Meaning of CAUSE in English


I. noun


a cause of stress

Balancing work and family is the main cause of stress for many people.

a likely cause/reason

the likely cause of the accident

a source/cause of pollution

The factory was a clear source of pollution.

Fumes from cars are a major cause of air pollution.

a source/cause of worry

Her children were a constant source of worry.

a virus causes sth

The virus causes people to sweat.

be a cause for concern

Rising global temperatures are a cause for serious concern.

be grounds/cause/reason for optimism

The lower crime figures are certainly grounds for optimism.

cause a disease

Smoking is probably the major factor causing heart disease.

cause a riot

When the election results were announced, it caused riots in the capital.

cause a scandal

The vicar caused a scandal by having an affair with a young woman.

cause an explosion

The police do not yet know what caused the explosion.

cause an incident

His carelessness caused a major incident.

cause an injury

The injury was caused by flying glass from the car windscreen.

cause concern

The announcement will cause concern in the Middle East.

cause controversy

His speech caused great controversy.

cause célèbre

The case became a cause célèbre among feminists.

cause damage

We surveyed the damage caused by the bomb.

cause death

We still don't know what caused his death.

cause decay

Bacteria stick to food and cause decay.

cause embarrassment

Some of his jokes caused embarrassment to the older members of the audience.

cause erosion

Acid rain has caused serious erosion, and now the entire hillside could slide down.

cause headaches

The drug can cause headaches.

cause irritation

The astringent can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

cause jealousy

A partner's involvement with friends, family, or work colleagues can cause jealousy.

cause mischief (= do things that cause trouble or damage )

Boys were wandering around, out to cause mischief.

cause nausea

The medicine can cause nausea and dizziness.

cause panic

The earthquake caused widespread panic.

cause recession

Rising oil prices help to fuel inflation and cause recession.

cause sb amusement

The memory seemed to cause him great amusement.

cause (sb/sth) harm

Very small amounts of the chemical cause no lasting harm.

cause stress

Moving house often causes stress.

cause symptoms

Make a note of which foods cause the symptoms, and which do not.

cause trouble

I hope the delay hasn’t caused you any trouble.

cause unemployment

People blamed immigrants for causing unemployment.


I hope he doesn’t cause any aggro .

cause/bring about a shift

The affair has brought about a shift in the government’s attitude towards immigration.

cause/bring about an increase

The heatwave brought about a massive increase in water consumption.

cause/bring on/trigger a reaction (= make someone ill )

Wheat is one of the foods that are most likely to cause a reaction.

cause/create a disturbance

Several people were arrested for creating a disturbance outside the embassy.

cause/create a furore

The security leaks have caused a widespread furore.

cause/create a hazard

There was concern that overhead power lines could cause a health hazard.

cause/create a problem

The building’s lack of parking space could cause problems.

cause/create a storm

The Prime Minister caused a storm by criticizing military commanders.

cause/create confusion

English spelling often causes confusion for learners.

cause/create friction

Having my mother living with us causes friction at home.

cause/create hardship

The severe winter caused great hardship in remote villages.

cause/create havoc

A strike will cause havoc for commuters.

cause/create resentment

The special arrangements for overseas students caused resentment among the other students.

cause/create/bring chaos

Snow has caused chaos on the roads this morning.

cause/create/lead to anxiety

Their nuclear programme is causing mounting anxiety among other nations, especially Israel.

cause/create/provoke conflict

Sometimes very small disagreements can cause conflict within a family.

cause/create/wreak mayhem

For some children, the first fall of snow is an opportunity to create mayhem.

caused disquiet

His appointment caused disquiet among members.


The proposed changes caused an angry outcry from residents.


The government’s plans have caused considerable consternation among many Americans.


