Meaning of COMPLETE in English


I. adjective


a complete fiasco

The first lecture I ever gave was a complete fiasco .

a complete halt

Wendy had slowed down, almost to a complete halt.

a complete nervous breakdown

He had a complete nervous after leaving university.

a complete rest

The doctor had advised a complete rest for a fortnight.

a complete/full picture

By asking these questions, I was able to get a more complete picture.

a complete/full/comprehensive list

The full list of winners is on page seven.

a complete/perfect/total stranger (= used to emphasize that you do not know the person )

Really, I don't know why I'm revealing all this to a complete stranger.

a complete/thorough/full understanding

The degree gives students a thorough understanding of issues relating to housing.

a complete/total ban

They are seeking a complete ban on nuclear testing.

a complete/total contrast

A complete contrast in building style can be seen in Commercial Road.

a complete/total disaster

Last Saturday’s game was a complete disaster for our team.

a complete/total embargo

There is a complete embargo on arms sales to governments that violate human rights.

a complete/total lack of sth

I was amazed by his almost total lack of interest in music.

a complete/total misunderstanding

There seems to be a complete misunderstanding of how the changes will affect us.

a complete/total mystery

She said that her husband’s disappearance was a complete mystery.

a complete/total shock

No one expected the factory to close – it was a complete shock.

a complete/total surprise

The news came as a complete surprise.

a complete/total/outright lie (= something that is completely untrue )

Of course the whole thing was a complete lie.

She didn't want to tell her mother an outright lie.

a comprehensive/complete overview (= including all the details and important points )

a comprehensive overview of the nuclear energy programme

a full/complete range

The store stocks a full range of groceries.

a full/complete recovery

She was severely injured but made a full recovery.

absolute/complete/total obedience

The King required absolute obedience.

absolute/total/complete loyalty

He knew that he had Boyle's complete loyalty.

an absolute/complete nightmare

The whole day was an absolute nightmare.

be a complete/total myth

It’s a complete myth that eating carrots helps you to see in the dark.

be in dead/deadly/complete earnest

Although he smiled, Ashley knew he was in deadly earnest.

comes complete with

The computer comes complete with software and games.

complete a cycle

The birds were able to complete their breeding cycle as farmers delayed cutting the hedges.

complete a project

The project was completed on time.

complete and utter

I watched in complete and utter horror as he pulled out a gun.

complete construction

We expect to complete construction in January.

complete faith

The owners have complete faith in Sam as manager.

complete isolation

The political prisoner had been held in complete isolation .

complete mayhem

There was complete mayhem after the explosion.

complete novice

I’m still a complete novice at the sport.

complete overhaul

The car needs a complete overhaul .

complete protection

No security system can ever give complete protection against a determined thief.

complete rethink

It’s time for a complete rethink of the way we farm our countryside.

complete satisfaction

They expressed complete satisfaction with the agreement.

complete/absolute mastery

His latest collection shows his complete mastery of painting with oils.

complete...entry form (= write the answers to the questions on a form )

Just complete the entry form and return it.

complete/finish an inspection

The inspection was completed and the relevant forms filled in.

complete/full command

Their fighters had full command of the air over Pearl Harbor.

complete/full equality

Women have not yet achieved full equality with men.

complete/total breakdown

The disagreement finally led to a complete breakdown of their relationship.

complete/total darkness

It was late and all the houses in the village were in total darkness.

complete/total nonsense

Most of what has been written on this subject is complete nonsense.

complete/total privacy

The lawn was surrounded by tall bushes, giving complete privacy.

complete/total/absolute/utter silence

They sat in complete silence.

The silence in the room was absolute.

complete/total/pure fabrication

Of course, it might all be complete fabrication.

complete/total/utter confusion

Candy's eyes showed her total confusion.

complete/total/utter failure

The project ended in total failure.

dramatic/sudden/complete reversal

a dramatic reversal in population decline

fill in/fill out/complete a questionnaire (= answer all the questions in it )

All staff were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their jobs.

full/complete independence

The country gained complete independence from Britain in the 1960s.

full/complete/total authority

The manager has full authority to make decisions.

have every/complete/absolute confidence in sb/sth

A manager must be able to have complete confidence in his staff.

in perfect/complete accord

It is important to the success of any firm that its partners should be in complete accord.

