Meaning of COMPOSITE in English


I. adjective




For some people, a composite career can serve as a bridge from one work life to another.

In other cases, the composite career develops when some one pursues a hobby far enough to turn it into a business.

We have already discussed one such frame: the composite career .

Before that, everyone had a composite career , although no one talked about such a commonplace fact.

Clearly, a composite career is often just a way to make ends meet.

Only the middle class gave up the composite career , and today even they are returning to it.

But the motive for following a composite career is often not purely financial.


We must also give some consideration to composite commodities .

Thus the composite commodity of taking part in skiing is larger than the package holiday.

In the same way as we talk about the composite commodity of sport, we can also refer to the composite price.


The resulting picture on the monitor is called a false-colour composite image .

On development, the negative and subsequent positive reveal a composite image of the dancer performing in the street.


The composite index rose 1.1 per cent to 411.98, with turnover significantly higher than Friday.

The Nasdaq composite index lost 1. 10, or 0. 11 %, to 1032. 37.

Of the 169 companies listed, five make up 85% of the value of the composite index .

The Nasdaq composite index was up 6. 17 points to 1, 637. 32.

The Manila composite index rose by 77% in 1991 and by 9% in 1992.

The Nasdaq composite index was down 4. 14 at 1, 741. 71.

However, the Nasdaq composite index was up 32. 08 points to 1, 567. 22 at midday.

The Nasdaq composite index was off 9. 24 points at 1, 732. 88.


The ultimate composite materials capitalise on the inherent strength and lightness of reinforced resins by deploying them in a sandwich construction.

The method has many advantages for the modelling of the structure of polymers and composite materials .

It will not normally be used on its own but as a facing or interlayer in composite materials .


From none of these can the reader derive any composite picture of the Azores.

In an attempt to do this, Featherstone, for example, develops a useful composite picture of contemporary consumer culture.

Photobooth Collages, since 1985, Liz Rideal has been using photograph prints to create large composite pictures .


Mr. Allason I congratulate my right hon. and learned Friend on the abolition of composite rate tax.

Interest is payable on all claims at a composite rate of 38 percent.

For example, when the standard rate was 30 percent, the composite rate would be about 25 percent.


Berkeley police released a composite sketch of the man witnesses say they saw leaving the neighborhood.

Police released a composite sketch of him Saturday; in the picture, he is wearing a knit cap.

The composite sketches were developed from eyewitness descriptions of suspicious-looking people at the scene.


The police put together a composite sketch.


All syllabuses show the effect of many influences and are matters of composite authorship.

For some people, a composite career can serve as a bridge from one work life to another.

Marble discards are crushed to make the gravel or composite paving stones you see all over the world.

Nothing spectacular, until you open the large, beautifully-shaped composite cowlings to inspect the engine.

The composite index rose 1.1 per cent to 411.98, with turnover significantly higher than Friday.

The incident became the basis for the widely distributed composite drawing of the suspect.

The Nasdaq composite index was off 9. 48 points at 1, 723. 31.

II. noun


Several witnesses identified the man in the composite .


I was a fraud, a composite of traits I felt rightfully belonged to these two.

The composite is constructed from a graphite cloth which is soaked in a special resin.

The Nasdaq composite fell 8. 60 to 990. 21, though technology stocks ended the session relatively unchanged.

The Nasdaq composite lost 8. 60 or 0. 86 %, to 990. 21.

The Nasdaq composite was led by Cisco, which was up 211 / 16 at 8515 / 16.

These chitin fibres are embedded in matrix materials, making the wall material like a carbon fibre composite .

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