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List the main differences in chemical composition between the Earth and the Moon. 7.

Irons come in a variety of classes with different crystal structures, chemical compositions , and inclusions of other minerals.

The air samples could give scientists vital information about long-term changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Glaze chemical composition also affects its absorption of light.

It is therefore already apparent that the suggested different origins of the glasses can be linked with their different chemical compositions .

Although they share the same chemical composition and crystal form, emerald is by far the more valuable.

The nostrils open into cups which can detect the most minute changes in the chemical composition of water.

Entities During chemical reactions, one or more substances change their chemical composition to form one or more new substances.


The difference between human and animal sensitivity to scents is thus explicable mainly by the different composition of their brain-air.

They weld together mineral grains of radically different compositions and properties, rendering most techniques of mineral separation and enrichment ineffectual.

It is therefore already apparent that the suggested different origins of the glasses can be linked with their different chemical compositions .

How did the planets pick up the necessary angular momentum, and why do the planets have different chemical compositions ?

This largely reflects the different composition of the case load, with fewer householder proposals, which almost always lack policies.

Not all magmas have the same composition , and magmas with different compositions melt at different temperatures.

The fourth question with which I started this chapter concerns the maintenance of a different chemical composition in different places.

This distribution leads to a very different ethnic composition of the population in different areas of the country.


Describes the areas in terms of income, employment, education, housing tenure, deprivation, ethnic composition and crime.

This distribution leads to a very different ethnic composition of the population in different areas of the country.

The ethnic and religious composition of the force varied greatly according to rank.


Their chemical and isotopic compositions are meteoritic and they have had long histories of flight through space.

The observed correlations are perhaps most simply attributed to mixing between components with differing isotopic composition and elemental abundances.

For example, the origin of ivory can be identified by its strontium isotopic composition , which reflects the diet of the elephant.

Plutonium is graded by its isotopic composition .

The array to the far left mimics the lead isotopic compositions at 130Myr.


The Avesta was preserved orally and its original date of composition has been the subject of great argument.

Montour will perform 20 seconds from an original composition on a flute he carved.

It is remarkable for his description there of the way in which his own original composition had been done.

Instead, they substituted for the music of the past an entirely original composition by Rota.

Composition: a portfolio of original compositions plus either a critical commentary or a dissertation on a related subject.

When original composition is too demanding, translation, sometimes with original additions, is the next best thing.

The three members contributed regular essays, or else original compositions , and criticized one another's work at group meetings.


Amongst these are contact lens wetting solutions, comfort drops and artificial tears, which, perhaps surprisingly, have similar compositions .

The H chondrites are most similar in composition to Earth.

But it is, in fact, a form of protein called keratin, similar in composition to our finger and toenails.

This solution is similar in composition to adult cholera stool.


Their social composition did not, it is true, greatly change.

It includes the overwhelming majority of the voters and is consequently more heterogeneous in its social and ideological composition .

This is often inferred from observations of the changing social composition of the village.

The second point, which requires a more lengthy discussion, concerns the changing social composition of the electorate.

But there was a difference in the social composition of the Paris suburbs.

And the genuine fusion of Marxism with the working-class movement was reflected in the changing social composition of the party.

Moreover, they can not be accounted for merely by reference to spatial differences in social composition .

This may not be unconnected with the social composition of their respective devotees.



She would start her City College career in the freshman composition course.

But freshman composition , like the writing test, assumed a level of competency that few of these students had attained.

Did that mean that freshman composition , too, was taking an unfair sounding of their abilities?

But would they be ready for a World Humanities class, or even freshman composition , in four months?


Hence, the extent of provision of state support services may vary by household composition .

In summary, the pattern of change in household composition certainly does not involve a simple shrinkage from large to small units.

To what extent can trends be related to concomitant changes in age structure, household composition , or work patterns?

There is variation depending particularly on social class, household composition , and stage in the life cycle.

I shall begin with household composition , the issue around which much work on the history of the family has been centred.



This means there will be some exchange between the solder and the metal which will alter the composition of both.

The heat can penetrate combustible materials, alter their composition and make them ignite at lower temperatures.

Hence, transfers alter the composition of private goods production.


Notice that the size of the balance sheet has not changed but its composition and therefore the ratios have.

After all, while the Cabinet will change , the composition of the three-party government will not.

Incidentally it changes its composition considerably between the foetus and the adult.

Through transfers, government changes the composition of the output of private goods.

The law would have changed the composition of a press supervisory board, which licenses publications, to include more reformers.

Doing this changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere, ocean and surface rock.

One way out of the dilemma would be to change the composition of the second chamber by having it elected in some form.


In addition, other oxides introduced by the presence of various minerals determine their chemical compositions .

Parliament's right to determine its own composition 1.


The oxygen isotope chemistry of the corals reflects the composition and origin of the water in which they lived.

As we shall see, this immunity from savers' redemptions is reflected in the composition of trusts' assets.

This largely reflects the different composition of the case load, with fewer householder proposals, which almost always lack policies.


From 1950-2 he studied composition and conducting at the Juilliard School in New York.

A classmate at Fairfax High suggested he meet a pianist studying composition named Mike Stoller.

He went to the Royal College of Music to study composition , but left, disenchanted, after two weeks.

At the time Glass was living in Paris, studying composition under the celebrated teacher, Nadia Boulanger.


Blomstedt conducted a new composition by Charles Wuorinen.

Both factions disagree over the composition of a temporary government.

Karina studied composition and music theory at the Juilliard School.

Mrs. Blanchard teaches English and advanced composition .

Stone's composition "Idaho" became a national hit when Benny Goodman recorded it for Columbia.

The color of a star depends on its chemical composition and its mass.

The paintings of each series differ in terms of color and composition .

We had to write a composition about our summer vacations.

Zwilich's flute concerto was nominated for Best Contemporary Classical Composition .


A teacher had assigned the class to make a composition by taping personal objects into a notebook.

Increasingly intruding into those thoughts, though, was the composition of the relay team.

More recent studies have shown that hepatic denervation causes significant changes in the biliary lipid composition .

The composition of displaced terranes ranges from that of typical oceanic crust to significantly less dense granitic rock with clear continental affinities.

Their social composition did not, it is true, greatly change.

They are most definitely not required to know the composition of every household in their areas before billing.

This difference in function can lead to glaze compositions which are nor found among ancient glasses at all.

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