pure/sheer/complete joy (= a lot of joy, not mixed with other feelings )

It was a moment of pure joy.

sb’s full/complete/undivided attention

He gave the task his undivided attention.

the complete answer

A loan, however, is not the complete answer to the company’s problems.

the complete/total opposite

She is the complete opposite of her sister.

total/complete chaos

When we arrived, there was total chaos.

total/complete destruction

In a populated area, a wave that high would cause total destruction.

total/complete extinction

Hippos may face total extinction if their habitat continues to dwindle.

total/complete freedom

Riding a motorbike gives me a feeling of total freedom.

total/reckless/complete/flagrant etc disregard

Local councillors accused the terrorists of showing a complete disregard for human life.

was a complete mess

When I got home, the house was a complete mess .




These difficulties were exacerbated by the almost complete absence of indigenous, vertically-integrated companies.

The unification of Arabia was almost complete when he died in 632.

The crowd was stunned, and Bachelor's Button returned to unsaddle in almost complete silence.

The rest of the drive home passed in almost complete silence.

The present state of the locomotive is that it is almost complete .

Building of the new unit, at a cost of £120,000, is almost complete .

Much of the difficulty of identification is caused by an almost complete ignorance of what we are looking for.

Luckily for Paul a donor was found and he's now made an almost complete recovery.



I have complete absence of remorse in this saturation of pleasure.

One was the complete absence of physical evidence.

The complete absence from her novels of condescension is the secret of her popularity.

I have assumed a complete absence of proofreading.

These difficulties were exacerbated by the almost complete absence of indigenous, vertically-integrated companies.

Clostridium bacteria can grow only in the complete absence of oxygen, so they have been found in contaminated cans of food.

Often it means a complete absence of thought, theory or conscious plan.


It will be a complete change to report these facts instead of keeping them secret.

In time these three will form a screen so that I can arrange for a complete change of scenery on either side.

I'd like a complete change of style, but don't take off more than an inch.

What we did: Hayley wanted a complete change and advice on a new shape and colour.

It was interesting to note a complete change in the timbre and resonance when the bird moved to another song-perch.

None the less, lack of money in a job does not have to mean a complete change .

I enjoyed the complete change of life at Hinaidi.

Rather than supporting the statusquo, the way things are, utopian ideologies advocate a complete change in the structure of society.


There was an air of complete confidence about him.

We held him in high esteem and placed complete confidence in him.

She had complete confidence in the young nurse, although she found it very difficult to penetrate her reserve.

A man he had complete confidence in.

You can buy from him in complete confidence .

I predict with complete confidence that the House of Lords will never be abolished for two reasons.

And then, protected against the pitfalls of this curious patois, you can book your ticket to Tokyo in complete confidence .

Your shareholders have complete confidence in you.


I used to do it all, I had complete control of the house, now the situation has changed completely.

The state earlier this month gave Brown virtually complete control over Treasure Island.

Neil Kinnock has more complete control over the party than any leader since Attlee.

Gandhi is under his own complete control .

She alleged that he struck her and sought complete control of her life.

A salesman had no purchase on a trader, while a trader had complete control over a salesman.

It's proof of Verve's complete control that they can get away with this sort of laval-like show.

If the first drug tried does not result in complete control at high therapeutic levels, a second drug should be substituted.


Existential propositions, contextually indispensable though they might be, are not logically essential for a complete description of the world.

Table 11.3 is the complete description of Figure 11.2.

It is not a complete description of the law.

Why are monadic predicates not sufficient for a complete description of the world?

Existential propositions are not really necessary - logically necessary - for a complete description of the world.


And then at the end, that they should be complete failures .

But engineers concluded that even a complete failure of the non-critical, rubber O-ring would not endanger the lives of shuttle astronauts.

But was the move really a complete failure ?

And the attempt to start an avalanche of donations was a complete failure .

The first run-through was a complete failure .

In practice, of course, many cases fall between complete success and complete failure .

Yet we can scarcely doubt that, in its practical effect, the Council of 1102 was a complete failure .

This is a complete failure because Mitch does not turn up.


Meg realized she'd been a complete fool .

She's throwing herself at that man, making a complete fool of herself.

Better that, she thought resignedly, than making a complete fool of herself.

Balbindor treated Father and me all along as complete fools .

