Meaning of COMPLEX in English


I. adjective


a complex creature (= consisting of many different parts )

Human beings are extremely complex creatures.

a complex equation

New factors are beginning to affect what is an already complex equation.

a difficult/complex issue

He was able to grasp complex issues quickly.

a difficult/complex subject (= very complicated )

Immigration is a complex subject.

a guilt complex (= when you cannot stop feeling guilty, although it is unnecessary )

Some of the survivors developed a guilt complex. Why had they lived when others had died?

a leisure centre/complex (= a place where you can play sports etc )

The local leisure centre has a swimming pool and a sauna.

a resort complex (= a group of buildings, or a large building with many parts )

Club Hotel is part of a resort complex offering a range of facilities.

an apartment complex (= a group of buildings containing apartments )

complex calculations

Computers can be used to handle complex calculations.


Getting a visa can be a complex process.


The Australian health care system is extremely complex.

inferiority complex

Oedipus complex

persecution complex




Most of the difficulty stems from the fact that an eruption is an extremely complex phenomenon.

But on Macintosh it becomes extremely complex .

Technicality Libel law has been allowed to become extremely complex .

A tester can have no confidence that unexamined values in extremely complex systems will perform continuously with examined values.

A simple five-figure number might conceal extremely complex chemistry.

Any mind capable of designing such an intricately structured universe as this would have to be extremely complex .

The process of sense selection is, of course, extremely complex , with many interacting factors.

From what we have said so far, you will conclude correctly that the task of the news director is extremely complex .


However, most of these methods paid insufficient attention to the highly complex nature of landscape values, while overemphasizing scenic attractiveness.

But the components for Worldwide Plaza were already highly complex when they arrived on site.

Some of the problems are highly complex and unique in that lives are at stake depending on their successful resolution.

The Aborigines have a highly complex civilization, one that has existed for 60, 000 years.

Technology transfer is highly complex and often misunderstood.

Rather, it reflects the need for different conceptualizations to cover the different dimensions of a highly complex phenomenon.

Yet beer - good beer - is a highly complex product and one that arguably needs greater skill to produce than wine.

The most difficult phase was the analysis of cognitive processes in fault-finding in such a highly complex process plant.


Second, the information technology market is becoming increasingly complex .

Subsequent period-doubling bifurcations appear as r is increased, resulting in increasingly complex periodic solutions.

The adventure will become increasingly complex , deadly and demanding as it progresses.

Very enjoyable when young, but increasingly complex with bottle age.

During the past decade fundraisers' search for new donors has been increasingly complex and expensive.

With Gibbons to guide me, I examine them one by one, and my salads grow increasingly complex .

Even the General Staff is but one actor in an increasingly complex policy process.

But it was the omnipresent manufacturer's logo woven into increasingly complex designs that really offended the fashion police.



Certain types or parts of complex carbohydrates are indigestible: they form the fibre which adds bulk to food.

Potatoes are a rich source of fat-free complex carbohydrates .

Pasta contains complex carbohydrates so takes time to be digested.

Per serving: 416 calories, 3 grams saturated fat, 9 grams polyunsaturated fat, 24 grams complex carbohydrates .

Despite its limitations, the breath H 2 test is the only acceptable non-invasive method to estimate complex carbohydrate malabsorption in humans.

Per serving: 344 calories, 7 g saturated fat, 2 g polyunsaturated fat, 30 g complex carbohydrates .

Hence complex carbohydrates are better for bodybuilders and athletes.

In truth, these additives are harmless complex carbohydrates added in small portions to improve texture.


It is important however to clarify some of the points made in relation to this often complex issue .

Television generally simplifies complex issues by using specific and dramatic examples to explain a topic.

The results of this investigation should help to clarify some of the complex issues involved in the debate on gender and schooling.

But the Whitewater affair is serious stuff although hardly anyone understands the complex issues involved.

There are a number of complex issues bound up with this particular matter, ontological and epistemological, practical as well as theoretical.

Peter was one of those rare souls who seemed to have an instant understanding of the most complex issues .

That definition, which is taken from Box's study, is rather long-winded, but corporate crime is a complex issue .

Reyes Heroles is well-respected for his ability to quickly grasp complex issues .


Remember that elsewhere our formalism contains complex numbers .

