Meaning of COMPLETE in English


adj. & v.


1. having all its parts; entire (the set is complete).

2 finished (my task is complete).

3 of the maximum extent or degree (a complete surprise; a complete stranger).

4 (also compleat after Walton's Compleat Angler) joc. accomplished (the complete horseman).

1. finish.

2 a make whole or perfect. b make up the amount of (completes the quota).

3 fill in the answers to (a questionnaire etc.).

4 (usu. absol.) Law conclude a sale of property.

Phrases and idioms:

complete with having (as an important accessory) (comes complete with instructions).


completely adv. completeness n. completion n.

Etymology: ME f. OF complet or L completus past part. of complere fill up

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