She had made a complete fool of herself and had successfully lived down to every low opinion that Piers harboured about her.

You would be a complete fool if you did.

What if she made a complete fool of herself and let Ricky down?

So a complete fool will not acquire a following.


The leader announced at the beginning that complete freedom of speech was allowed but speeches must be kept short.

A nanny provides the most intimate care for a baby and offers parents complete freedom to come and go as they wish.

However, it should not be allowed complete freedom to rule, since it can overwhelm and destroy.

In practice there will not be complete freedom of choice for the individual.

No-one has the complete freedom to do anything in our modern, regimented society.

The Werner Plan placed emphasis on the fixity of exchange rates and complete freedom of capital movements.

This accessory offers complete freedom of choice!

The complete freedom to work entirely in an individual way eludes most artists.


I longed to ask questions but was wary of revealing my complete lack of local knowledge.

Communications difficulties contributed greatly to a complete lack of coordination of efforts.

It is one of the most popular rasboras despite complete lack of any bright colours.

Due to a complete lack of interest in reading, our staff has decided to forego reviewing books this week.

It was not wickedness that led him into crime but a cheerfully impulsive nature and an almost complete lack of reasoning power.

The older boy went blind in a complete lack of interest.

People still pay up despite the complete lack of ghosts.

Loss of concentration, a complete lack of ability to focus, was the chief occupational hazard of the trading floor.


Readers consulting a specific category will find a complete list of periodicals dealing with that subject.

A complete list of golf courses near airports is available from the U. S. Golf Society.

It is not a complete list .

Instead, the companies surveyed could not put together a complete list of the rules they regularly complied with.

As said before, there is no complete list of these items, no visual catalogue.

A complete list is not possible because of the large number of possible combinations.

She said that apart from MacQuillan and Barron she did not know who else had been allowed a complete list .


The flat was a complete mess .

Even if you make a complete mess of it, the model only has a few inches to fall.

The hotel below the line where the water had finally peaked was a complete mess .

I wore my jeans but I felt a complete mess .

Scanners capture images as a pattern of dots, changing the proportions can instantly turn an acceptable image into a complete mess !


It is a complete mystery to everyone how the following gems came to light in 1989.

With the stakes so high, the lack of atmosphere on the terraces in the first half was a complete mystery .

It's been a complete mystery to me ever since I arrived here.

When all the evidence is added up, the Sirven case remains a complete mystery .

How the hell my pack of jokers has managed two wins out of two is a complete mystery .


In fact, it's just about the complete opposite of the way that I do things.

The return of the deep meant the complete opposite of all that.

Interestingly, parents find this particularly hard as it is often the complete opposite of what they normally do.


The yard has been earmarked for a complete overhaul by private developers.

Boetsch rejected a complete overhaul of the new charges brought in Jan. 1, though.

We are long overdue for a complete overhaul of the mathematics curriculum at all levels.

Mr. Pollard says a complete overhaul of the system is needed, to establish guilt and innocence and find the truth.

By then a complete overhaul is often too late to be of much use.

He campaigned on behalf of the wrongly-convicted Guildford Four and urged a complete overhaul of the appeal system.

It is a luxurious 87-room hotel overlooking the bay and is currently undergoing a complete overhaul at considerable cost.

But he said there would have to be a complete overhaul of the electoral system first.


Often, the media convey a fairly complete picture of the events in question.

Those who want a more complete picture of Kelly must consult the hefty, liberally illustrated catalog.

It helps management build a complete picture of various types of absence, and to identify potential abuses.

Time spent building a complete picture of your ideal position will be well spent.

Inventories, therefore, do not give a complete picture of a person's wealth.

I gave him a more complete picture of my risk profile.

There is one, and only one, arrangement in which the pieces make a complete picture .

If they were ever to be revealed, then we would have a much more complete picture of Shostakovich the man.


A complete range of enquiry services is available to personal callers - the variety is so large as to make description impossible.

Initial offerings, available today at, include a complete range of web hosting and domain name registration services.

A complete range of equipment is also available.

They also offer a complete range of carpet colours, styles and textures to suit every decorating idea.

Both provide Hunting Oilfield Services with a more complete range of connectors and related services for tubes for off-shore operators.

This means that the biceps have been worked through their complete range of movement, aiding complete development.

Scholl alone has a complete range , to deal with all footcare problems.