The strike caused widespread disruption .

cause/generate excitement

The arrival of a stranger caused some excitement in the village.

cause/grounds for complaint (= a good reason to complain )

I do not think that he has any cause for complaint.

cause/inflict casualties

The rebels have inflicted heavy casualties .

cause/lead to a boom

Tax cuts sometimes lead to an economic boom.

cause/lead to a breakdown

Money problems often cause marriage breakdown.

cause/lead to a decline

The use of agricultural chemicals has led to a decline in water quality.

cause/lead to a delay

The bad weather caused a three-hour delay in sending out rescue helicopters.

cause/lead to a misunderstanding

Hearing loss can cause misunderstandings, when what you say is not correctly heard.

Don’t just assume that you know what he means; that can lead to misunderstandings.

cause/lead to difficulties

Stress and worry both cause sleep difficulties.

cause/lead to disagreement

This is a policy that has caused an enormous amount of disagreement.

cause/lead to extinction (= make an animal, plant etc stop existing )

Exactly what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?

cause/lead to illness

Inadequate hygiene can lead to illness.

cause/lead to inflation

Too much government borrowing can lead to inflation.

cause/lead to/bring about destruction

It's clear that the bomb was intended to cause death and destruction.

cause/produce a sensation

The drug can produce strange sensations in some patients.

cause/provoke/spark unrest

The introduction of new working practices provoked severe industrial unrest.

causing an obstruction

Police can remove a vehicle that is causing an obstruction .


Everyone looked to see what was causing the commotion .

chief causes

One of the chief causes of crime today is drugs.

create/cause a shortage

Poor harvests could cause food shortages in the winter.

create/cause a stir

Plans for the motorway caused quite a stir among locals.

create/cause/provoke a crisis

The people fled the country, creating a huge refugee crisis.

create/cause/result in inequality

Certain economic systems inevitably result in inequality.

deserving causes/cases

The National Lottery provides extra money for deserving causes.

espouse a cause/policy etc

He espoused a variety of scientific, social and political causes.

have cause to complain

Patients sometimes have cause to complain about the hospital treatment they receive.

natural causes

death from natural causes

root causes

the root causes of crime

start/cause an argument

He was deliberately trying to start an argument.

Money often causes arguments.

the cause of death

The cause of death was a bullet in his chest.

the fundamental cause

A burst tyre was the fundamental cause of the crash.

the sole cause

I’m not saying that TV violence is the sole cause of violence in society.

the underlying cause/reason

Stress is the underlying cause of many illnesses.

worthwhile cause (= one that helps people )

We decided to give the money to a worthwhile cause .




But Will took it lying down - all in a good cause of course.

Eat fish for a good cause .

This means made without good cause or excuse and could extend to a reckless statement.

There was widespread alarm, and there was good cause for it.

The tenor of the 1976 Act is permissive: a licence should be granted unless good cause is shown justifying refusal.

There speaks the nineteenth century: all gone, but in a good cause .

It is a worthwhile investment in a very good cause .

That money could have gone to so many good causes .


One important cause of residential segregation is competition for access to preferred forms of housing.

The more important causes seen in an outpatient practice are discussed below.

A series of such oscillations, aided perhaps by marine erosion, is probably an important cause of island formation.

Success-even getting better-is made really important and a cause for celebration with noise and pageantry.

In so doing, they probably constituted the most important single cause of the subsequent civil war and revolution.

There will be a food court, beer stalls and fun to be had by all while benefiting an important cause .

Because infection with Vibrio cholerae is an important cause of diarrhoea, we decided to use cholera toxin as intestinal secretagogue.

These two physical symptoms are the most important causes of disability and failure to convalesce.


As to likely causes , the out-of-round wheels phenomenon looks feasible.

Hypokalemia is usually associated with this condition and is a more likely cause of the arrhythmias.

But one might be forgiven for doubting if this is the most likely cause of the toxic side-effects of direct drilling!

Flying experts again reckoned a cockpit mistake was the most likely cause of yesterday's catastrophe.

And if I insisted he came with me, he'd likely cause trouble, just as he said.

A spokesman for Greenpeace said that industrial pollution appeared to be the most likely cause .

What do you think is the most likely cause of your symptoms?

Given that the doctor has ruled out infection and other likely causes for the diarrhoea, then food sensitivity should be considered.


My patron saint was Saint Jude, the patron of lost causes .

