Meaning of COALITION in English




a broad alliance/coalition

The government was a broad alliance of eight political parties.

a coalition government (= government made up of members of more than one political party )

The country has had a succession of weak coalition governments.

an unlikely alliance/coalition

Once he resigned as president, the unlikely coalition of former enemies fell apart.




In seeking to build the broadest possible coalition , advocates for marriage rights advance the same kind of argument.


Above all, it drove a wedge through the heart of the Conservative coalition .

A conservative coalition of Democrat and Republican congressmen developed which could delay further reforms, and sometimes block them altogether.


It will remain part of the Union of Democratic Forces coalition .


Type 1 here represents a democratic system in which party competition is minimal, and grand coalition government is the norm.


By advocating the building of a national coalition the Communists were able to attract sections of the Socialist Party.

Leaders of the parties allied with Janata Dal in the ruling National Front coalition expressed their agreement with the action.

The party, which is part of the national coalition government, won 29 % in last year's general election.


S.B. was deeply reluctant to envisage a new coalition .

She announced a new coalition to fight Wilson, New Jersey Gov.

If all fails a new election is possible - or a new Labour-Likud coalition .

They too place their hopes in a new coalition between Party reformers and new social pressures for change.

That fault line runs through the New Labour coalition .


The former political coalition which directed support towards the skilled working class in the private sector had begun to dissolve.

I began to see that political coalitions , working with others where our agendas overlapped, were not only possible but imperative.

Independent presidential candidates would be able to stand, as well as those from political parties and coalitions .

Besides being a political coalition , the Frente Amplio had a social movement identity.

Organisations are political coalitions of individuals and groups which have their own interests.


But Conservatives in the ruling coalition dislike the idea because they fear losses at the polls next year to the far-right Republicans.

The extension was unsuccessfully opposed in parliament by deputies both to the left and right of the ruling coalition .



However, combined results disguised a collapse of support for the Independent Smallholders' Party, the other government coalition partner.

The government coalition , provided it stays together, has an advantage in organisation and money.

But his government coalition soon fell apart.


No coalition can have over 325 votes, but coalition members can give up votes to stay within the limit.

With the removal of Narong and Somboon, Suchinda came under intense pressure from the coalition members to accept the premiership.


The opposition coalition criticized the tax-free zones as exploiting women textile workers and as creating dependence on foreign countries.

Leaders of the opposition coalition Zajedno, or Together, address the crowd.

Their failure also appeared to reduce the chance of creating an effective opposition coalition .

The newly formed opposition coalition insisted it was the majority and kept the original day and time.

Instead, the center-right opposition coalition that is leading the street demonstrations is demanding early elections.

An identical opposition coalition had backed the victorious Rengo-no-kai candidate in the Nara prefecture by-election on Feb. 9.

With the opposition coalition holding firmly together, more history-making is likely in the coming weeks.


The Labour Party's main coalition partner , the leftist Meretz, supported the move.

Netanyahu was able to bring his coalition partners into line to support the Hebron agreement.

On his choice of coalition partners would depend Barak's freedom of manoeuvre.

New Aspiration, a prospective coalition partner , was already under public pressure against the inclusion of tainted politicians in the line-up.

The coalition partners predict further elections in six to eight months, and the energy shortage threatens to hamper their reform plans.

If a coalition government is necessary, Cabinet and lesser government posts will be allocated after negotiation with coalition partners .

Several coalition partners who hold important ministerial portfolios have dug in their heels.


Candidates could be nominated by political parties , party coalitions , or groups of 500 voters.

Wasn't his victorious opponent, Vojislav Kostunica, the head of an 18-#party coalition ?



This agreement was the most substantive evidence yet that Gorbachev was now seeking to build a coalition of centre and left-wing forces.

Nor should it blind us to the need to build coalitions with others.

Most of what I did, the real work, was building alliances, coalitions , informal relationships to get things done.

Pat Buchanan has built a strong coalition of supporters.

In seeking to build the broadest possible coalition , advocates for marriage rights advance the same kind of argument.

Female exogamy means that apes are largely devoid of mechanisms for females to build coalitions of relatives.

Organize your friends, build a coalition of local groups, and call on your local station manager.

It demonstrates that in the post-Cold War world, middle powers can avail themselves of new power to build coalitions .


Shevardnadze was expected to set about forming a coalition among some of the 36 parties which had contested parliamentary seats.

They form a coalition of historic losers.

The Churches have formed a coalition to speak on behalf of the thousands of homeless people in this country.

Ciller and the other secular party leaders are negotiating to form a coalition without Refah.

Thus grooming partners may form a coalition during agonistic encounters.

The newly formed opposition coalition insisted it was the majority and kept the original day and time.

We should resist the manipulation of our desires and form a coalition with women internationally to resist the colonisation of our bodies.

Big business joined together to form a climate change coalition to lobby successfully against the protocol.


They now govern in a coalition with the People's party.

It is also possible to have a working multiparty system in which various parties are willing to cooperate in a governing coalition .


Erhard was succeeded in 1966 by Kurt Kiesinger in a coalition which included the Social Democrats.

The present coalition government elections include no fewer than five political parties.

The coalition includes members of the Social Democratic Party, which has traditionally been opposed to the nuclear option.


Two other legislators were also reported to have joined the coalition following the elections.

As literacy proprietors awaken to the failure of their dreams and the aridity of their ideals, they join in coalitions .

The fact that it was invited to join a coalition marks the crowning achievement of its crusade to achieve political respectability.

It was reported that Shamir intended to persuade Agudat Yisrael to join his coalition government.


Aged only 53, he was already the country's longest-serving Prime Minister, having led successive coalition governments since 1982.

S.-#led coalition forces in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

The Prime Minister was Alcala Zamora who lead a coalition government of republican radicals.


The central committee of Tehiya voted to leave the coalition government.

Bossi brought down Berlusconi's first government by leaving the ruling coalition .

His resignation came after a key member left the coalition in protest.


But the ruling coalition still faces difficulties.

Shinshinto leader Ichiro Ozawa will pepper the ruling coalition with questions on Jan. 24.

None of them has ruled out entering a coalition government against the nationalists, but each would demand a high price.

Kentucky last had a bipartisan ruling coalition in 1920.

They had ruled in coalition since 1938.

Within that ruling coalition was an ongoing struggle between two powerful factions.

She hopes to exploit the preferential voting system in the federal elections to unseat the ruling coalition .

Mr Takemura told reporters following a meeting by leaders of the three-party ruling coalition .


They were expected to support the M-19 coalition .

Moreover, the major parties today are supported by two distinct coalitions of voters, each with core interests and demands.

Both groups were reported to have expressed their willingness to support the Lakas-NUCD coalition in the new legislature.

Ruling coalition Both the government and the opposition are supported by loose coalitions consisting of many political parties.


a three-party coalition

Community leaders hope to form a health-care reform coalition .

the California Coalition for Immigrant Rights


A powerful coalition of committed advocates will, in this way, emerge out of those modest coalitions that exist today.

A similar Flosse-Vernaudon coalition in 1982 had lasted only 110 days.

Because, they argued, the males in coalitions were almost always close relatives, kin selection enhanced the benefits of cooperation.

No, they found themselves forced to say to the world, we are not a revolution, we are a coalition .

Originally, the coalition planned its own march in Sacramento.

Several coalition partners who hold important ministerial portfolios have dug in their heels.

There they eventually led to coalition governments.

This coalition collapsed, however, and a new government was formed in September 1988.

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