The contract is for fuel tank access covers for the complete range of Airbus aircraft.


The drive is transmitted into the adjacent mill building which houses two complete sets of grinding gear and allied crushers, etc.

The show consists of a complete set of 33 etchings and aquatints of traditional rhymes.

Almed with this information, one is prepared to undertake a serious examination of a complete set of financial statements.

The first issue was in 130 weekly parts at 2 % d. each, but apparently no complete set is recorded.

The complete set of drawings will show how much the larva grows.

Also used to refer to a complete set of characters forming a family in a particular design or style.

But in most cases we possess complete sets of furnishings and fittings.


The other three pairs came from the trees and down the sloping fields in complete silence .

The crowd was stunned, and Bachelor's Button returned to unsaddle in almost complete silence .

Once again he had gained complete silence .

The rest of the drive home passed in almost complete silence .

They drove home in almost complete silence .

There was complete silence as we padded through two more streets with walls so bitten away that they looked like lace.

The boy moved quickly, just ahead of Allen, guiding him more than walking with him, in complete silence .


Would you leave him/her with a complete stranger ?

They argue with complete strangers a lot.

It was the perfect excuse for ringing up complete strangers and asking all sort of personal questions.

Malouf is fascinated by the sometimes violent impact that complete strangers can have upon our lives.

She was worse than Doreen, telling complete strangers the entire family history.

A nail-biting finish, but finally won by Moira Creek at her first attempt and a complete stranger to Pooh culture.

In Usenet, you're a complete stranger until you post.

She'd just walked in to the nearest doorway and spilled the whole thing to a complete stranger .


His kiss was a complete surprise .

Be prepared financially, so that the need for extra capital outlays does not come as a complete surprise .

It took me by complete surprise .

His visit home had been a complete surprise .

This result came as a complete surprise to me and everyone else, and it was greeted with general disbelief.

Yet it should not have been a complete surprise .

The instruction to evacuate the buildings came as a complete surprise .

Once in the palace the brother and his friend could trust to their own swords and the complete surprise of their attack.


Borrowing lecture notes is often a complete waste of time because you've missed the impact.

Look at Micky Deere, he's a complete waste of space.

She said it was a complete waste of paint.

It will either be a complete waste of time or you will find a real gem.

Why would Wilko be even remotely interested in a complete waste of space like St-wart.

Eventually, I realized the exercise was a complete waste of time.

Firstly, this little episode exposes pre-nuptial contracts in this country to be the complete waste of paper they are.

In my opinion, any attempt to reconcile the statements of principle in Lawrence and Morris is a complete waste of time.


A complete safety check was performed on the aircraft prior to takeoff.

Construction of the library is expected to be complete in February.

I met Brad Pitt one time and made a complete fool of myself.

Older records of births, marriages, and deaths are not as complete as modern ones.

Police made a complete search of the area.

Scientists have unearthed a complete dinosaur skeleton in Montana.

The meeting was a complete waste of time.

This is a complete list of educational publishers in Britain.

We gave Vicki the complete works of Shakespeare.

When my grandmother died, I inherited a complete set of Dresden china.


Bristly dub on flip, complete with monkey yapping, is a lot better.

By what date does he believe that the reform of local government will be complete ?

Classic gothic tale complete with governess heroine, malevolent atmosphere, and forbidding mansion.

I have assumed a complete absence of proofreading.

Maybe Mikey Boyd is ready to act like a tree-hugger again after being a complete builder stooge so far this term.

The Explorer comes with built-in, 16-bit stereo sound, complete with two speakers and a microphone mounted just above the keyboard.

The specialist contractor offers a complete service of diagnosis and repair, with guarantees.

There are Velcro curtains you can pull around for complete privacy.

II. verb




The preliminary analyses of the survey were completed just after the discovery of the error and before corrections could be made.

Our preparations were just completed when further operations were arrested by intelligence received from Fredericksburg....

But most important of all, they have just completed an astonishingly successful West End season in London.

He just completed a career playing for Northern Arizona.

The company have just completed market research on a new type of organic toothpaste called Abrasive.

Hostetler had just completed a pass that would have given the Raiders a first down on the Detroit 48.

Just complete a single form with your payee details at any Birmingham Midshires branch.

For some one who had just completed an incisive experiment, Stafford seemed remarkably subdued, even irritable.