A lost cause , the old woman reflected sadly.

Stand by your principles but don't waste time on lost causes .

All credit to Bann, though for not shutting-up-shop on an already lost cause as Mark Carson pegged it back.

It's seems that their marriage is a lost cause in which possess the husband and wife not real affection for one another.

But they are not completely lost causes .

When he took his second 6 at the ninth after tangling with bushes, he looked a lost cause .

In one sense, Mentmore was a lost cause even before we began.


The main cause is the expansion of farming on to permanent grassland and the widespread use of fertilisers.

The death of your guppies could stem from two main causes - a duff batch or, more seriously, Guppy Disease.

Chronic dietary insufficiency is thought to be the single main cause but the mechanism is unclear.

In other words, money supply growth is the main cause of inflation.

But another main cause , particularly relevant to the south, is the massive rise in development.

Most climate scientists now agree that human activity is the main cause of global warming.

The fashion for tanned skin is the main cause of the doubling of malignant skin cancers in the last ten years.


Some officials relied on the evidence of headmen; others believed that the intrigues of headmen were a major cause of crime.

It is also the major cause of primary liver cell carcinoma. 7.

By the 1970s, researchers discovered that a major cause of childhood blindness in Third World countries was vitamin A deficiency.

The third major cause of patchiness is energy subsidy.

One major cause of the current correction, many analysts and tech executives say, resides on Wall Street.

With even greater environmental rigour, harshness itself is a major direct cause of community structure.

The inability to control this growth is a major cause of business failures.


In my view death resulting from it is a death by natural causes .

He then went to live with his paternal grandparents, who died of natural causes soon after his placement with them.

The machine was not switched off, but Mr Lavelle died of natural causes , police said.

Park officials defended their care of Yaka, insisting she died of natural causes after a lengthy illness.

The statistics include heart attacks and other natural causes as well as accidents to hikers, climbers, and mountain workers.

It is believed Mr Stamp died from natural causes .

Merseyside coroner Roy Barter recorded a verdict of death by natural causes .


Here we discuss a different aspect of the problem: their possible underlying cause .

Scientists have begun to investigate and to identify some of the possible causes , which may differ from species to species.

The objective of this chapter is to consider the possible causes of this cyclical movement in economic activity.

What are the possible causes of work inhibition?

Read in studio A new theory has emerged tonight about the possible cause of the Hercules crash in which nine airmen died.

Later chapters will explore the parent-child relationship as a possible cause of work inhibition.

What then are the possible causes of conflict within organisations?

Eating refined carbohydrates such as those above can raise the blood cholesterol level, and is a possible cause of heart disease.


Only by dispossessing him can we turn to the real causes of human behavior.

Crying with real cause , he begged her not to die.

The real causes of the disease are still a mystery.

This playing both arsonist and fire department is the real cause of the arms race in the region.

Children can compete for the parent's favour and help, which obscures the real cause of the argument.

She could almost feel the fangs at her throat, and knew the real cause of the choking sensation was fear.

The real cause of war and strife is not religion, but man's inhumanity to man.

Whatever the recorded cause of death-leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, pneumonia-the real cause is poverty.


He would then have reasonable cause to believe that an offence had been committed.

Any person who without reasonable cause fails to comply may be sent to prison for not more than six months.

Potts J. dismissed the defendants' application to strike out the statement of claim as disclosing no reasonable cause of action.

We will legislate to bring into use dwellings left empty without reasonable cause for more than a year.

It disclosed no reasonable cause of action and was frivolous and vexatious.


While the underlying cause of the riots was multi-faceted deprivation some of the incidents were sparked off by police action.

Here we discuss a different aspect of the problem: their possible underlying cause .

So the underlying cause of the fall in investment is the decline in profitability.

It is therefore seldom appropriate to treat disorders of language and communication by trying to influence presumed underlying causes .

Competition between a large mass of parasites and the host for nutrients may be the underlying cause of this weight loss.

Conventional discussion of the breakup of the boom and its underlying causes are generally inadequate.

The underlying cause of all this was the girl's future.


