Meaning of BRUISE in English

I. noun


bruised ego (= when you feel less confident than before )

I need someone to massage my bruised ego .

cuts and bruises (= cuts and dark marks on the skin )

He escaped the crash with just a few cuts and bruises.




Seven or eight months pregnant with bruised arms and a purple bruise round her eyes.

I stroke her lifeless cheek, and as I do the deep purple bruises seem to fade a little.

His hair was sticky with blood and a purple bruise was spreading across his temple.

His face was a mass of purple bruises , his lips swollen and split and his eyes lost behind puffy tissue.



Quickly she covered the bruise with her collar.

Lucy never wore slacks or make-up, except when he permitted it in order to cover a bruise .

Willie's arms and legs were covered in bruises , weals and sores.

The jury was told that the baby was covered with forty bruises , nineteen of them on her head.

It covers bruises , grazes, black eyes and burns.

Visitors report seeing Mr Nugroho covered in bruises and unable to speak.

She adjusted the scarf to cover the bruises forming on her neck.


Chrissie's got scratches and bruises .

He got the bruise on his nose then, from hitting a wall.

He got bruises and sores all over him.

That's how she got that bruise .


Doyle could see bruises on the man's neck.


He suffered bruises and faces charges.

He had suffered cuts and bruises .

The total number of civilian casualties was seventy-seven, most of whom had suffered bruises or lacerations to the head.

On 11 May 1991 he was taken to hospital suffering from 18 bruises and a bite mark.

It was said that Mrs Fribbins had suffered a bruise to her eye after being hit during a bed changing incident.


How did you get that bruise on your shoulder?

I banged into the shelf so hard that I got an ugly purple bruise on my hip.

Jack often comes home from rugby covered in cuts and bruises.

Jenny looked as though she'd been crying, and there was a nasty bruise on her cheek.


Her head throbbed in rhythm with her bruises, yet she'd hardly noticed any of it downstairs.

I stroke her lifeless cheek, and as I do the deep purple bruises seem to fade a little.

I was intoxicated with the information he had provided me, and my bruises were forgotten.

Joachim cleaned my face, wiping dirt from the bruises whilst I greedily gulped the thick red claret.

She nursed a bone bruise in her ankle most of the season, a painful injury that limited her impact.

She pinched bruises on her daughter's inner arm, and had poured hot tea on both daughters.

II. verb




There was a little blood around his mouth and his eyes were badly bruised .

Taylor was left badly bruised down his right side-from leg to shoulder-but escaped without permanent injuries.

Trapped in an eddy Graham was retrieved from the barrel badly bruised , just before he almost died of suffocation.

He's badly bruised and has difficulty moving because of the stab wound to his back.

At last, badly bruised and scratched, they were forced to haul themselves back up to their island prison.

Seaman badly bruised a hip and came off early in the second half last weekend but has received extensive treatment.

His nose had bled and his forehead and face were badly bruised from his fall; but he was not seriously hurt.



The father had punched Michael, then three, and caused bruising to his face .

She phoned me in my room to say she had slipped in the bath and badly bruised her face .



Three women hit by the runaway car were cut and bruised - and one suffered a broken leg.

She was sitting on the top deck and was cut and bruised by branches.


The woman suffered bruising to the head and body in the impact and went on sick leave from work.

Their leading scorer, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, suffered a bruised right quadriceps against Seattle on Wednesday and missed the game.

His wife, Olivia, 51, suffered bruising to her head and face.

Zeier took over in the second quarter after starter Vinny Testaverde suffered bruised ribs while being sacked.


Keller badly bruised a hip, and came off early in the second half of the match.

Mom fell on the ice and bruised the side of her leg.

My skin bruises quite easily.

Not getting the promotion really bruised his ego.

Payton bruised his hip ten minutes into the game.


But her whole body, strained and bruised as if he had beaten her, that was the monument to his reality.

He bruised his right shoulder the week before in the win over the Rams.

He had pulled her down, so that she fell heavily on the asphalt, bruising and grazing her legs.

He was standing just inside the doorway, supporting Piper O'Rourke, who was looking old, tired and bruised.

Safety Tim McDonald had bruised a left shoulder in the Rams game, which flared up again Sunday.

Strong safety Tim McDonald bruised his left shoulder, an injury he brought into the game and exacerbated.

The models reeling down the catwalks are stick thin, their faces cavernous and bruised, their hair matted.

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