Rob has recently completed the first leg of the Round the World Yacht Race.

The maker of hair-care and other personal-care products recently completed its first year under a younger generation of family managers.

It has recently completed a major computerisation programme which will enable it to improve its service to the customer still further.

He recently completed a commission for the banqueting suite at 10 Downing Street.

Example Two: My kids recently completed their respective baseball and softball seasons.

We have modified the recently completed St Jude protocol to withhold systemic antimetabolites during radiotherapy.

Mr Epperson says the company soon could see its sales grow as a result of a recently completed redesign of AutoZone stores.


The Buckau's first series of trials at sea as a rotor ship was completed successfully in January 1925.

However, the riding test can be waived if you successfully complete a special training program.

All applicants for a franchise must successfully complete this training programme.

I am also happy to say that the perturbation maneuver has been successfully completed .

The venturer who successfully completes this abc journey will have experienced a logical but unexciting event.

Students who successfully complete the work will receive a new degree, a graduate certificate in public health.

Once this stage has been completed successfully then stage three is implemented.



In an ideal world, the purchaser will wish to receive formal consent from every customer and supplier before completing the acquisition .

However, if we introduce an opportunity which results in their completing an acquisition we would charge an introduction fee.

A majority holding in Aimnet was acquired in May, and Verio completed the acquisition this fall.

Wells Fargo completed its acquisition of First Interstate yesterday and lost no time wielding the cost-cutting ax.


Centre devised Programme Regulations should set out clearly policy on reassessment of students who fail or fail to complete assignments .

Of the work-inhibited students, is it possible that this attention deficit may be related to their difficulty in completing assignments ?

In order to qualify for the award of a certificate, the candidate must complete at least 4 assignments successfully.

And then they will sometimes complete the assignment in fifteen minutes.

Boredom, isolation and loneliness can lead to alcoholism, marriage breakdowns and a failure to complete the assignment .

Like many work-inhibited students, Dan often completed in-class assignments that required one-or two-word responses to short questions.

They walked quickly, as though in a hurry to complete some urgent assignment .

Imagine a seventh-grade student finally completing a math assignment .


Over 500 candidates have completed the course so far and all have visited Lyles.

She was still up there; she had not completed her course .

Without them I could not have completed my course .

Many delegates were concerned about increasing numbers of young people leaving schools and colleges before completing their courses .

Many firms pay all or part of the costs for those who successfully complete courses .

He praised the effort and resolve shown by part-time students in completing professional courses in addition to the daily challenges of full-time employment.

After completing the course , just three trainers were competent at compressions and only two could ventilate adequately.


In addition, a purchaser should have the necessary funding support to complete the deal .

Duquette finally completed a deal that was originally suggested by the Philadelphia Phillies during the recent winter meetings.

And they have just completed a deal to buy the disused Grand Hotel on the Marine Promenade to give that a facelift.

If completed , the deal would significantly enlarge Nestle's presence in the pet-food business.

However, there has been a delay in completing the deal culminating in court proceedings being taken.

The pillars are actually called Nails, and on them merchants used to complete their financial deals before the Exchange was built.


They report that 21% withdrew before completing their higher education course, but only 12.5% withdrew because of failure in assessed work.

To receive the endorsement, they probably would have to complete some post-secondary education and training.

Only 10 percent of Southern blacks have completed a college education , and further education courses are scarce.

There comes a time in life when a well-reared child has completed his or her education .

The Congregation itself is being more selective and encouraging prospective candidates to complete their school education .

Only two of the ten who had completed their education were in full-time regular work.

These only cover the first two years, so that most secondary schoolchildren have to leave the region to complete their education .


Of the 37 residents who completed and returned the form 36 agreed that there was a problem.

Contestants enter by completing an online form and short quiz.

I hope that you will be able to spare the time to complete this form .

Deadline for receipt of completed forms is Friday, February 14.

I now invite you to complete the enclosed form detailing your sports events for the second half of the year.

The publisher will require the client to complete an enquiry form soas to be satisfied as to the factual accuracy of the advertisement.

Lothian Region are providing an enquiry helpline for those who may have difficulties with completing the forms .


But Time, having initially gone for the throat, was now setting out to complete the job .

Yes, he wants to complete one big job before he dies.

In 1803 she completed her translation of Job , and was encouraged to translate the Klopstock memoirs for publication.

