Meaning of COMPLETION in English




be scheduled for release/publication/completion etc

Her first album is scheduled for release in September.




The development is due for completion in December, 1994.

The Human Genome Project was launched in 1990 and is due for completion in 2005.

There is a sun terrace, and a pool due for completion by 1 June 1992.

Alcazar Garden: $ 800, 000, re-creation of 1935 landscaping design, due for completion in spring.

Both projects are due for completion in early 1993.

That review is due for completion in early February.


The purchaser should identify the need for an independent valuation as early as possible to avoid subsequent delay nearer completion .

This is despite the near completion of a £70,000 five year project set up to save the paths.


Apart from the existing roundabout near Rhuddlan Golf Club, another is nearing completion outside the Sainsbury's store.

The Nissan Centre is nearing completion at Cranfield, Bedfordshire.

Here P-40 replicas are nearing completion .

The review of the stage 3 chemical sciences provision is nearing completion .

The summary map series at 1:1000 000 is also nearing completion .

Construction of facilities is nearing completion in readiness to commence production before the end of 1992.

A Working Party to review the Institute's international role has been set up and its work is nearing completion .

Donations given by the visitors will benefit the new Pastoral Centre in Hemlington, now nearing completion .


Afterwards it feels like the satisfactory completion of another episode of a long-running game show.

The appointment of the nominated candidate will be subject to the satisfactory completion of a medical questionnaire.

Upon satisfactory completion of this preregistration year, the graduate becomes fully registered by the General Medical Council.


A nationally recognised qualification should be awarded on successful completion of a validated course.

Part 4 goes on to look at the training of parents in skills necessary for successful completion of these steps.

The firm's estimated successful assignment completion rate of 80% compares well with other leading firms.

Upon successful completion , the salesperson is then entrusted to sell the washing machines and dryers unaided.

On the other hand the exhilaration following the successful completion of such a task is well worth the effort.

Check that the Mail Id in the file specified after this message for successful completion .

The executive responsible is a member of the Board assigned to ensure the successful progress and completion of the project.

The successful completion of this part of the set-up is announced by three beeps.



The rules in the sale agreement governing the completion accounts should cover the main areas listed below.

The party responsible for the preparation of the completion accounts will be the Warrantors.


Market Tests with target completion date of end of September 1993 Note: 1.

Their target completion date is late 1990.

Supply agreements with key customers which are due for renewal shortly after the intended completion date .

The final completion date for the whole project is 2003.

From this information, a job completion date is produced: The target is achievable, but only by hard work.

Among their criteria: Cancel any project that remains unfinished more than 20 years past its original completion date .

This provision may cause confusion to clients as they will not understand that it only relates to a late completion date .

When you've got your completion date , you can breath a sigh of relief - and get your removal firm organised.


The completion rate for rating scales in this study was 100 percent for the student samples.

Before examining college enrollment, we must look at high-school completion rates .

On consolidation, the assets and liabilities of overseas subsidiary and associated undertakings are translated at the completion rate of exchange.

Ohio State allowed a 56 percent completion rate but picked off 14.

The firm's estimated successful assignment completion rate of 80% compares well with other leading firms.

His output measures include completion rates , career profiles, and studies of manpower output.

The overall completion rate is very high.

Nor did either of these proportions differ significantly from the non completion rate of all students.


This intuition is supported by sentence completion data.

In the deductive/empirical experiment, each child received either a questions task or a sentence completion task.

Piaget describes two types of error which children made in the sentence completion task.

The most convincing of the latter have been sentence completion methods like cloze procedure.

The corresponding results for the sentence completion task were sixty-five percent and eighty-three percent.



The pension fund loan and loan stock are to be repaid immediately following completion provided their terms allow for repayment on completion.

Ohio State allowed a 56 percent completion rate but picked off 14.

This allows for a completion review.

In Chapters 5 and 6 the Chart is allowed to run to completion in order to determine the worst-case effects of lexical ambiguity.


With such a full agenda, a sense of relief awaits the completion of his term, he admits.

The president said those will await the completion of a capital campaign that is now being planned.


The presence of research in the project is likely to delay completion .

Many developments have been delayed for years pending completion of new or improvements to existing sewage works.


The decision follows completion of tracklaying on the branch from Busto Arsizio on January 28.

On the other hand the exhilaration following the successful completion of such a task is well worth the effort.

The second consideration follows the completion of the Woolmer Road improvement.

Repayments commence in the April following completion of the course and are by direct debit.

This will follow completion of the fourth phase of Line 2 running southeast to Giza, now scheduled to open in 2000.

Some occupations are entered directly after graduation whilst entry to others follows completion of a postgraduate course.

A final evaluation based on the objectives follows at the completion of each module.


A rather grand certificate marking the successful completion of all the tasks also adds to the attraction.

They would stay with the building until topping out, the traditional ceremony that marks the completion of the steel skeleton.

To mark the completion of the inventory, the Museum is mounting an exhibition which runs until 19 July.

Newry are also hosting a special celebration dinner in the clubhouse on Friday night to mark the completion of their development.


This is required by partial2 for completion .

At the Swindon Railway workshops, the expansion links have been renovated and the rocker arms just require machining for completion .

Anyone can participate in summer schools, as no auditions are required , only completion of an application form.

The sale of units merely requires the completion of this form and its return to the trust.

Admission to practice requires the completion of three stages of training: the academic stage, the vocational stage and the apprenticeship.


The new port at Laem Chabang, on the eastern seaboard, was scheduled for completion in 1991.

That process is scheduled for completion in June.

The £55m project is scheduled for completion in June 1995.

Construction is to start immediately and is scheduled for completion in October 1998.

The project is scheduled for completion by early 1994.

The first few programs are scheduled for completion during the summer of 1986.


Repair work is scheduled for completion in August.


A 10% deposit is usually required on ordering with the balance on completion .

A nationally recognised qualification should be awarded on successful completion of a validated course.

A suitable compromise is for completion to be conditional on the results of an environmental audit.

Full details of the methodology will not be released until completion of the fieldwork.

This preparatory work was practically complete at the outbreak of war and authority was given a few days before for completion .

Without her patience, sensitivity, and encouragement this project would never have reached completion .

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