We shall need complex numbers later.

This is worth unravelling, even at the expense of a brief excursion into the mathematical realm of complex numbers .

A key ingredient of this proof was to represent the complex numbers geometrically, and then to use a topological argument.

Actually, Gauss was not really the first to use a geometrical description of complex numbers .

Ten complex numbers specify the state of the particle.

We shall be seeing that the complex numbers that we must use at the quantum level are closely related to classical probabilities.

The Argand plane simply provides us with a way of organizing our family of complex numbers into a geometrically useful picture.


It might apply to Hopkins' architecture, too, which has similarly evolved into richer and more complex patterns .

All this makes a complex pattern , but complex in therapy only if one does not know the source of aberration.

But Shakespeare is capable of more complex patterns .

The black pipes interlocked in complex patterns from the low ceiling above mountains of mats.

Bright colours and complex patterns help to make this possible.

Political cultures to refer to those in which there are significant proportions of both the simpler and more complex patterns of orientations.

What you get from it is a graph showing a complex pattern of forces.

The evidence, however, reveals a much more complex pattern .


Alas, it was not nearly so simple, and many more complex problems remained to be solved.

The three ravening bolts of fury launching themselves at him now, presented an entirely more complex problem .

Only 6 percent could consistently solve relatively complex problems involving geometric relationships, algebra, or functions.

We must beware of hysterical solutions to complex problems urged by people whose real motive is often hatred of industry and capitalism.

It is impossible to take a complex problem and rationally unravel the mess into logical interacting pieces.

There is no simple solution to this complex problem .

The Web community of developers and users is tackling these complex problems .


This has turned out to be a protracted, complex process , as reoccupation had not been finalised by July 2000.

Piot said the commitment to very low drug prices is only one step in a complex process .

It shows how a complex process can be distilled into a simple framework, generating documentation that can be easily audited.

But that was often a complex process , necessitating a lawyer and a lot of time.

This is a complex process , requiring 15-20 separate genes.

Perhaps in the future we may come to better understand more complex processes , such as memory and learning.

This is not a point which arises because the diagram oversimplifies a complex process .

It can therefore be a valuable aid to the better understanding and management of what is inevitably a very complex process .


Beatrice's column of 11 February 1915 gives fascinating clues to their complex relationship .

Hajdu sheds new, revelatory light on the complex relationship between Strayhorn and Ellington.

This project is intended to explore the complex relationship between geographical mobility and voting.

They permit clear expression and handling of sometimes complex relationships .

This can lead to unpredictable effects since genes operate in highly complex relationships which are barely understood.

The complex relationships among cabinet, legislature, and prime minister merit further detail.

In an earlier chapter we described a few of the complex relationships which exist between different species and different kingdoms of nature.

Co. as the enemy, the two computing giants have always had a more complex relationship than their sparring would indicate.


We will be employing an eye-tracking technique to study reading of complex sentences .

While he used more complex sentences consistently, some of them seemed to come out of left field.

Credit will be given for the appropriate use of complex sentences , punctuation and vocabulary, and for grammatical accuracy.

So you should entertain the possibility of communicating more complex thoughts by building more complex sentences .


He constructs a complex set of interrelationships between the different ethnic groups.

Less obvious is the fact that Table 7-6 implies a complex set of financial linkages which exist between nations.

This complex set of rules could produce the relation shown as Figure 3.28.

Local authorities probably face the most complex set of responsibilities.

The following three years saw a complex set of political manoeuvres, centred largely on the control of various cities of Aquitaine.

It is not a comprehensive overview of all aspects of a complex set of issues.

You are thrown into it by your personal sense of responsibility, combined with a complex set of external circumstances.

As we have seen in the preceding chapters, language development gives rise to a complex set of interrelated abilities.


Some of the more complex structures may have had suspended timber floors.

This barrier is a complex structure that prevents many drugs and chemicals in the blood from entering the brain.

The House considered the complex structure point in D &038; F Estates.

But at the time that complex structure was established, few anticipated the gusher of money about to erupt.

Young baboons are reared in social units of complex structure .

The obvious conclusion is that the complex structures must be explained in terms of the conscious states they seem developed to produce.

The idea of a complex structure can be applied to equipment manufactured by different suppliers, e.g. central heating boilers.