Without that on-site option, I am told it could take more than a month to complete the job .

What are the necessary part numbers needed to complete the job in one attempt?

But Leeds completed their demolition job with a fourth 10 minutes from time.

He was careful not to do too complete a job - that kind of thing was noticeable.


By the end of the lesson we had completed the sixth month .

The investigation was to be completed this month but wasn't.

The installation is due to be completed this month .

Zarb has announced he will leave when the acquisition is completed , probably next month .

This work will set the tone for the new structure, and I hope can be completed well within two months .

The calculations had been completed and stored many months ago.

In May 1977 he, too, left the show, having completed nine months in it.

In order to avoid disruption of visitor's enjoyment, the work will be completed during the winter months .


Apart from special occasions, this completes the hotel picture .

And of course, to complete the picture , the Arabs have their divinely authorized war mythology too.

Sport wallows in black and charcoal, lots of mock aluminium trim and white instrument dials complete the picture .

To complete this traditional picture , it has to be repeated that production was always held to be beneficial.

A small chair and bookcase completes the picture .

A baby would complete the picture of a straight family circle.

Revised bodywork and a bigger 17-litre fuel tank complete the picture .

You then have a choice of using the paints to complete the picture or the range's own iron-on foil.


Rather than do this piecemeal over several years, Mr Moore chose to complete the process in five months flat.

It allowed the parents to complete the process of pregnancy and birth.

By the Jan. 31 deadline a further nine parties had successfully completed the registration process .

Her blunt opposition to Symington completed a process of disassociation between the two that began during the last gubernatorial election campaign.

More importantly, will the employer adequately fulfil his obligation to complete the educational process by producing sound technicians and businessmen?

The passage of the anti-boycott bill in May 1977 completed the process begun by Senator Henry Jackson five years earlier.

Only when a batch has completed one process can it be moved to the next.

It is crumbling slowly, but we must keep up our efforts to complete the process .


It has recently completed a major computerisation programme which will enable it to improve its service to the customer still further.

All applicants for a franchise must successfully complete this training programme .

No charges are required from any candidate, only their time and effort to complete our study programme .

They complete a three-year programme that leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

The unashamed grandiosity of Nicholas Maw s Solo Sonata completed her programme .

When I had completed a two hour programme my friends came to my home and we saw it together.

But hampered by the lack of enthusiasm from the White House, the measure failed to complete its legislative programme .


Wesley Smith It's taken nine hundred men just two years to complete the project .

Her presence in the completed project adds an unintentional poignance now.

Students complete a research-based project in fourth year under individual staff supervision.

Dad may be under particular pressure to complete a project at a time when mom has more slack.

They sat, she on the stoop and he in his chair, surveying the completed project .

We will complete the implementation of Project 2000 training for nurses.

The National Science Foundation, which was footing the bill, decided to hire an independent contractor to complete the project .


The team member on duty who had completed the initial referral form was also responsible for completing the pre-coded questionnaire .

We shall of course send a report of the questionnaire results to every institution which completes the questionnaire for us.

Those unable to attend could complete a questionnaire in writing at home.

Subjects were asked to complete a simple questionnaire every time they experienced hypoglycaemia.

At each survey children are measured and parents are asked to complete a self administered questionnaire .

Some teachers said that they would have completed the questionnaire had they been asked to do so anonymously.

In the same nine practices general practitioners and non-medical staff agreed to complete questionnaires .


This meant we had to complete our first Report in five months and our second only seven months later.

The inspector takes the money and then completes a report in which the shop passes the inspection.

Before the decommissioning and construction of a maintenance facility can occur, however, the Navy must complete an environmental assessment report .

The guest of honour was Lord Denning, who had just completed his report into the Profumo scandal of that year.

Democrats said the McCollum-Zeliff charges were an incomplete sneak preview of conclusions expected when their committees have completed a full report .

When the evidence is completed a report is drafted and the sub-committee deliberates on it until agreement is reached.

There was another man in the room, completing a report at one of the tables.


Carnegie completes review of science - government ties Washington.

The government has promised to complete the review within three months and make its results public a month later.

University Hospital officials say they hope to complete their review of the proposals by March 1.

Has the Department completed the review of the investment for safety, as required by Hidden?


