Meaning of CAPTAIN in English


I. noun


a captain of industry (= someone who runs a large company and has a lot of influence )

He rose to be a great captain of industry.

a cricket captain (= the leader of a cricket team )

captain a team (= be the captain of a team )

James captained his school team from the age of eleven.

group captain

sea captain

the team captain

The cup was presented to the team captain.




Payne, the team captain and a defensive end, earned all-SEC honors and won the Outstanding Senior Athlete Award.

A team captain , Gumina had earned a reputation for stiff defense, clutch play.

The team captains also collect funds raised by the team and distribute the prizes earned by the walkers.

The time commitment expected of team captains is six to eight hours spread over eight weeks.

Increasingly it is Sal acting as team captain even though Jess holds that title.

They would argue strenuously in their group and then the team captain would report what the group had come up with.

Center Steve Yzerman surpassed the Red Wings' team record length of term as team captain .


Burton played the anguished but heroic young captain who would not betray the revolutionary leader despite the systematic slaughter of six hostages.

A young captain emerged from the farmhouse.

I gave a young army captain a lift into Budapest from Györ.



His work was interrupted by World War I service as an Army captain .

He had some money saved and wanted the Army captain to look after it for Jeannie.

The army captain pulled me abruptly to one side off the path.

She married an Army captain when she was 63.

But the drug mafia also has infiltrated other law-enforcement agencies, the army captain alleged.

He shared an off base house in Bad Nauheim with another army captain called Rod.

One army captain , one lieutenant and two majors also are being investigated in these cases.


He was a former cricket captain of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club.


Golfweb. com got 1, 079 answers when it asked users who should be the next Ryder Cup captain .

His win will probably not be greeted with great joy by Torrance, who is the Ryder Cup captain .

Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, on a rare playing excursion, showed he can still fight with the best.


I got fifty-nine precinct captains and they all got assistants, and they all got good jobs.

Service and favors, the staples of the precinct captain and his ward boss.

Daley leaned heavily on his precinct captains , charging Kennelly with inactivity.

Some policemen worked as precinct captains .

More than six hundred polling-place workers and precinct captains were brought to trial.

Some precinct captains have had more jobs than they can remember.

Then later I went to another ward as a Democratic precinct captain , where they were having a tough election.

Out in the neighborhoods his precinct captains are reporting to the ward committeemen, and they in turn are reporting to him.


The engineer differs from the trader much as the general differs from the sea captain .

My father was a sea captain , a pilot in the Suez Canal.

The sea captain was led down from the wharf to the beach, to stand on the platform beneath the gallows beam.

He tested them carefully over the next several years, sending them off with cooperative sea captains .

It was the old sea captain , in whose house Nils had billeted us, who told us.

And it debunked and later destroyed the reputation of a great sea captain , a good friend of my father.

To this end the sea captains contributed considerably.

They stood proud as sea captains and looked directly into my eyes, laughing.



Pugwash was going to become a fully animated captain with a fully animated ship and crew.

He had expected to become a captain , a company commander, because of his wisdom and age.

In 1952, his best season when he took 75 wickets, Surridge became captain .

I become a captain for Eastern.

That is why when Ian Greig became captain of Surrey I knew the county would flourish.

After the Great War he became our captain .

He went on to become a senior captain with an international airline.


Longfellows captain Billy McKibben led by example as his team got home 7-2 against the Strikers.

The sea captain was led down from the wharf to the beach, to stand on the platform beneath the gallows beam.


I accepted the invitation to occupy the right-hand seat and play the role of captain .


be made up to captain/manager etc

make sb captain/leader etc


Shauna's the captain of the volleyball team.

Shelley's the girls' team captain this year.

The captain must have given his team quite a talking-to at half time.

Who's the captain of England?


Eventually the captain turned off the seat belt sign.

I have considered only those Tests in which both have appeared together, when one has been captain .

I say, I am the captain on horse back.

It took them five overs to score their first run and they were only saved from disaster by captain Allan Lamb.

Nicholas Helias, administrative captain at police headquarters in Concord.

We played like a Little League team today, and I was the captain of that team.

II. verb




David Beckham captained the side and played in a central midfield role.


The youngster never enjoyed school but captained the football team , preferring sport to academic lessons.

Jane, who captained the school lacrosse team , was a complete contrast to Sarah.

Once, just once, I captained the school team .

How does the less drastic task of captaining a cricket team compare?

It's an honourable job to captain the A team .

Jimmy Kirkwood will again captain the team with Raymond Geddis vice-captain.


The Americans, captained by Arthur Ashe, won the Davis Cup.


A lot of them captained their own ships at first, and then they owned like more ships.

Jane, who captained the school lacrosse team, was a complete contrast to Sarah.

The cheerleaders, captained by Karen Wardie, wore tight sweaters with an H stitched on the front.

The youngster never enjoyed school but captained the football team, preferring sport to academic lessons.

They will be captained by their talented flanker, Bramall.

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