large trees bordered the river and streams.

Not so long ago, little-traveled S.R. 46 cut through pleasant countryside bordering the Wekiva River .

He had recently bought a huge house there with a garden which bordered on the river , directly opposite Botolph's Wharf.

In Modesto, evacuees from a neighborhood bordering the Tuolomne River returned home and found that the landscape no longer made sense.

The large garden is bordered by two rivers .

Infected bittersweet, a weed found along river banks, has been picked up bordering the River Ouse.


The hedges bordering the roads are valuable from a conservation standpoint.


Yet at the last count there were six oil-rich states bordering the Gulf.

Travel Trivia: Only four states individually border just two other states.

The danger of psychopaths who freely cross state borders to poison our medicines or to assassinate our leaders is well known.

In a recent Travel Trivia, we listed Rhode Island as one of the states that borders two others.



The Worlds Edge Mountains are extremely tall and almost impossible to cross where they border the Empire.

The danger of psychopaths who freely cross state borders to poison our medicines or to assassinate our leaders is well known.


Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea.

France borders Spain along the length of the Pyrenees.

The Black Sea borders a half-dozen countries.

Willow trees bordered the river.


He staggered across the wide path that bordered the pond and plunged into the water.

It looks an exquisite mess, but push through the vegetation bordering the path and the undergrowth clears.

Jackson went to the road that bordered the gardens on the left.

Sometimes, the censorship bordered on the absurd.

They did so for complex reasons that border on the religious, not the ambitious.

With three air-force pilots along for the ride, James flew along a railroad track bordered by tall trees.

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