Membership of these and other worthy causes mean that our countryside is not lost to over development.

Except all these worthy causes will be lucky to see half that $ 40 million.

Any spare cash he preferred to donate to more worthy causes .

She hoped that she did not appear to others like a worthy cause .

Certainly we're called on to make a large number of personal appearances, frequently for worthy causes .

The same logic extends easily to all sorts of other apparently worthy causes .

Would you please consider donating to this worthy cause .



The main inhibitors to progress, and the root causes of fear, can include: Unrealistic personal goals and expectations.

What are the root causes ? 4.

Health promotion - keeping people healthy, and treating the root causes of ill health.

The root cause of these crises is not that things are being done poorly.

Admittedly, the back condition responsible is partly congenital, but that can not disguise the root cause , namely over-use.

But Didion is interested in root causes , not in immediate provocations.

Faulty circulation is thought to be the root cause of the disorder.

Like retrenching, the technique of restricting behavior betrays a peculiar logic about performance and its root causes .



Because of this experience he came to champion the cause of psychiatry and of a high-minded version of socialism.

If the church is to be truly pro-life, how can it help but champion the cause of battered women?

Indeed, it was a pleasure for us to hear him champion the cause of unilateralism.

Odd how no traditional civil rights or liberal black leader stepped forth to champion her cause .

It is enshrined in draft legislation sponsored by Mario Segni, who championed the cause of electoral reform.

Hopefully, these opinion-formers will champion the act's cause and gradually the public will be interested enough to find out more.

Nor was Wilkins a layman championing a secular cause .

It champions the cause of good beer and good pubs.


We have already discovered some of the causes of many kinds of cancer, which have been mentioned earlier in this book.

By the 1970s, researchers discovered that a major cause of childhood blindness in Third World countries was vitamin A deficiency.

Relying on tablets for the relief of pain without trying to discover its cause can be positively dangerous.

We too had a humming in the dead of night for about two years until we discovered the cause .

His glee made Bowring nervous about discovering its cause .

Castle, this 1959 thriller casts Price as a mad scientist who discovers the biological cause of fear in human beings.

In their anomalous behaviour electric arcs seemed to defy Ohm's Law and she discovered the cause of this.

What is more important is to discover the causes of delay, without which general conclusions are likely to be unhelpful.


The Staffordshire authorities are carrying out an inquest into the accident to establish the exact cause of death.

But 4 postmortem examinations have failed to establish the cause of his death.

The important issue, before deciding upon remedial action, is to establish the cause of the movement.

Connections had postponed running plans for the previously unbeaten Tenby until they had established the cause of his failure.

Investigators are still at the scene in Woodside Road, trying to establish the cause of the blaze.

The three year survey will establish the cause of the decline and decide whether a closed season is necessary.

A postmortem examination failed to establish a definite cause of death and the results of further forensic tests are awaited.

But the Crown Prosecution Service has dropped the case after four post mortems failed to establish a cause of death.


This report gives a considerable cause for optimism.

Last week's extraordinary results give them both a cause .

He had smiled then and said that despite my generosity he would give no cause for jealousy.

Gifts given without cause and beyond the ability to expend, self-sacrifices which seem so noble at the time compose propitiation.

Construction faults, equipment failure and inadequate training of staff were given as the major causes of incidents.

Every repetition of a libel gives a fresh cause of action against the persons responsible for the repetition.

He has just the one daughter and that girl has given him great cause for concern.

Yet paradoxically the bird is now giving serious cause for alarm to environmentalists because of a decline in the breeding population.


The Smiths were not helping this cause .

East Village redevelopment, done right, could help almost everybody's causes , even a ballpark.

The physician must establish a sympathetic rapport with the patient to help elucidate possible causes and contributing factors.

Kansas' 51 points in the Aloha Bowl did not help his cause .

Mr Torres's two drunk-driving arrests did not help his cause .

At the same time, companies also help out charities or causes through the sale of products.

In a sense, they do not help our cause .

At Griffith Park in 1939, Jimmy Demaret helped his cause in the third round by clever use of his wedge.


