Meaning of COMPLETELY in English




absolutely/utterly/completely meaningless

a statistic that is absolutely meaningless

completely different

The place looks completely different now.

completely normal

The test results came back, and everything was completely normal.

completely sealed

The bag is completely sealed and airtight.


His life had completely changed since he met Anya.

completely/entirely random

The atomic particles seem to move in a completely random direction.

completely/fully/totally/entirely satisfied

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

completely/totally destroy sth

The plane was completely destroyed when it hit a mountain.

completely/totally disappear

My spectacles have completely disappeared again.

completely/totally ignore sb/sth

He had completely ignored her remark, preferring his own theory.

completely/totally illegal

The deal was completely illegal.

completely/totally/absolutely useless

The treatment is completely useless.

completely/totally/quite wrong

I may be completely wrong.


It is a row that may never be fully resolved.

largely/totally/completely etc irrelevant

His age is completely irrelevant if he can do the job.

not entirely/wholly/completely

Frege’s theory is not entirely satisfactory.

not strictly/entirely/completely accurate

The evidence she gave to the court was not strictly accurate not exactly accurate .

purely/completely/entirely coincidental

Any similarity between this film and real events is purely coincidental.

purely/totally/completely objective

the importance of a completely objective, independent press

quite/slightly/completely etc absurd

It seems quite absurd to expect anyone to drive for 3 hours just for a 20-minute meeting.


It threw me completely when she said she was coming to stay with us.

totally/completely unaware

Children were playing next to the railway line, totally unaware of the danger.

totally/completely/almost/partially blind

She’s almost blind in her right eye.

totally/completely/entirely unnecessary

The suffering of these animals is totally unnecessary.

totally/completely/utterly exhausted

Looking after a baby on my own left me feeling totally exhausted.

totally/highly/completely etc irresponsible

When it comes to money, Dan is completely irresponsible.

trust sb completely/implicitly

He was a good driver and I trusted him implicitly.

wholly/totally/completely etc inappropriate

His comments were wholly inappropriate on such a solemn occasion.




But whether or not it is a completely accurate report of what actually happened is perhaps not the point.

Certainly, one can not expect the forecasted figures to be completely accurate for each month.

All the facts given were checked and were found to be completely accurate .

From what will be said, it will be seen that neither the characterization nor the name is completely accurate .

Do not, however, rely on such information as being either completely accurate or exhaustive.

The conversation as related in the book is completely accurate .


Applied intelligence might get them a completely different result, she couldn't be sure.

By the time Hillary graduated, it was a completely different world.

Originally, a long, long time ago, they used a completely different melodic scale to ours.

That used to be a completely different tune.

Thus, the best antidote is to whistle and concentrate on thinking of something completely different .

He wished, however, to propose a completely different text.

Fat, however, is completely different .


When sounds are unvoiced, the vocal cords are relaxed to allow the air a completely free passage.

Oh, then I thought I was completely free .

Agricultural land and buildings have been completely free of rates since 1929.

He wants to be a completely free and independent person, but he must constantly ask aid of some one else.

A perfectly contestable industry is one which, in addition to free entry, is also characterised by completely free exit.

He had allowed his daughter to grow up completely free of restraint.

This bass may be completely free or, if convenient, it may use sections of the series.

To this extent, a concrete operational child is not completely free of past and present perceptions.


Very occasionally it is good to have interludes of completely new material as long as the mood is right and a satisfactory form created.

Tell him I need a completely new draft.

The Journal now has a completely new look, with bigger pages and loads of colour.

A completely new era was beginning.

Other flowers developed a completely new bribe, nectar.

Fresco is a completely new development in plasterboard design.

We are able to explain and understand completely new ideas with relative ease.

Indeed, as expectations can kill the magic stone dead, such occasions are often evoked by going somewhere completely new .



I was overlooked repeatedly, to such an extent that I became completely disgusted.

If one adds in the United States, allocating voting power becomes completely impossible.

But in either case, trees so afflicted would drop their leaves prematurely, and sometimes become completely bare long before fall.

It is important that they become completely natural to you if you are to base your system upon them.

In fact, the magazine became completely Bull-free.

Squinting again along the left of the nose I suddenly realised that his head had become completely transparent!

But as soon as they come to rest the wings close and the animals become completely cryptic again.


A tomato sauce can be completely changed by two or three minutes more or less of reduction or concentration by steady simmering.

This, of course, completely changed the situation.

The alteration of stress on certain words can completely change the meaning of a phrase or sentence.

The situation has now changed completely .

I used to do it all, I had complete control of the house, now the situation has changed completely .

Sometimes she was so brought down by one of his pronouncements that she had to change completely .

At the same time, other aspects of the job had changed completely .

They completely changed the character of the pine-forest.


They're for obstruction not completely covered by water, aren't they?

Add lemon juice and enough boiling water to cover completely .

The walls had been completely covered by bookshelves and painted deep raspberry.

Counters get completely covered with waffle irons, toaster ovens and coffee grinders.

In some cases these can completely cover the topography over an extensive area and form an ignimbrite plateau.

These ridges were about 1500 feet high and completely covered with lush jungle.

Though she was completely covered she might just as well have been wearing nothing at all.