The cashier completes a sales voucher, which is usually in triplicate, for the amount due. 3.

Keeping all that in mind, he somehow was able to complete the bill of sale .

Chiron expects to complete the sale early next year.

This concludes months of speculation Forte was close to completing the sale of the chain.

The company expects to complete both sales by the end of next month, said Richard Allen, chairman.


Each program is designed so that most students complete it in 45 to 50 mins, ie. the average tutorial hour.

Imagine a seventh-grade student finally completing a math assignment.

Diploma students will complete a more restricted project in June.

Faircloth is hoping this will change, once a plan to market the program to students is completed .

Yet students who have completed expensive training face the same difficulties as an untrained actor in qualifying for an Equity card.

Most students usually have to complete a one-year foundation course first.

He was a straight-A student and completed high school in two years.


He completed his studies and married a girl chosen for him by his parents.

Yes, I never completed my studies , though.

A survey of farmers' attitudes, and of possible social effects in rural areas will complete the study .

After completing his studies , in which he excelled in philosophy and theology, he was ordained and was assigned to preaching.

We will complete the study on the construction of a Severn Barrage.

A Solution: The Job Corps provides room and board to disadvantaged young adults while they complete their studies and learn trades.

I do not need it and will set it aside for you, my dear boy, to complete your studies .

Only 51 people completed the study , of whom only 26 succeeded in keeping off 10 percent of their weight.


The team has completed a second survey recently.

As part of management training in the computer company, new managers were required to have their subordinates complete opinion surveys .

The third development, the Lanterns, built to a more conventional design, was being completed during the survey period.

After completing her survey she ensured that she left without the concrete socks.

Commissioned as consultant for the Newry canal, he completed his survey in 1736, later spending two years on site.

This arose partly from the ever present pressure from official sources to complete the survey of the country.

Among them, Cadw would be told to complete its survey in three years.


Hdtest takes a long time to complete its task .

After completing the first task , the roles will switch and the group will work with Card 2 and then Card 3.

There are over 7,200 drawings extant and it has taken Claudie Judrin ten years to complete the task .

If you congratulate a subordinate for completing a task on schedule, you may generate a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Florrie played around, taking twice as long to complete every task .

When the labor necessary to complete a task or make a product is divided into specific, distinct operations, productivity soars.

She didn't look at him, not once, not in all the time it took to complete her task .

Time management is key here, though; be sure you ration enough time to complete all your writing tasks .


He completed his training in 1855 on the Great Northern Railway at Peterborough and became locomotive shed foreman.

Yet students who have completed expensive training face the same difficulties as an untrained actor in qualifying for an Equity card.

All applicants for a franchise must successfully complete this training programme.

Magistrates sitting in the Juvenile Court must have completed the special training for the Juvenile Panel.

There are a number of print options which complete this professional training aid fit for any professional or amateur team.

Anyone interested in joining the course must have completed the retail management training scheme.

I never even completed my training .

After completing your continuation training you will be drafted to a seagoing vessel for up to two and a half years.


That completes the work for this month.

In many cases, the artist wants the viewer to complete the work .

And you will be paid huge sums to complete this work .

Box sets collect music into greatest hits, anthologies, chronologies, complete collected works , best-of and worst-of packages.

I had to be carted off to hospital, so I didn't manage to complete the work until the new year.

There by himself in this ideal setting, he sat-not making a sound and never completing his work .

A fax and photo copier complete the electronic work station.


Complete the sentences using either the simple past or present perfect tense of the verbs.

Brown lace leggings and black leather shoes completed the outfit.

I need one more stamp to complete my collection.

Once you've completed the questionnaire , put it in the blue box.

Scholarships will help more students to complete the program within two years.

The book took five years to complete .

The building is likely to be completed in two year's time.

The novel wasn't published until 40 years after it was completed.


Richard Seifert's NatWest Tower, which has suffered superficial damage, looks 1960s but was not completed until 1981.

The complex, begun in 1970, was completed in 1986.

The firm now employs 14 solicitors and associates, who are completing 10-15 house purchases every day.

The length of the time that the occupational therapists take to complete their investigations is also down to about three months.

The maker of hair-care and other personal-care products recently completed its first year under a younger generation of family managers.

The venturer who successfully completes this abc journey will have experienced a logical but unexciting event.

We will order and complete the fourth Trident submarine.

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