He used Pareto analysis to identify the principal cause as a loose loading arm.

Such studies are often the first integral step toward identifying the cause of an infectious disease outbreak.

Try to identify any recurrent causes of stress.

Scientists have attempted for many years to identify a cause for canker sores but have not been successful to date.

Investigations have so far failed to identify the cause .

The real progress comes from identifying the cause of the error early and then eliminating the cause early.

Overall, Skocpol's comparisons identify the causes and consequences of social revolution.

It took four days for the company to identify the real cause .


In investigating the causes of absenteeism from work, for example, researchers have found different contributory factors.

Firemen were still investigating the cause yesterday of the fire at Mossa Grange Farm in Yafforth.

We therefore investigated the causes of this complication.

Almost certainly under Westminster pressure, O'Neill announced the Cameron Commission to investigate the causes of the disturbances.

Mrs Aquino, we are investigating the cause of death of Inday Rodriguez.

Police believe the body may have been in the field for several weeks and they're still investigating the cause of death.

Surrey police are investigating the cause .

It held up tram traffic for several hours, while the police investigated the cause .


advance your career/a cause/your interests etc

cause/kick up/make etc a stink

It's financial clout that counts or, failing that, kicking up a stink .

It's for your protection, so that you have the union behind you if Mellowes kicks up a stink .

It will still contain plenty of business and mortgage borrowers to kick up a stink about base rates.

lost cause

At first it seemed the attempt to save the species was a lost cause.

The miners' strike of 1984 turned out to be a lost cause.

But they are not completely lost causes.

In recent years he had come to feel that he was pouring all his energies into a lost cause.

It's seems that their marriage is a lost cause in which possess the husband and wife not real affection for one another.

Like his rebel ancestor, Buchanan is fighting a lost cause with prideful determination despite overwhelming odds.

Like the languages in which it was born, this seems a lost cause to many.

My patron saint was Saint Jude, the patron of lost causes.

Stand by your principles but don't waste time on lost causes.

That, however, is a lost cause.

make/find common cause (with/against sb)

underlying cause/principle/problem etc


Doctors cannot find a cure for the illness until they have identified the cause .

He no longer loved her, and with just cause , because she had betrayed him.

I've never had any cause to complain about my doctor.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.

Money from the charity dinner will go to causes chosen by the guests.

Our cause is just, and we are prepared to give our lives for it.

The cause of Socialism is not dead.

The child's behaviour is giving us cause for concern.

The root cause of the current energy crisis is that we simply use too much energy.

There is no cause for alarm about the safety of drinking water.

Thousands died in the cause of freedom.

We have little sympathy for people who leave their jobs without just cause .


Also, effects require or alternatively require other conditions as well as causes.

But the very people who are the cause of the problem have to be part of the solution.

Lastly, they want to give tax advantages to causes deemed worthy, or at least popular.

Several other causes, according to their findings, often lie at the root of violence against tenants.

The immediate cause of last week's blackouts was a large power plant suddenly going offline in Northern California.

The persistence of black troubles, and the loss of faith in the old integrationist cause , has discredited traditional black leaders.

These rebels felt they had a cause .

This time, material progress did not serve the cause of the Church.

II. verb




Daytime drowsiness and associated sleep disorders can affect the quality of your life and can cause accidents , especially among drivers.

Add rugs to hard floors for softness and interest, but make sure they will not slip and cause accidents .

In fact I cause a car accident by obstructing some one's driveway.

I can't imagine what caused the accident .

Scooter Hire Most holiday injuries we see are caused by scooter accidents .

It almost caused numerous accidents , here narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

But now spoil-sport officials in the Roads Service have ordered him to remove them, claiming they could cause an accident .

They're warning that overloaded vehicles are dangerous and can cause serious accidents .


What factors would we expect to cause changes in the supply and demand for bills?

We can predict an increase in equilibrium price greater than that caused by either change taken separately.

The information systems project will cause changes to the roles of employees and in working relationships.

A change in operating personnel should not cause any change in quality control values. 67.

