Meaning of COMPLEX in English


I. adjective


made up of two or more separable or identifiable elements

the complex vascular system of higher plants

Synonyms: composite, compound

Related Word: blended, compounded, mingled, mixed; heterogeneous, varied; elaborate, intricate, involved; complicated, confused, mixed-up

Contrasted words: homogeneous, uniform

Antonyms: simple


difficult to comprehend because of a multiplicity of interrelated elements

a complex plot to undermine the government by discrediting its leaders

Synonyms: Byzantine, complicated, daedal, elaborate, gordian, intricate, involved, knotty, labyrinthine, sophisticated

Related Word: bewildering, confusing, distracting, disturbing; baffling, confounding, mysterious, mystifying, perplexing, puzzling; equivocal, obscure, vague; involute, involuted, reticular

Contrasted words: clear, defined, definite, distinct, plain, recognizable, uncomplicated, uninvolved; comprehensible, explicable, intelligible, knowable

Antonyms: simple

II. noun

Synonyms: system 1

Contrasted words: constituent, element, factor; member, part, piece, portion; detail, item, particular

Antonyms: component

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