Add the rabbit pieces; they should be completely covered by the marinade.


In 1908, an earthquake almost completely destroyed Messina, Sicily.

If the enemy ignites war recklessly, we shall resolutely answer it with war and completely destroy the aggressors.

The tail unit had been almost completely destroyed .

The result is a devastating detonation that completely destroys the rocket.

Antony has turned the tables completely and has now completely destroyed all hopes of the conspirators ever establishing themselves in Rome.

And in 60 percent of mice in which human tumors were implanted, the virus completely destroyed the tumors.

Had his desire been completely destroyed by hatred?

San Francisco was shaken by a severe earthquake which, together with the fire that followed, almost completely destroyed the city.


This gradually lessened through the spring and disappeared completely in the summer.

But the urge to indulge, never rational, never completely disappears .

In fact he was in danger of disappearing completely .

Before long, the explosive story is thoroughly media-wrenched, until the line between reality and sensational fantasy completely disappears .

Beyond perhaps a specialist 12-inch dance market, it will eventually disappear completely .

Some meteor showers last just one or two nights, to disappear completely until the same two nights the next year.

And if to is completely meaningless when used with the infinitive, why isn't it tending to disappear completely?

The oats have almost completely disappeared into the bread.


But after a few months, I felt completely bored with the whole idea.

I felt completely comfortable with Gail.

He felt completely lazy and relaxed.

Jody feels completely out of control.

Her shoulders sagged, she felt completely drained.

To worry about you feels completely natural.

Yet she felt completely at ease with Bernard.

You will be ready to do this when you feel completely comfortable interviewing people and discussing your interests with them.


He completely forgot about young Mabel and at the end of the day went home to bed.

For a blissful three hours I completely forgot about Alistair Dodge.

I completely forgot my fears and rushed into his room.

But he had not been completely forgotten .

But in this instance, comrade Preobrazhensky has completely forgotten about this fundamental methodological demand of Marxism.

They completely forgot about the rest of the cast and concentrated on their lines.

She knew what had happened but she had completely forgotten the details - including the description of the perpetrator.

He had completely forgotten how easily she fit into his arms.


She will need another four at a top Harley Street clinic before the tattoo, on her ankle, is completely gone .

Now the State Department decided to reverse its tactics, and on February 6 it went completely public.

That's it, it's gone completely now, I thought.

I went completely out of the ballpark on this one.

Flannery was the first to go completely .

He longed to explore, to take the wild adventure of going completely back to nature.

It had gone completely out of my mind.

Machines will never go completely on their own way, but they will become more aware of other machines.


Those who just write a letter have found their informal requests ignored completely or at least not dealt with for some time.

In fact, this estimate completely ignores the value of all the other ingredients of asteroids besides iron.

Only a minority of pupils take part in high quality experimental science-which is often completely ignored until they are 14.

Some of the man-apes it ignored completely , as if it was concentrating on the most promising subjects.

That is not to say the report has been ignored completely .

A nonverbal political communication might have enormous impact or might be completely ignored .

To write and receive a reply would take so long - her letter might be ignored completely .

His contribution to Salomon financial history had been completely ignored .


He had then completely lost his temper.

The musicians are completely losing their minds.

The first one Zeno had thrown was lost completely .

I had completely lost a Purim.

She just completely lost her nerve and was too afraid to tell him for fear of rejection.

De Lavallade drifted away from Alvin, although they never completely lost touch.

Blast! he thought, completely losing his appetite.

By November 21, the sugar crop was in danger of being completely lost to the cold, damp weather.


Never sign anything until you are completely satisfied with every detail.

Again, although deceptively simple in outward appearance, this salad satisfied completely with its subtle flavorings.

No single product completely satisfies these requirements so the use of any particular agent is always a compromise.

Then, when he was completely satisfied , he spoke to Hal over the radio circuit.

If you are not completely satisfied , return it within 30 days for replacement or refund.

I was not completely satisfied with these responses.

Lamentably, none is completely satisfying .


a (very/completely/entirely) different animal

But as I take my very first step on to the ground she becomes a very different animal .

Each dancer had to assume the actions of a different animal .

I was a Territorial, a very different animal .

My second example, although involving a very different animal , raises the same kind of questions.

So in Utah now, Rivendell is really a different animal .

You should repeat each test at least ten times using a different animal of the same kind for each test.


His knee is not completely healed.

I intended to give you the card on Saturday but I completely forgot.

Keith's dad was completely different from what I'd expected.

Muscle cells and fat cells are completely different kinds of tissue.

Once the program is installed, it runs completely automatically.

She felt completely relaxed.

Sometimes the UK seems completely isolated from the main stream of European culture.

The carpet is completely ruined.


Devastated ... he's completely smashed me to bits, she thought, just as I knew he would.

Flannery was the first to go completely .

For a while, the adoption program shut down completely .

It amazed her now how completely love could abrade those sharp edges.

Its principle was completely understood, and was opposed with equal zeal and ability.

The only way Glass could overcome this irreconcilable difference was by doing away with the bar lines completely .

There was sand on the ground, about four inches deep, completely surrounding the building.

They are completely without inhibition, a bus fall of preteens on a field trip.

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