More recent studies have shown that hepatic denervation causes significant changes in the biliary lipid composition.

And the trauma had caused personality changes which made him irritable and difficult to live with.

Any change in the number of ions present will cause a change in the electrical conductivity of the solution.

Stopping rivers and creating lakes, it was reported, had caused irreversible changes to thousands of acres of land.


Joint interests could cause you more concern than anything else and you may feel that a partner has bungled matters here.

Needless to say, this causes duck producers much concern and limits the potential enjoyment of this marvelous bird.

This has caused some concern as peaceful demonstrators may be prevented from marching because of the threat posed by a potentially disruptive counter-demonstration.

The inaccurate economic predictions should cause concern about the reliability of the financial benefits of annexation.

The incident has caused great concern among officers at Bullingdon.

He told them he had received reports that had caused him grave concern .

But the phenomenon has also caused concern .

Resistance has been confirmed in most counties where blackgrass is a problem, and is causing increasing concern .


I seek your guidance about a matter on today's Order Paper that is causing some confusion .

It caused a lot of confusion .

Excessive doses can cause panic, confusion , inability to sleep, hallucinations and paranoia.

What is being emphasized here is the fact that the two terms should not cause the proposal author confusion .

The name is likely to cause confusion with Pete Astles' Peak Performance, who also make canoe clothing.

Answer: Surprisingly, a. Why: This one sneaks into punctuation rule books and is uncommon enough to cause confusion .

Even at the best of times fighting in the ranks can cause disarray and confusion in the army.

Often, the terms hypertext and hypermedia are used interchangeably, causing confusion .


The upset and damage which has been caused to us by these articles is an extremely serious matter.

The damage caused by this closure will continue to be felt for many years.

For bosses at Morland damage caused by a Green King take-over would be incalculable.

Trolley officials were required to build the preserve to make up for damage caused by the trolley project.

Whatever we do, argues Moltmann, damage has been caused because of the irreversibility of the development of humanity.

Draft directives on civil liability for damage caused by waste are under discussion.

However, £200 damage was caused to a rear window.

An attempt had been made to set it alight but no damage was caused .


His action has already caused the premature death of 700,000 birds with miserly compensation to owners.

She was in Charleston, South Carolina, the following August when an eight-minute earthquake caused 110 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Around the world, they cause the deaths of three and a half million children every year.

Read in studio A man has appeared in court accused of causing the death of a pensioner by dangerous driving.

Neighbour Martin Clarke, 31, has been charged with causing his death by careless driving.

He knew he had caused their deaths .

Benzodiazepines, of course, are prescription only drugs, and an overdose is far less likely to cause death .

It was their sin that had caused the death of John Parker.


One train broke down, causing a two-hour delay .

But bad weather causes frequent delays and cancellations.

This may cause some delay to processing orders in this period.

Now that in itself would cause major delays .

It's been caused by a delay in the operation to move a bridge crossing the M4 near the Severn estuary.

There also is a bug when searching by date that can cause delays in query time.

The local emergency services have stated that the proposals will not cause any significant delays .

However, many experts predict economic and financial obstacles will cause a delay of several years.


The second group causes most of the difficulties in spelling with consonants.

Still, the lawsuit has the potential to cause difficulty for Clinton because it is in essence a simple story.

Such divisions of opinion were causing difficulties in the functioning of local medical committees.

But subjects that are more abstract, such as scientific concepts or math, may cause them difficulties .

It is this adjustment which causes difficulties for our body rhythms.

This caused many difficulties , for it seemed so remote to him now.

They say it could cause difficulties , but are waiting to see whether the idea will come to fruition.

Another use for the sequestering agents is to immobilize metals that might cause difficulties in processing.


The result is a hybrid virus that will multiply readily when given to humans but will not cause disease .

But the role of the fungus in causing human disease is less well understood.

These raised levels may be triggered by the bacteria causing gum disease , which escape into the bloodstream when gums bleed.

However, there were complications that required additional surgery, jaundice possibly caused by gall-bladder disease , and pneumonia.

Only within the last few years have doctors begun to realize that this microbe can cause disease .

