Meaning of CAPTAIN in English


n. & v.


1. a a chief or leader. b the leader of a team, esp. in sports. c a powerful or influential person (captain of industry).

2 a the person in command of a merchant or passenger ship. b the pilot of a civil aircraft.

3 (as a title Captain) a an army or US Air Force officer next above lieutenant. b a Navy officer in command of a warship; one ranking below commodore or rear admiral and above commander. c US a police officer in charge of a precinct, ranking below Chief Officer.

4 a a foreman. b a head boy or girl in a school. c US a supervisor of waiters or bellboys.

5 a a great soldier or strategist. b an experienced commander. be captain of; lead.

Phrases and idioms:

captain-general an honorary officer, esp. of artillery. Captain of the Fleet Brit. a Navy staff officer in charge of maintenance.


captaincy n. (pl. -ies). captainship n.

Etymology: ME & OF capitain f. LL capitaneus chief f. L caput capit- head

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