Meaning of CAUSE in English


v sake; interest; advantage.

2. cause ·conj abbreviation of because.

3. cause ·vi to assign or show cause; to give a reason; to make excuse.

4. cause ·v any subject of discussion or debate; matter; question; affair in general.

5. cause ·v that which is the occasion of an action or state; ground; reason; motive; as, cause for rejoicing.

6. cause ·v that which produces or effects a result; that from which anything proceeds, and without which it would not exist.

7. cause ·v a suit or action in court; any legal process by which a party endeavors to obtain his claim, or what he regards as his right; case; ground of action.

8. cause ·v the side of a question, which is espoused, advocated, and upheld by a person or party; a principle which is advocated; that which a person or party seeks to attain.

9. cause ·noun to effect as an agent; to produce; to be the occasion of; to bring about; to bring into existence; to make;

— usually followed by an infinitive, sometimes by that with a finite verb.

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