It was at this time too that W. L. Bragg was beginning to unravel the complex structures of the crystalline silicates.


Already it is difficult to predict what will happen when you plug two large and complex systems together.

They saw their first glimpse of the earth as a complex system with checks and balances, inputs and outputs.

In most complex systems the sources of variation are likely to be numerous.

A tester can have no confidence that unexamined values in extremely complex systems will perform continuously with examined values.

The idea is that large, complex systems are often made up of a single, simple shape repeated over and again.

Artificial complex systems will be deliberately infused with organic principles simply to keep them going.

Recent work on the silver coinage has revealed a complex system of which even Domesday contains little trace.

In part this is because it is an inherently more complex system .


a complex mathematical formula

a complex personality

Few people understand the complex issues of environmental science.

The chemical processes involved in the experiment are extremely complex .

The seminar focuses on the complex relationship between government, the military, and the media.

There is a complex network of roads connecting the two cities.


Alcohol is actually much more complex .

And as I mentioned earlier, the social laws are more complex and less certain than the natural ones.

During the past decade fundraisers' search for new donors has been increasingly complex and expensive.

It is for building more and more complex bodies.

Of course this is not necessarily the case in a more complex setting such as memory for driving situations.

So the simplest explanation is the one that can include the whole range of complex elements within one integral and harmonious scheme.

The issues here are complex and evolving.

Yet not only was the urban population rapidly increasing, it was becoming ever more complex and articulate.

II. noun




The entire complex is surrounded by a ten-foot Cyclone fence crowned with multiple rows of barbed wire.

The entire complex is surrounded by 10-foot-high chain-link fencing.

The entire complex would be built at a cost of $ 110 million.


She was the sole heiress to a huge complex of imperial fiefs and lands in Tuscany, Emilia and Lombardy.


Driving through the mine is like visiting some futuristic industrial complex on another planet.

Large construction projects, like an office building or industrial complex for example, are too complicated for one person to supervise.


Much more interesting are the larger complexes which occupy the vacant land immediately behind the main frontages.

In 1981 the first large timeshare complex opened at Langdale, helped by a tourist board grant.

The park is part of a large complex which has just a single access on to the busy main road.

In the larger complexes , where there is space, popular blockbusters often occupy three or even four of the available screens.


A new complex of buildings has been built on the outskirts of the city.

We think people will want to go to a newer , bigger complex to see a movie.

The new complex will mean even more facilities for local women, under one roof.


The whole complex is only a few hundred years old.



They encircle many of the city's apartment complexes .

Police Sunday did not reveal whether the suspect they arrested early Sunday at an apartment complex was the man in the photograph.

The plan calls for a three-story, 42-unit apartment complex that would also include retail shops.

Next time, it was a man on foot who circled the fence around the eight-story apartment complex .

Then the townhouses give way to dowdy apartment complexes with grimy windows facing the street.

Next door, contractors Jeannine and Jack Perriseau are re-building another apartment complex that also was destroyed by the quake.


Preliminary plans also include a 2,100-room themed hotel, restaurants, retail and entertainment complexes .


Right and wrong must be standardised, or there will always be people who have the burden of guilt complexes .


Castlemore is developing the 21 ha site for a Tesco superstore, retail outlet and a leisure complex .

Nowadays, prisons are like leisure complexes , with snooker tables and televisions.


The telephones in Sly's office complex did not trill, they rang.

Down the corridor, a bodyguard has opened a private door, leading directly to his three-room office complex .

Ever since his luncheon with Katherine Fisher, Jim had felt like a marked man whenever he was in the office complex .


I don't think you fully understood the complexity of his argument.

Papp turned the old library into a huge six-screen movie complex .

Schneider manages an apartment complex in suburban Denver.


DNA-protein complexes were analysed on 5% polyacrylamide gels.

Driving through the mine is like visiting some futuristic industrial complex on another planet.

First, I would change the date to June 30 as a reminder of Tunguska and the Taurid complex .

I call it the Stalingrad complex .

Middlesbrough Council says the £1.2m Anchor International complex will provide 30 jobs and a valuable community facility.

Selection can be simple, based on the value of one key, or complex , based on a number of keys.

The military-industrial complex has been analysed from both of these perspectives.

The underground complex had been built in summer, the construction teams working in three shifts round the dock.

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