Meaning of CAPSULE in English




capsule wardrobe

Your capsule wardrobe will probably include a classic white shirt and a good pair of jeans.

space capsule

time capsule




Gemini was a much larger two-man capsule that was designed to be highly manoeuvrable in space.

Microscopic: The worms have large shallow buccal capsules which have up to 10 teeth at their base.

They are white with a markedly truncated and enlarged anterior end due to the presence of the very large buccal capsule .

The larger ones lay larger capsules from which larger embryos emerge and grow faster.



One modern example is a space capsule in orbit around the earth; another is a capsule falling radially toward the Earth.

The Lake Buena Vista hotel also plans Kidsuites designed as futuristic space capsules and igloos.

A door at the rear of the room led to a bathroom that looked like it would fit into a space capsule .

A closed-loop system constantly recycles the same materials over and over again, just as Bio2 does or a space capsule should.


The new exhibition areas will allow the Trust to display even more of the contents of this remarkable time capsule .

Music greeted us when we walked through the old swinging doors, original doors that led to the Delaney time capsule .

Your donations should be sent to Oxford Preservation Trust, and you will be sent the time capsule .

Unlike ourselves, future archaeologists will have the benefit of written records, of time capsules and so forth.

A time capsule containing personal messages of hope for the next generation will be buried during closing ceremonies.



I take odourless garlic capsules because I assume that they carry the same benefits as fresh garlic.

They took the capsules daily for six months.

So are there benefits in taking the odourless garlic capsules or are they a waste of time?

Alternatively, it can be taken in tablet or capsule form.

Voice over During her treatment, Christine was taking these jelly like capsules .

Half of the patients are taking dummy capsules ... the other half are taking a drug made from fish oil.


An opportunistic dealer can make four capsules from one, although it clearly won't make people four times as happy.

For small early beets, sow small pots with 2-3 capsules and plant out seedling clusters unthinned.

Inside the airtight iron capsule , it was a different story.

Music greeted us when we walked through the old swinging doors, original doors that led to the Delaney time capsule .

One capsule of the good stuff can be split into several capsules and mixed with assorted cutting agents.

The stay of Johnson and Boswell at Cawdor manse captures Johnson in a neat capsule .

They took the capsules daily for six months.

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