Perhaps gene therapy could prevent the mutation of the prion gene that causes hereditary brain disease .

The authors believed that their serological results supported the view that infection with M paratuberculosis might cause Crohn's disease .

Many of the germs that cause disease pass from our hands into our mouths; so can environmental metal toxins like lead.


As a result they are less willing to accept the increasing costs caused by disruption and seek to recover them through claims.

The Court ruled that such speech could be punished even if it was not legally obscene and did not cause substantial disruption .

Only minutes before the final whistle, Halliday weaved his way infield, causing the disruption from which Morris was to score.

Such speech is still protected by the First Amendment unless it causes substantial disruption or interferes with the rights of others.

At the time of the shooting the students were not rioting or causing civil disruption .

To support such action, officials would have to show that the publications caused or would probably cause substantial and material disruption .

The influx of large numbers of construction workers had inevitably caused disruption in the nearby villages, especially the closest, Stogursey.

Not according to a Texas case where officials prohibited armbands because they expected those who opposed the armbands to cause disruption .


They then distort the long-wave pattern which is controlling them, causing the next short-wave disturbances to move differently.

Work inhibition is not caused by severe emotional disturbance .

In 1957, Paisley and Wylie were charged with causing a disturbance in Donaghadee by preaching through a loud hailer.

Thus, clinical disorders of volume are caused by disturbances of salt balance.

This may cause disturbances in the basic organization.

The advantage of this approach is that pain relief may be obtained without causing disturbance of sensation over the face and cornea.

Binge-eating can cause menstrual disturbances , acute swelling of the stomach and also salivary gland enlargement.

One athlete in particular, however, has caused more of a disturbance with his seeming lack of concern.


On that occasion he received a sentence of imprisonment for causing grievous bodily harm .

Decision makers need to be aware of the harm that their decisions can cause .

A 19 year old female student from Bath University was charged by Essex police with unlawful imprisonment and causing actual bodily harm .

Scientific studies involving humans have a statistical threshold for causing harm to participants, and if passed they are discontinued.

Another 40 people are facing charges of riot and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm .

Some representatives from health clinics argued that the proposal would cause more harm than good.

Land could be sold off or developed, causing significant harm to present areas of natural beauty and important wildlife habitats.

Yesterday McClelland, 17, appeared before Teesside Crown Court and admitted assault causing actual bodily harm .


Heavier passengers will cause greater injury to others in an accident if they are not wearing a seat belt.

The legal principles that apply to teachers whose negligence causes injury are the same as those that apply to anyone else.

The police did not prove any intent on the part of the possessor to use it to cause injury .

Sometimes there is a question about what precisely caused the injury .

Anyone associated with the game of rugby quite right abhors tactics which can easily cause injury .

I really believe the turf here causes a lot more injuries than grass.

And it even comes in a plastic bottle, so it can be thrown at Teddy without causing serious injury .

The early morning blast at the embassy in the capital, Sana'a, smashed windows but caused no injuries .


He or she closed down major corporations around the world for a day-causing losses estimated at billions of dollars.

The question we ask is how small can z be without causing losses from trade to either one of these factors.

Naturally this only applies where there has been no illness or injury which would cause dramatic loss of functioning.

Unexpectedly weak earning from Motorola Inc. coupled with rising government bind yields weighed on stocks, caused widespread losses .

Oxidation of hops causes a loss and alteration of flavours.

This can cause loss of control, or at least a lot more work for the controller.

A tumour or trauma in one side of the brain causes a loss in the field of vision on the other side.


This has been a fairly gritty chapter, all about beating up baddies, causing them pain and putting them to flight.

The resulting recession caused enormous pain across the country.

This causes no discernible pain in the vast majority of cases.

Taking an extra dollar from a rich person would cause less pain than taking an extra dollar from a poor one.

The fact that it doesn't cause you immense emotional pain doesn't mean you're not committed to it.

In fact, an ear infection alone can cause sudden severe pain as fluid builds up in the middle ear.

It will certainly cause pain and slow him down.


