Meaning of COORDINATION in English






The need for better coordination can not be overstated.

It is vital that a reformulated strategy be built upon better intelligence gathering and better coordination of intelligence between agencies.

All these examples, they thought, simply highlighted the need for better coordination .



Quite apart from market failure, another reason for rejecting unregulated market coordination is the inequality of social outcomes it produces.

The claim here is not just that market coordination is necessarily anarchic.

Another area where there has been an advance of market coordination in the 1980s is the public sector.

But whichever approach one adopts, market coordination has characteristics which differentiate it from hierarchies and networks.

However, it is important to appreciate that market coordination could not function in the absence of the other modes of coordination.



It has improved coordination , secured better value for money and encouraged programmes which tackle problems on a number of fronts.

For exam-ple, the corporation has formed numerous cross-cutting, cross-functional teams to improve coordination between the functional silos.

Lateral communication improves coordination and problem solving and fosters employee satisfaction.


The first such resolution is designed to provide coordination and guidance to the specialist, appropriations and tax-writing committees.

The Evaluation Officer provides leadership and coordination for the evaluation of the Course and is the editor of Feedback.


In practice, fertilisation requires tight coordination between the sperm and the oocyte.

As you would expect, that approach required lots of telephone coordination , paperwork, and going to and fro.

This new behavior requires hand-mouth coordination , an ability that the infant does not have during the first month.


Sam's coordination is still not a hundred percent after the accident.

Sue will be responsible for the coordination of sales and marketing activities.


Between the fourth and eighth months, coordination of vision and touch typically occurs for the first time.

Central coordination would keep the location of industry in step with development.

Downward coordination through written rules and orders; upward communication of experience by reporting progress in meetings.

Even more precise coordination will be necessary.

Galbraith identifies seven basic strategies for dealing with the need to process increasing amounts of information in complex coordination .

His balance and coordination may be poor.

The first such resolution is designed to provide coordination and guidance to the specialist, appropriations and tax-writing committees.

The North have both the motivation and the coordination behind the scrum to brush aside a rebuilt Midlands team.

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