Meaning of COALITION in English


co ‧ a ‧ li ‧ tion /ˌkəʊəˈlɪʃ ə n $ ˌkoʊə-/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1600-1700 ; Language: French ; Origin: Latin coalitus , past participle of coalescere ; ⇨ ↑ coalesce ]

1 . [countable] a union of two or more political parties that allows them to form a government or fight an election together

coalition of

a coalition of democratic forces

the centre-right coalition government

an emergency meeting of the three coalition parties

2 . [countable] a group of people who join together to achieve a particular purpose, usually a political one

coalition of

a coalition of environmental groups

3 . [uncountable] a process in which two or more political parties or groups join together:

He hoped to convert his party members to a belief in coalition.

in coalition with somebody

He was working in coalition with other Unionist leaders.

• • •


■ verbs

▪ form a coalition

The Social Democrats rejected their offer to form a coalition.

▪ join a coalition

The Greens of Slovenia agreed to join the coalition led by the Liberal Democratic party.

▪ lead/head a coalition

The coalition was led by the Christian Democrats and the Socialists.

▪ a coalition collapses/breaks up

Austria's ruling government coalition collapsed.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + coalition

▪ the ruling/governing coalition

The March elections may weaken the ruling coalition.

▪ the opposition coalition (=forming an opposition party to the government)

The opposition coalition's strength increased from 37 to 53 seats.

▪ a political coalition

a political coalition of centre parties

▪ a two-party/three-party etc coalition

The composition of the three-party coalition remains unchanged.

▪ a left-wing/right-wing etc coalition

The left-wing coalition was led by the former guerrilla movement.

■ coalition + NOUN

▪ a coalition government

There is little enthusiasm among voters for a coalition government.

▪ a coalition partner

There were fundamental differences between the two main coalition partners.

▪ a coalition member

Some coalition members are unhappy with the proposal.

▪ a coalition party

The treaty required the backing of both governing coalition parties.

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