Meaning of COMPLETE in English


— completable , adj. — completedness , n. — completely , adv. — completeness , n. — completer , n. — completive , adj. — completively , adv.

/keuhm pleet"/ , adj., v., completed, completing .


1. having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full: a complete set of Mark Twain's writings.

2. finished; ended; concluded: a complete orbit.

3. having all the required or customary characteristics, skills, or the like; consummate; perfect in kind or quality: a complete scholar.

4. thorough; entire; total; undivided, uncompromised, or unmodified: a complete victory; a complete mess.

5. Gram. having all modifying or complementary elements included: The complete subject of "The dappled pony gazed over the fence" is "The dappled pony." Cf. simple (def. 20).

6. Also, completed . Football. (of a forward pass) caught by a receiver.

7. Logic. (of a set of axioms) such that every true proposition able to be formulated in terms of the basic ideas of a given system is deducible from the set. Cf. incomplete (def. 4b).

8. Engin. noting a determinate truss having the least number of members required to connect the panel points so as to form a system of triangles. Cf. incomplete (def. 3), redundant (def. 5c).

9. (of persons) accomplished; skilled; expert.

10. Math.

a. of or pertaining to an algebraic system, as a field with an order relation defined on it, in which every set of elements of the system has a least upper bound.

b. of or pertaining to a set in which every fundamental sequence converges to an element of the set. Cf. fundamental sequence .

c. (of a lattice) having the property that every subset has a least upper bound and a greatest lower bound.


11. to make whole or entire: I need three more words to complete the puzzle.

12. to make perfect: His parting look of impotent rage completed my revenge.

13. to bring to an end; finish: Has he completed his new novel yet?

14. to consummate.

15. Football. to execute (a forward pass) successfully: He completed 17 passes in 33 attempts.

[ 1325-75; ME ( completus (ptp. of complere to fill up, fulfill, equiv. to com- COM- + ple- FILL + -tus ptp. suffix ]

Syn. 1. unbroken, unimpaired, undivided. 1-3 . COMPLETE, ENTIRE, INTACT, PERFECT imply that there is no lack or defect, nor has any part been removed. COMPLETE implies that a certain unit has all its parts, fully developed or perfected, and may apply to a process or purpose carried to fulfillment: a complete explanation. ENTIRE means whole, having unbroken unity: an entire book. INTACT implies retaining completeness and original condition: a package delivered intact. PERFECT emphasizes not only completeness but also high quality and absence of defects or blemishes: a perfect diamond. 3. developed. 11. conclude, consummate, perfect, accomplish, achieve.

Ant. 1. partial. 3. defective.

Usage . Occasionally there are objections to modifying COMPLETE with qualifiers like almost, more, most, nearly, and quite, because they suggest that COMPLETE is relative rather than absolute: an almost complete record; a more complete proposal; the most complete list available. However, such uses are fully standard and occur regularly in all varieties of spoken and written English. See also perfect, unique .

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