Meaning of COMPLEX in English


■ adjective

1》 consisting of many different and connected parts.

2》 not easy to understand; complicated.

3》 Mathematics (of a number) containing both a real and an imaginary participle

■ noun

1》 an interlinked system; a network.

↘a group of similar buildings or facilities on the same site.

2》 Psychoanalysis a related group of repressed or partly repressed emotionally significant ideas which lead to abnormal mental states or behaviour.

↘ informal a feeling of disproportionate anxiety about something.

3》 Chemistry an ion or molecule in which one or more groups are linked to a metal atom by coordinate bonds.

■ verb Chemistry make (an atom or compound) form a ~ with another.


~ation noun ( Chemistry ).

~ity noun ( plural ~ities ).

~ly adverb


C17 (asnoun): from L. ~us , from complectere 'embrace, comprise', later assoc. with ~us 'plaited'; the adjective is partly via Fr. ~e .

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.