Subdivision is carried out only in so far as it is profitable; too much splitting would cause more problems than it would avoid.

Sometimes doing that causes nasty structural problems , like a caved-in cake.

The apparent lack of multiple entry and exit gates on the crowd side of the airfield was bound to cause problems .

Is it possible that some aspect of his personality is causing this problem ?

It is mistake which causes problems .

One kid said you should go through her stuff, but that will cause more problems than you really want.

If it's your end that's caused the problem , you might have a whole batch of mail to resend.

But when these eco-skeptics do propose solutions, they generally advocate technological adjustments that fail to address the root causes of problems .


This is a show that would cause a sensation in London or New York.

This caused a sensation in Western countries where the threat of serious infectious disease had come to be considered remote.

But the thick, hardened layers of dead skin sometimes press on the nerve, causing a burning sensation when you walk.

When this happens the esophagus becomes irritated and inflamed, causing a burning sensation that has the potential to awaken a sleeper.

The see-through trouser suit she had designed herself had caused a sensation at Rachel Ansorge's party.

The advantage of this approach is that pain relief may be obtained without causing disturbance of sensation over the face and cornea.

It also, vitally, causes the moment of sensation to be prolonged.

Many neurologic disorders affecting the brain stem, cerebellum, and spinal cord posterior column may cause dizzy sensations .


Read in studio Voice over Kevin Maxwell has caused a stir by turning out for his village cricket team.

Later still, the place caused a stir by refusing service to then-Sen.

In the marketplace he caused no stir .

He also caused a stir with his purchase in 1896 and resale in segments of the Trafford Park estate in Manchester.

If I may say so, it caused quite a stir .

They are marvellously done, and they have caused a stir of approval in this country, while also raising doubts.

Then some of the Cowboys players caused a stir when they hired a limousine to take them to practice.


Yet here he is, pleading for the life of the stubborn nation that caused him nothing but trouble !

So it is at this time the contra have been causing trouble .

There are people out there who will use any excuse to cause trouble .

This could cause trouble when you bring the final rewrite home the next night.

We didn't give them a chance to cause trouble .

It covers the seventy-six areas of the tax law that cause people the most trouble regardless of the business they are in.

Don't cause any trouble and don't insist if they look like objecting.

The Empire Crusade was designed to cause the maximum trouble for the Conservative leadership.


cause/kick up/make etc a stink

It's financial clout that counts or, failing that, kicking up a stink .

It's for your protection, so that you have the union behind you if Mellowes kicks up a stink .

It will still contain plenty of business and mortgage borrowers to kick up a stink about base rates.

lost cause

At first it seemed the attempt to save the species was a lost cause.

The miners' strike of 1984 turned out to be a lost cause.

But they are not completely lost causes.

In recent years he had come to feel that he was pouring all his energies into a lost cause.

It's seems that their marriage is a lost cause in which possess the husband and wife not real affection for one another.

Like his rebel ancestor, Buchanan is fighting a lost cause with prideful determination despite overwhelming odds.

Like the languages in which it was born, this seems a lost cause to many.

My patron saint was Saint Jude, the patron of lost causes.

Stand by your principles but don't waste time on lost causes.

That, however, is a lost cause.

make/find common cause (with/against sb)

underlying cause/principle/problem etc


About half of the chemicals that were tested caused cancer in rats.

As children we were always causing our parents trouble.

The autopsy showed that her death was caused by liver failure.

The fire caused $500,000 in damage.

The power failure caused the whole computer system to shut down.

Try to isolate the problems that are causing you the most difficulty.


Approximately 90% of deaths from lung cancer and bronchitis are caused by smoking.

He claimed that the site was geologically unsound and any stress caused by a shift in water levels could cause an earthquake.

It caused an estimated $ 40 billion in damage and killed 72 people.

Such large emboli usually cause death within one to two hours.

The stepfather denies 24 charges of cruelty and two of causing actual bodily harm.

The theory among media honchos is that sending a reporter may cause families to change their minds.

We're sorry if we've caused any confusion.

What used to cause a belly laugh now earns a pleasant chuckle.

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