Meaning of COMPLETE in English


adj. 1 entire, whole, intact, uncut, unbroken, undivided, unabridged, full, undiminished, unabated, unreduced The complete works of Dickens are available in paperback They performed the complete opera, a six-hour marathon. 2 finished, ended, concluded, over, done, accomplished, terminated; settled, executed, performed The company's figures are not yet complete When will your building plan be complete? 3 entire, total, thorough, absolute, utter, unqualified, unmixed, unalloyed, pure, unmitigated, rank I attribute the disaster to a complete breakdown of communication, together with the complete incompetence of the site manager 4 perfect, consummate, exemplary, ideal, model, superior, superlative, superb, faultless, flawless Her dissertation is a work of complete scholarship

v. 5 conclude, finish, end, bring to an end, accomplish, achieve, do, Colloq wrap up; finalize He stopped after completing ten ciruits of the track Have you completed the prospectus? 6 round out, round off, perfect; crown, culminate The unit was completed by the addition of five platoons A golden cupola completed the top of the dome.

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